That's My Q 41 & 42 "The irony is not lost on me."

ON: <<SB 47, Costume Party>>

While Kristiana was talking to a few other people at the party, Ryylar was mingling on his own, throwing out every neck, vein, artery, and blood joke he could think of.

Sulan entered the party hesitantly, only choosing to make an appearance -much less dress in such an illogical manner- for the sake of the group cohesiveness of the crew. She straightened the skirt of her gown to hide her discomfort at the stares of the people gathered, as the mechanical angle wings on her back fluttered with the movement of the muscles in her back. The halo floating above her head bobbed slightly as she nodded to the crew, being held aloft by small gravity emitters hidden in her hair.

Ryylar wanted to laugh. Oh how he wanted to laugh, but he was too shocked and surprised by the choice of the angel for the most violent Vulcan Marine Commanding Officer's costume. He walked over to her and smiled at her, bowing low.

"Vell vell my leetle blood donor, velcome to de party." Said Ryylar.

"I doubt the levels of copper in my blood would be suitable for one of vampiric nature." She said, making a Vulcan style joke. "I was never able to congratulate you of your elevation to Chief of Security. It is a difficult position, that I believe you to be well suited for." She said with a slight bow of her head in acknowledgment of his bow. He smiled, slightly surprised.

"Well I forrrrrrr one think you found yourrrrrrr calling. I hearrrrrrr it issssssn't eassssssy being grrrrrrreen." He said with a grin.

"Perhaps not. It is a most disconcerting color to be." She said, not understanding what he meant. The pearlesence in her dress shimmered in the lights.

"You look very niccccce." Ryylar said with a smile.

"Thank you. Your costume is accurate in it's representation of ancient earth myth."

"Ssssssso issssss yourrrrrrssssss, but I meant that yourrrrrr cosssstume made you quite attrrrrractive." He said. Sulan raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? I trust you will be able to control your impulses in that regard?" She said lightly, using the dry wit again. He smiled softly.

"With the blood countess right there, there's no danger of me going out of control." Ryylar joked, pointing to his love Kristiana who gave him a wink at that moment.

"Ah, Petrova... Dressed as an ancient earth serial murderer? Interesting." "She picked herrrrrr cossssstume beforrrrrre I had a sssssay in it. Oh well. I don't think I make a bad Drrrrrracula." He said, gesturing to his own costume.

"Vlad the Impaler had quite a few kills to his own credit. But, I believe my costume has the most blood lust behind it. For no one has more kills to their credit than the terran God. Don't you agree?"

"No, I'd have to ssssssay it wasssss twissssted people. Not God." Said Ryylar with a shaking of his head.

She tilted her head slightly. "That answer simply raises more questions as to the nature of the terran God, does it not? Yet... This venue hardly seems the setting for such a discussion." She looked around the party. "This is one of the few times I have been to such an event were I didn't have different matters to attend to. What is to be done in such an event as this?"

"Sssssoccccializing, having a good time. Come on, I'll get you a drrrrrrrink." Said Ryylar.

"Something without alcohol please. I do not tolerate it well." "Oh? Well I'm ssssssurrrrre we can find sssssssomething with Ssssssynthale." Ryylar said.

"Perhaps we can use water and allow people to believe it is gin?" She said, uncomfortable with the prospect of drinking any mind-affecting substance.

"Sssssynthale issssss non-alcoholic... it just tassssstesssss that way." He said to her with a wink.

She blinked. "Ah. I was unaware of that."

"It'sssss ok, come on and we'll get you ssssssssomething." Said Ryylar, leading her into the party proper towards the bar.


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