Sweet Child o' Time # 19 - 20 - Getting in the Door or Not (Revised)


[Starbase Ronin - Main Operations]

The turbolift opened and Robin Zorach walked into the Main Hub. Her black camo outfit didn't draw much notice. "Who is Commander Petrova?" she asked really loudly.

Many people cringed, and several pointed towards a certain aged, redheaded woman, sitting in the center chair. The same redheaded woman that didn't even care to look up from her PADD, but instead simply replied with "That would be Me. How's your brother?"

"I don't know. I am required to check in with Commanding. I have operational orders. May we talk in private?" Robin said. She looked around, guessing who was at each position.

"Of course." Kristiana rose, heading into Caelen's ready-room. "In here." She spoke, offering Robin a chair and taking one, herself. "To make a long story short - your brother is stable, but his back was injured. Our Chief Med put him into an artificial coma to be able to treat it .. But we're certain he'll be fine, in time. Now, what can I do for you."

Robin settled into a chair. "I'll visit with the Doctor in a little while. Intelligence HQ sent me out here to check up Charlie's activities. You know he used to be in the Marines. I'll want to talk with members of senior staff, his friends, and poke around in his quarters. You can provide me access to his quarters?"

"I am hesitant to give you direct access to the personal properties of a member of my crew and officer under my command, as you can well understand. But .. I will give you a chance to convince me. Your clearance to transfer onboard the station checked out, but I'm going to need more than that before I clear you for entry into your brother's quarters." Petrova spoke, furrowing her brows. She didn't much like where this was going, but she was going to give Robin a chance. "Perhaps a PADD with your mission parameters, or standing orders that include the access you are requesting?"

Robin chuckled. "Commander, my clearances are the only parameter that need be judged. Background checks of intelligence personnel are covered by HQ mandate. Exactly how these checks are conducted, well, HQ decides. My visit is an unannounced inspection. I have no PADD with written orders. My superior officer is on Earth. Bother him with a call, if you dare. You know how Admirals can be. Please."

Kristiana sighed and stapled her fingers for a few moments. ".. Any intel officer could waltz in, show clearance from HQ and demand access to My crew's personal assets .. But it doesn't work that way onboard My station, Miss Zorach." she explained, narrowing her eyes slightly. "Which is why I will not give you said clearance, before consulting with your superior officer. It's nothing personal, I'm simply trying to look out for my crew. I hope you understand." At which point she turned her console towards her and dialed Intel HQ on earth.

Robin took a deep breath. "Charlie's in trouble. You don't need to finish that call. In fact, please don't finish that call. I'll explain to your satisfaction. Please, Commander." Robin tilted her head slightly with a "please, come on" look. She smiled slightly.

Kristiana narrowed her eyes just that bit more .. Paused dialing. ".. I'm starting to like this less and less, Miss Zorach." She looked at Robin with an icy gaze for a few moments. ".. Well, I'm waiting."

"There are those in Intelligence HQ that want Charlie to fail. You know about his record, right? How much do you know him?"

"To be perfectly honest, not that well. I've met him only a few times." Petrova replied, folding her hands together, reclining in the chair. She found it to be very comfortable, more so as it wasn't actually hers.

"Someone suggested that Charlie has turned, you know, working for the enemy. My superior approved Charlie's assignment here and he is concerned. The Reman incident could be the noose that hangs Charlie. So my superior sent me right away to find out if he has turned. Hence, I was called off my original classified assignment. I love my brother. I don't think the baldy could ever turn. But I have to find out. Will you help me?"

Kristiana sighed, closing her eyes for a moment, and rubbing both her temples. "You're putting me in a very difficult position here, Miss Zorach." as she opened her eyes again and looked at the younger woman. "Your story is good. But .. It's just that. Just a story. Anyone could come in and claim what you said. Where's the proof?"

"Proof? Has he hit on you yet? Charlie goes out of his way to talk with women, flirty and then some. He has tattoos on his left and right biceps. Know what they? One is an angel. And the other is a devil. Geez, exactly what kind of proof do you want? That he pulls his left leg into his shorts before his right, always?" Robin laughed. <Oh, wonder if she wants to know what he likes in bed? Curses.> she thought.

"Proof that can come from someone so high up the chain of command that they can order me to give you the clearance you request, Miss Zorach. I don't even know your rank." Kristiana smirked slightly. "Your brothers tattoos or nocturnal habits - no matter how entertaining - are a non-factor."

"My rank is classified for a reason. Other than Charlie's quarters, do I have your approval to conduct my inspection? And can I rely on you to keep this conversation secret?"

"I cannot forbid you to talk to my crew, Miss Zorach, and I trust them enough to know what to tell you and what not to." Kristiana replied. "And, yes, this conversation will not leave this room. At least, not from my end."

"Thank you. You never answered whether Charlie hit on you. He got involved with a superior officer and got his heart broke once. You're kinda cute. Probably his type." Robin had the inquisitive look in her eyes, like a protective older sister, searching for weakness.

"That would be touching on My private life, Miss Zorach," Kristiana replied, as she rose to her feet. "And especially the part that you sure as hell do NOT have clearance to poke around in." Petrova added, but with a hint of humor. She was glad that this conversation had ended without bloodshed.

Robin stood up. "I'll let you know when I depart, Commander. Good day."


Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Acting CO Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Robin Zorach (NPC) Starfleet Intelligence Classified Posting (played by Charles Zorach)