That's my Q # 46 - 47 - "Beldar meets Frankenstein"


[Starbase Ronin - Recreation Deck - Costume Party]

The man near the bulkhead reminded Zorach of a past event. In 2352, Zorach had faced off with a bully in the lunchroom out of sight of the administrators. Zorach punched and kicked the older student and was promptly crunched into a stack of chairs. School administrators put Zorach against a wall for six hours for failing to give up the bully's name. Afterwards, the bully had a token of respect for Zorach and broke off future encounters.

Zorach walked over the man with a flat head, green skin tone and silver bolts in the neck. "Excuse me, I have to admit your costume bears a slight resemblance to the Hulk. It's a nice costume. Could you refresh my memory?"

Brandon had kept himself busy by looking around, and some people looked at the shy green guy in the corner. But then a man had approached him, someone he didn't totally recognize, even after two months he was still trying to put names with faces ... again all the comings and goings unnerved him and that is why he didn't get too involved. "The costume is Frankenstein ... or at least the computers version of him," the communications officer was not sure who this 'Hulk' person was, but obviously his costume beared some what of a resemblance. "I am sorry I don't know your costume ... but I must admit I am not that great at deciphering who has come as well though ..."

Zorach smiled casually. "No problem. Costume parties allow us to interact without the encumbrances of rank or social pressures. Frankenstein, of course. You project the role well. I represent Beldar of Remulak, a Conehead. I've not been on the station very long. I'm Charles Zorach and I work in intelligence." He extended his hand.

Brandon took the hand and shook it firmly, he attempted a smile, but the false teeth didn't allow it. "Brandon Wellers ... I have been on the station only a couple of months myself ... I run the communications lab here on the station, I am a linguistic specialist and even though that may seem like a job that isn't needed due to universal translators ... well you never know who is going to dock here." He looked around at the crowd, "so you are probably in the same boat I am, I still don't know very many people here ..."

"Count Dracula has memorized the guest list. He's the security chief. I think the V character near the bar is the Captain. I made contact with Jackie Stoller, I think she's in your department. Nothing strange about it. I would have talked with you directly about it except I, well you know. There's no doubt that your position is still an important one for the Federation. You can be sure that intelligence needs some assistance in translation of foreign documents. Enough shop talk. Other than yourself, who has the best costume?"

Okay he didn't think he had a great costume, something that he put together on a whim with very little thought ... but it was nice to be complimented. "Well," the communications officer took a look around the room. "They are all great, well thoughtout ... your's is pretty neat, even though I wonder about the rings," okay so he found the costume the intelligence officer wore intriguing. "The woman dressed as Juliet is quite pretty, the costume is quite complimentary. Our XO's costume scares me, and I think the guy klinking around is the stations Chief Counselor ... but I am not sure about that." Brandon looked back to the intelligence officer, "I suppose this is better than always having to be in uniform."

Zorach grinned. "You're right. Imagine stuck in a dress uniform for hours on end. Like during the Academy graduation ceremonies or promotion ceremonies. Now, I've been in fighter flight suit for what seemed like days. Flight suits have a way of fitting to you in a customized way. I still keep mine tucked away but I don't know why. I've been grounded from fighters forever. Sentimental, I guess. Is this your first assignment? Where have you traveled before arriving here?"

"Um," this man was moving a mile a minute ... talk, talk, talk ... did he had a few too many? "I have done other tours of duty, mainly on the Forester which was a science vessel ... otherwise when I was completing my masters degree I got to visit places most Starfleet Officers don't." Brandon let go of a shrug, "as for your flight suit ... well I mean we all keep things for sentimental reasons, it's humanoid nature I suppose." He looked to the other man, "being a fighter pilot seems interesting, dangerous ... did you do much work during the Dominion War?"

Zorach was beaming with that twinkle in his eye. "Sure, I took out 41 bandits out near Starbase 514 over two years. That's where I got my devil tattoo." He looked down at the deck. "I also received my war injury there. Medical won't let me fly anymore so I retired from the Marines and joined Intelligence. Anyway, what's your favorite hobby?"

"I don't have that many hobbies ... I spend my time either in operations or in the lab, or my quarters. This is the first time I have socialized since I arrived on board a couple of months ago," Brandon was definitely sounding pathetic. "Working out tends to be my hobby, I don't really partake in holodeck programs, which much rather curl up with a good book, you?"

Zorach smiled. "To be honest, I have few hobbies also. I work out to stay within regulations. I drink. And I have fun. Oh yes, duty comes first but after that I'm game for most any kind of fun. But the best fun is with women. Brandon, this is a Starbase and all kinds of people come on board and in a few weeks are gone back to their travels. Good books are fine. But wouldn't you want to curl up with a woman? Do you have a girlfriend?"

Brandon's eyes had widened, his cheeks flushed despite the green make-up, he grew warm under his costume. "Uh no ... I don't have a girlfriend ..."

Zorach laughed. "There's plenty of time. We have a lot in common. I could show you the ropes. Like, see that woman over there. Just start talking to her. Compliment on her nice costume. Be nice and keep the conversation rolling along. Find out what she likes to eat or drink, then ask if she would like to share a friendly dinner. It is only a friendly dinner. Everyone must start with small steps. She's Juliet. I'm not to going to make you do anything."

They had a lot in common? Surely Brandon had missed something since the two began talking ... the man was fun, he was talkative, seemed to know the happenings around the party. "Uh," the communications officer looked in the direction that Zorach had indicated. "I appreciate the advice," he turned back to the coneheaded man, "girls aren't really my thing ... catch my drift?"

"Oh. I would not have guessed it. Emerson said, `Every man passes his life in the search after friendship.' The free advice applies to everyone. I saw you over here alone and thought you could use some conversation. I don't read a lot of books. What are some of your favorite books?"

"Uh ... thanks, I think," an eyebrow rose in response to what the intelligence officer had to say. The man obviously didn't pry into crew business, despite being an intelligence officer ... it was a good thing, it meant the man could be trust. "I like all sorts of genres really, but one of my favorite reads in Dante's Inferno ... it's old, and its teachings really don't apply to a 24th century society, but it gives a good insight into history and how people viewed hell." It was a good quote, and Brandon realized he should give the guy more credit, he did after all take the time to talk to the Frankenstein in the corner.

Zorach noticed V at the bar again. "Oh, there's the Captain. I wanted to ask him something about an intelligence matter. Brandon, thanks for the conversation. We'll talk again, okay?"

Brandon let go of a nod, "sure thing ... I think I will take your advice and maybe go mix and mingle." The communications officer raised the glass he had been holding, and with one last nod big his farewell to the very interesting intelligence officer.


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