Sweet Child O' Time: #20, 21 - You're a better man than I Doctor...


[Main Sickbay, SB47]

OLD: =/\= Rrrrrryylarrrrr.... to infirrrrrmarrrrry... medical asssssssissssstancccccce rrrrrrequirrrrred... =/\= He started and then looked at Bokma without sympathy or mercy as he finished his call, =/\= Take yourrrrr time. =/\=

NEW: Russell heard the call from the brig and was surpised to hear the addition of 'take your time'... He tapped his combadge. =/\= Floyd here. What's the emergency? =/\= he asked.

=/\= I have a few injurrrrrriesssss... Majorrrrr Bokma trrrrried to essssscape... I apprrrrrrehended him and he put up a sssstrrrrrruggle beforrrrrre I took carrrrrre of him. =/\= Ryylar said.

=/\= So you're in the brig. I'm on my way. Floyd out. =/\= he said and closed the com channel. "I'm headed for the brig. You'll manage here?" Russell said to his acting assistent chief. She nodded. He headed for the remains of the sickbay doors and grabbed a medkit on the way out.

[Brig, SB47]

Russell walked into the brig of the starbase where he spotted a battered chief of security. He put down his medkit and took the medical tricorder to scan Ryylar's injuries. "He sure did put up a fight." he said to Ryylar. "Where's Bokma now?"

Ryylar smirked and looked over about a meter or so away where a bloodied half living Romulan lay, green splatters of blood pooling on the brig floor.

Russell followed the way Ryylar was looking at and spotted the near death Romulan in the holding cell. He stopped scanning Ryylar and rushed over to Bokma to scan his vital signs. "Take your time?!" he nearly shouted back to Ryylar. "This man is dying!"

"And how many did he help kill when he helped plan the explosssssion in yourrrrr ssssickbay? Trrrrrrusssst me Doctorrrrr. The univerrrrrrssssse would be betterrrrrr off if he lay there and bled to death." Ryylar said.

"That maybe so! But allowing that to happen would place us at the same level as him." Russell said while the medical tricorder was bleeping in an alarming way.

"Oh well..." Ryylar said as if he truly didn't care. In his way of thinking, if the Federation wanted to truly compete with the Romulans, they had to play to win and quit chalking up defeats like the sickbay explosion to 'moral victories' because they refused to do what was necessary to prevent that violence.

"You may not care. I do." Russell said looking at Ryylar. "But that's probably what makes me a doctor and you a security guard." he snapped back at Ryylar. "I want this man transported to the main sickbay. And you're coming along for treatment." he said to Ryylar while he stood up.

"You'll get no arrrrrgument frrrrrrom me... I'll have a few sssssecurrrrrrity guarrrrrrdsssss pick up the Rrrrrromulan afterrrrr they check in." Ryylar said with a nod.

"I was more thinking along the line of an emergency transport." Russell said while tapping his combadge. =/\= Doctor Floyd to Tansporter Chief. Three to transport to the main sickbay, surgical ward two. =/\=

=/\= Acknowledged, sir =/\= The transporter chief responded as they were beamed to the indicated location.

"Sssssometimessss doctorrrrrr yourrrrrr ssssssenssssse of injusssssticcccce amazesssss me. Thisssss man jusssst plotted and trrrrrrried to kill you, yourrrrr medical ssssstaff, and any passsserrrrby and now you'rrrrrrre frrrrrantic to ssssssave hisssss life." Ryylar said with a frown and a shake of his head.

"I'm aware of that, mister Ryylar." Russell said. "Computer, level five forcefield to secure this room." The computer chirped and the forcefield appeared in the doorway. "I'm also aware of possible repercussions if a Romulan Tal Shiar agent would die in suspicious circumstances in a Federation brig." he said to Ryylar activating the biobed to scan Bokma's injuries.

"Doctorrrrrr... I don't think you underrrrssssstood me when I sssssssaid what happened earrrrrrrlierrrrrrr." Ryylar glared at Floyd.

"He was injurrrrrrred while attempting to essssscape..." Ryylar said.

Russell looked the Caitian straight in the eyes. "I'm not accusing you of anything." he said calm but thinking under what possible circumstances the Romulan could possibly have escaped. "I'm merely implying that fatalities in a brig are often suspicious."

"Not when the fatality issssss a Rrrrrrromulan operrrrrrative frrrrrrom one of the mosssst highly trrrrrrained sssssecrrrrrret operrrrrrrationsssssss orrrrrganizationssssss in the quadrrrrrrant." Ryylar quipped and tried to cross his arms before wincing in pain and remembering the broken clavicle.

"Anyway, you stopped him and got hit." Russell said trying to end this discussion. "Let's take a look at that shoulder and those bruises." he said taking his tricorder again. He scanned Ryylar from head to toe. "Nice score. Broken clavicle, several bruisings on your head and ribs... but you know all that already." he said putting down the tricorder. "I'll have to set that clavicle before I can heal the bone. That'll hurt." Russell said touching the broken bone.

"Jusssst do it..." Ryylar said with a sharp nod, gritting his teeth which gave him a stab of dull pain. He winced at that as the pain made its way to the bones of his neck.

"Computer, activate EMH." Russell said. "I'm gonna need a hand with this."

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." the EMH said when he materialized.

"Hold this man's shoulder." Russell said. "Broken clavicle." he added giving the EMH the short, short version. The EMH complied and performed the procedure while Russell refitted the bone with some effort from years of experience. "Never done... this on a Caitian... before." he said gasping a bit. "Done."

Ryylar grunted and winced and breathed shallow and quickly, grunting and growling as he did his best to stay quiet and still to let the doctor do his work, breathing a sigh of relief as he nearly hurled his lunch after the short proceedings.

"Hey Doc." Russell said to the EMH. "Start treatment on that Romulan patient, please. Scans have been made, you can access them in the computer." And with that the EMH tended to Bokma's needs which would be plenty. Russell got the osteogenic stimulator to heal the remaining crack in Ryylar's clavicle. "I'll leave the EMH with Bokma in this heavily secured surgical ward. But I don't think he'll be much of a threat soon." Russell said.

"I'd prrrrrreferrrrr that he jussssst not be brrrrrreathing anytime ssssssoon." Ryylar grumbled.

"From the looks of it you might have it your way." Russell said looking to the side at the life signs monitor. He got a dermal regenerator to tend to Ryylar's bruisings. "If he survives he'll surely remember never to pick a fight with a Caitian again." Russell said.

"I'm hoping that the beating I gave him will perrrrrssssssuade hisssss ssssssuperrrrriorrrrrssss that the only thing he'sssss worrrrrth isssss a dissssssrrrrruptorrrrr shot." Ryylar said.

"That may be one thing I wish for him as well." Russell said looking at Bokma. He hated himself for saying that, but that Romulan was the most likely suspect for the destruction of his sickbay with the deaths that followed. He looked at Ryylar again. "But that will not happen on my watch." he added.

"Then maybe you should take a brrrrrreak." Ryylar retorted somewhat sarccastically.

Russell put down the dermal regenerator. The Caitian was almost as good as new. "Maybe you should do that to." Russell responded on the same tone. "There are two men here who might like to see you." he added referring to the two surviving security guards. "You're their boss after all."

"I'm glad they'rrrrrre not in the morrrrrtuarrrrry." Ryylar said.

"So am I." Russell sighed. "Four others weren't that lucky including two of your staff, but you've been informed of that, I assume." he added getting that hoorid image back in his mind.

"Yessss." Ryylar sighed a bit.

"Well, your officers are in the medical ward around the corner if you wish to see them." Russell said. "I'll inform you on how the major is doing in a few hours." he added walking out of the security ward followed by Ryylar. "Computer, re-instate force field." he commanded the computer which instantly complied. "We'll see if I have good news for you or bad news." he said to Ryylar.

Ryylar nodded and sighed a bit.

"All rrrrrrright doctorrrrrr." Ryylar said and turned towards the other medical ward.


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