River of Forgetfulness: #129-130 "Technobabble"

-={On}=- [Diplomatic Offices, Starbase Ronin]

Malinda sighed as she finally sat down behind her desk, she hated it when something went wrong and her species got all the blame. If only the new Chief Diplomatic would arrive soon, she had heard he was already on the base but he hadn't reported in to the offices yet. Another sigh escaped her as she looked around the room, although the lights were flickering bright red and one would almost get used to the sound of the alarm bells the people in the Diplomatic offices were relatively calm, rushed... but calm.

Miadri followed the doors slide open with his eyes, walking through with a smile. He saw the woman behind the desk, and reached out his hand. “Hello there, I’m Miadri, the new Diplomatic Officer.” He had to force his smile to stay on his face, he was not expecting any Romulans already. He knew he should have followed the Briefing material more clearly. “And what’s with the lights around here?”

"Finally..." Malinda stated, standing up from behind her desk and reaching out a hand to shake his "...Ambassador Malinda Jarsis, Romulan Liaison officer" she looked up at the flickering red lights "That's what we call a Red Alert... twice in two days" she shook her head a bit "appearantly the Tal'Shiar blew up a Reman"

“Ah, you’re Ambassador Jarsis? I expected somebody… older. You look great for 102.” He pulled a chair up from behind him, and sort of fell into it. “I can definitely understand why this place is such a hot position, everybody in the Corps has been scrambling for a posting. But, I digress. Do the Tal’Shiar play much of a role around here?” He put on his serious face, placing his elbows on the desk and leaning on them.

"We're only two days away from drifting into the Romulan Neutral Zone..." Malinda shook her head a bit as she sat down again "...of course they play a role here... if only we knew what role that was"

“Oh, well, of course.” He looked at the light, hoping he could make it switch off with his mind. Nope, didn’t work. “So, is there anything else I should know that the briefing didn’t cover?”

Malinda thought a bit "I would say... a lot..." and then shrugged "...but I guess that will all grow on you as we go"

“Sounds like fun. After a fashion.” He pouted for a moment, looking around. “So, do you know if my office is ready yet? I’ve got some reports to slay.”

Malinda stood up and motioned him to follow him, it was good to know that he wouldn't stand on rank or protocol, she didn't feel much for calling him 'sir' or 'lieutenant' all the time. "I think it has been ready and waiting for some time now... can't believe it took them so long to assign you really..." the doors opened by her proximity and she smirked a bit "...Yeah... it's here..." she stepped inside and just continued the conversation "...I think that a good Diplomat would have been able to defuse the situation... or at least keep it from blowing up"

“Well, unfortunately, I’m not too well versed in Time Warp, so I think we’ll have to accept it.” He looked around the room, walking to the other side of the desk, looking out the expansive window. “Right next to yours, huh? Ooh, I wonder how thick the walls are…”

"They might not be thick but they are well isolated" Malinda responded, puzzled why he would ask this "so you consider yourself a good diplomat?"

“Well, I wouldn’t say good so much as lucky. But my luck seems to have held out so far. Plus, I seem to have a good rapport with the Ithenites. Little bronze people, about yay high. Where at that Babel conference a while back.” He pulled out his remarkably clean seat and sat down in it. “How about you? I doubt the Empire would send anybody but the finest.”

Malinda snickered a bit "I don't think so... they only put the expendables on this base... so that if they attack it they don't have to worry about 'their finest' most of the Romulans here wanted nothing to do with the new Empire" she was still standing near the door "Your office is bigger" she then casually remarked.

“We’ll have to get the measuring stick out one day and find out.” He pressed a button on his desk, raising a small screen, and bringing the LCARS display to life. “Well, thanks for the tour, however brief. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”

"One can only hope..." Malinda made a small bow before turning around and exiting the office. "...I sure hope he'll hold together..." as she walked back into the main room another girl stood there, looking like she was lost or not sure if she was in the right place "...can I help you with something?"

"Ehm..." Seline hessitated "...I was told to report to the Diplomatic Offices... I'm Cadet Seline Galin" she introduced herself, a bit uncomfortably.

Ambassador Malinda Jarsis (PNPC) Romulan Liaison Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) (As played by Caelen LaBrie)

Miadri Chief Diplomatic Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

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