River of Forgetfulness: #31, 32 - The Naked Truth

ON: <<SB 47, Security Office>>

Ryylar finally had a moment to sit down and brushed himself off after he and Sulan's 'conversation' with the Romulan spies. He tapped the computer console and accessed his messages to see if he missed anything while he was out.

Some spam, some junk .. But one that stood out. It was labeled from "A Friend", it obviously came from a faked contact address, and it held an attachment. The subject was "Please read, important." Ryylar didn't care to take any chances, so he erected a firewall in the computer before opening the message to prevent any wonderful little viruses from creeping into the Starbase computer.

The message body was simple. "Does this look like someone you know ?" And attached were a number of pictures, in various poses, and in various degrees of nudity, some of which completely nude, revealing everything. Some of the pictures had captions on them, in russian. And the model - a young and quite beautiful redhead .. She seemed to be in her early twenties, at most. And the pictures were dated 15 years ago. Ryylar blanched at the photos... not only a beautiful young red head, but a beautiful young nude russian red head that he was dating!

"Computerrrrr... trrrrracccccce the sssourrrrrcccce of thisssss trrrrrrranssssssmissssion." Ryylar snarled.

'Unable to comply." the computer responded. "Transmission untraceable."

"Computerrrrrrr explain." Ryylar said. That didn't make sense.

"Transmission logs modified. Source of transmission unknown." the computer replied. <tag, the person who sent it will be revealed later on, don't worry>

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...." Ryylar growled low in his throat, his tail lashing about irritatedly.

=/\= Sssssecurrrrrrity to Commanderrrrrr Petrrrrrrrova. =/\= Ryylar snapped as he tapped his comm badge.

=/\= .. Petrova here. =/\= came her ragged answer.

=/\= I need to sssssee you... now. =/\= Ryylar said, not as a request, but as almost an order.

=/\= I'm in the holodeck, hon. =/\= she groaned. =/\= Are you coming here or am I coming there ? =/\= She didn't need this, not right now - she was on a leave for a Reason. And whenever Ryylar was that agitated, something was wrong - Very wrong. She knew this.

There was a brief pause as Ryylar considered.

=/\= Ourrrrrr quarrrrrterrrrrssss in two minutesssss. =/\= Ryylar said. Brief and to the point.

=/\= .. Eh .. On my way. =/\= she replied, agitatedly. =/\= .. this better be good - I'm on leave, remember ? Petrova out. =/\=

"Oh it'sssss anything but good..." Ryylar growled and then turned to the computer, logging off and making sure that the message wasn't accessible by anyone before pointing to Ensign Rodgers outside of the security office.

"Take overrrrrr forrrrr me forrrrr a bit Enssssssign." Ryylar snarled and the Ensign nodded briefly as the Caitian stalked/jogged to his and Kristiana's quarters.

To find Kristiana there, waiting for him, leaning back against the wall, arms folded over eachother. She was wearing camoflage cargo- pants and a tight-fitting black t-shirt, with sweatmarks in it. Her hair loose. She looked at him, not at all pleased. "So, what was so important you had to ruin my performance for ?"

"You'll find out." He said, looking even less pleased, his normally warm and mischevious eyes cold and emotionless, although there was a hint of fear in them as Ryylar walked into their quarters and made a bee line straight for the computer console.

With Kristiana in tow. She scowled, not liking this at all. Looking over his shoulder as he accessed the console.

He accessed th console and brought up the message before sitting back to fold his arms over his chest as he looked at her reaction.

She looked at the screen, seeing the pictures loaded. She remained motionless for a few moments, before she gave a response. And her response was .. A smirk. She sighed and shook her head a bit. ".. Those. I'd thought I'd never see them again." then looking at Ryylar. ".. And this is what you called me here for, as if the world was on fire or something ?"

"Sssssomeone hasssss them and doesssssn't want anyone to know who they arrrrrre. I don't know about you Krrrrrrisssstiana, but I perrrrrsssssonally don't like to have nude imagesssss of my girrrrrrlfrrrrrriend floating about the galaxy forrrrrr anyone to ssssssee." Ryylar snapped a bit at her. She was making light of his discomfort.

"Well, what do you want me to do, Ryylar ? Wave a magic wand and make them disappear ?" She threw her hands up and shook her head a bit. "They Exist. And they're not gonna go away. And, know what ? I don't for one moment regret having them made." as she narrowed her eyes and looked straight at him. "I am _Proud_ of them. And I don't give a damn Who sees them."

Ryylar sighed and threw up his hands.

"Whateverrrrrr... excussssse me forrrrrr trrrrrrying to look out forrrrrr yourrrrrr prrrrrivaccccccy Krrrrrrissss... Excusssssse me forrrrrr trrrrrying to defend yourrrrrr honorrrrr and integrrrrrrrity... Go back to yourrrr vacation... I have worrrrrrk to do." Ryylar snarled and stormed towards the door of their quarters, ready to walk out.

"Warrant Officer Ryylar !" Kristiana bellowed out. "Front and Center !" she added, the venom dropping from her words. "That's a bloody ORDER !" followed.

Ryylar turned and walked over to look at her, his gaze piercing into her eyes.

".. Those pics were made 15 years ago, Ryylar. And I got a good bit of latinum for them, too." she spoke. "I am sorry if their existance upsets you .. But they do not change who I am. And I cannot magically make them disappear, even if I Wanted to." She sighed, shaking her head a bit, wandering over to the couch, there to flop down on it, hanging her head in her hands. "I Do appreciate that you're trying to look out for me, I Do .. And I'm 'sorry' if I don't scream murder fire and rape just because they came back into my life after 15 years, alright ? What do you expect of me - to start a holy crusade to have them erased from history ? Well, I Can't. And even if I could, I wouldn't. And that's just something you have to learn to LIVE with."

"Sssssso you don't carrrrrre that ssssssomeone hasssss picturrrrrrresssss of you that could impede yourrrrr carrrrreerrrrr? Or could embarrrrasssss you in frrrrrrront of yourrrrrr crrrrrrew at all?" Ryylar asked her.

"Sssssssend thosssssse to the rrrrrrright Admirrrrrralssssss and you'd neverrrrrr get yourrrrr own ship." Ryylar pointed out.

"Then that's my own bloody choice, isn't it ?" she looked at him again. "I had those pics made, knowing the possible consequences. And know what ? I'm damn proud of them, I am. They're public now. Embarassed if the crew sees them ? Big bloody deal !" "And never gonna get my own ship ? In case you hadn't noticed yet, Ryylar .. I don't WANT my own bloody ship ! Never did ! Never will ! Sheesh, you're acting like this is the bloody end of the world or something."

"Then that's my own bloody choice, isn't it ?" she looked at him again. "I had those pics made, knowing the possible consequences. And know what ? I'm damn proud of them, I am. They're public now. Embarassed if the crew sees them ? Big bloody deal !" "And never gonna get my own ship ?" She continued. "In case you hadn't noticed yet, Ryylar .. I don't WANT my own bloody ship ! Never did ! Never will ! Sheesh, you're acting like this is the bloody end of the world or something. Get a grip, will you ?!"

"Fine... I'll have a grrrrrrip. And I'll ssssstop worrrrrrrying about thisssss." Ryylar snorted a bit. There was more than just Kristiana's honor bothering him about this. That much was obvious from his posture and attitude.

She rose again with a snort, starting for the door. "Whatever .." she spoke as she headed out again.

"Krrrrrrissss...." Ryylar said quietly after a moment before she reached the door.

"WHAT ?!" she bellowed, as she turned around again, fists balled. "In case you hadn't noticed yet, I'm on bloody leave because I just went through a fucking trauma ! And all YOU are doing is making it worse by .. by .. Yelling at me ! For what ?! Some stupid old pictures ?!" She shook her head and continued. "I couldn't care less, Ryylar - Really - I've got bigger and more important things to work through, like spending three years living in my own shit and piss, for example !"

"I'm ssssssssorrrrrry..." Ryylar said. Apologizing for what though? Caring?

".. No you're not. You wouldn't even know for what." she spat, as she turned around and continued on her way again. Ryylar sighed and let her go. She didn't care at all. She didn't care about how he was feeling about this. Didn't care about the implications to herself. She had ceased caring about it all. Ryylar followed her out the door and walked back towards his office.

Kristiana simply stalked back to the holodeck, taking her comm-badge and throwing it into a random corridor as she went. Once back in the holodeck, she resumed her program - a heavy metal band appeared on the stage. She took place behind the drum-kit, and proceeded to beat the living crap out of it, venting, frustrated .. Eventually grabbing the parts of her drum-kit and throwing them, in rage, before slumping in a corner to quietly cry. Didn't he understand, at all ? Didn't he care about how she felt, at all ? All he could go on yelling about was her career this, her privacy that - when what she needed most was his love and support and comfort .. Didn't he care about how she felt ? Did he care about anything but some stupid career ?


Lt. Cmdr. Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer SB47


Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer SB47