That's My Q # 43 - "What? I got something wrong? Impossible..."


[Conference Room 2, Diplomatic Suite, Starbase 47]

Looking into the mirror, Carl re-tied the beige cravat around his neck. After a few more adjustments with his hands, he tugged it into the dark green military uniform jacket. The pair of trousers was of the same beige color as the neck-cloth. He straightened the jacket before taking the dark green beret from the conference table behind him and putting it on.

With its stand-collar and cravat, the entire uniform had an ancient feel to it. It was also of a simplistic design. There was virtually no decorations except for the small rank insignia on the stand-collar, the equally small pentagon-shaped pin on the beret, and the unit patches on both upper arms that read "Free Planets Alliance ĘC II Fleet".

For the next two, three hours, he would be known as Yang Wen-li the Magician, Hero of El Fasil, Defender of the Republic, Man of Irony ĘC a pacifist yet one of the greatest military strategists and the only Alliance officer that had never lost a battle against the Empire......

Carl chuckle as scenes from the ancient Earth novel-turned-animation Legends of Galactic Heroes flashed by in his mind. Sometimes he could get just a bit too into the character.

"There you are." Ensign Flores Wallace, in a furry feline costume complete with whiskers, literally hopped into the conference room, followed by Ensign Intira Theriault from Engineering, who had a simple tuxedo and what appeared to be a conducting baton in her hand.

Carl looked at Flores' costume in amusement. "The last time I checked, Flores, cats don't hop." He said smiling. But before she could respond, he turned to Intira. In a more formal tone, he said with a nod. "Ensign Theriault."

"Lieutenant." Intira returned the greeting. Then she examined Carl's costume for a brief moment, and one end of her lips curled up in a faint smirk. "You got the patch wrong."

"What?" Carl lifted an eyebrow. He always believed himself to be one of the biggest fans of both the novel and the anime adaptation. For him to get any details of the costume wrong was a near impossibility.

"The color of......"

"Come on, let's go. We are late." Flores didn't wait for her friend to finish, and grabbed Carl's arm. She was not going to wait for them and miss the party. And she was not going there all by herself either. What if people laughed at her costume? She would need someone to hind behind.

Carl laughed quietly and allowed himself to be dragged out of the conference room, and then the diplomatic suite. Ranks? Well, they were off duty now. Besides, how could you say no to a pretty girl?


LT JG Carl P. A. Lee Chief Diplomatic Officer Starbase 47

Ensign Flores Wallace (NPC) Diplomatic Officer Starbase 47


Ensign Intira Theriault (NPC) Engineering Officer Starbase 47