River of Forgetfulness: #129-130 "Technobabble"

The Ark, Main Promenade, Deck 45, Starbase Ronin

Melina had tried just about every place to eat there was on the Promenade, she passed close to the ark and slipped inside, the scents of the new place seemed a little strang. She did wonder if the menu was up to scratch. The white furred Caitian took a seat, she brough a small padd out into the open she was working on a letter to send back home. It had been nearly two years since she had last talked with her family. Perhaps she had changed with that Q business not that long ago. The name of the place was intreasting as well Melina thought she knew of two ark's accoring to tradtion and of serval faiths one being the ark of Noah and The Ark of the Covenant.

Melina knew of the Tellarite barkeep named Skol, she wasn't one of his fan, the fellow just couldn't keep his hands to himself. Looking throught the menu she smiled sfotly, it had been a long while since she had tasted H'narak. The fish was found only in the great ocean on Cait. It was a dish not easy to get hold of but right now with all the new things she'd been having to learn she just wanted a tase of home, there wasn't anythin unusual about that was there she wondered. Alright she was half human she knew that enough but she hardly knew Earth that much and her father's side of the family had made it quite clear they did not want a freak in the family.

"So no loss there I guess" Melina said to herself.

She looked back to the padd and started again on the letter. She did love both her parents but it seemed at times it wasn't easy to get tinto touch with them most of the time. Seh sat back and curled her tail around herself making sure to slip the end into her lap. She wondered when the server would turn up.

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Ens. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47