River of Forgetfulness: #27, 28, 29, 30 - Grilled!

ON: <<SB 47, Brig>>

Ryylar and Sulan walked through the starbase and made their way to the brig wherein were held the two Tal Shiar agents in two separate cells with one cell between them left empty.

Sulan glared at each person in the cell. "I will give you each once chance to speak freely, and make this a simple task. Otherwise... I shall have to resort to more perswaive measures." She moved to a control pannel and accessed the pa systems for each of the two cells in used. "You first, Bokma. Talk. Now." Her face has a hint of a smile on it.

Bokma smiled, leaning back, folding his hands together, resting them on the table in front of him. "Well, what would you like to know ? I know an excellent recipe for - what's the human word - Lasagna ? Extra spicy .. If you can handle something with .. Bite."

"Wrong answer, Mr. Bokma." She said coldly and activated the sound suppression system on his cell, then flooded the cell with the ultra high frequncy sound.

Ryylar stood back and crossed his arms over his chest. It wasn't pretty, but he felt that it would be... how would Sulan say it? 'efficient'.

The Romulan winced a bit and shook his head some, closing his eyes, and controlling his breathing, then opening his eyes again, bringing the smile back to his face, as he resumed his calm pose.

Sock was looking at his table, calmly, totally relaxed. He had been there before, Federation interrogations... bunch of pussies that's what they were. He was certain that they would stop before either of them would break. A lot could be said about Bokma but his greatest virtue was his love of the Empire... and he knew that talking about their mission could mean the end of the Tal'Shiar... and inevitably the Empire.

Ryylar frowned a bit as Bokma seemed to be unbothered by the high frequency and he looked to Sulan.

Sulan nodded, observing his peacefull pose. "Well met, Mr. Bokuma." She said as she dropped the sound proofing. "Though I hope you do not belive that this is all I have to offer?"

"On the contrary, I know you vulcans can be .. Quite inventive." he spoke, raising an eyebrow and cocking his head slightly. " .. If a bit boring, in the end." He smiled, challengingly. ".. although I must confess, your taste in music leaves .. room for improvement, if that was an example."

She raised an eyebrow. "Forgive my lack of skill in your entertainment. "Perhaps this will help?" She once again raises the sound supression field, and raises the high frequency yet higher, to near ear bleeding levels.

Ryylar frowned a bit, narrowing his eyes some. Part of this was very much against his principles, but another part of him knew that it was nessecary. <tag Bokma>

Bokma's reaction was even less, this time, having expected something like this. Only the slightest faltering in his smug expression hinted at any discomfort. He yawned a bit and stretched his arms, theatrically.

Sulan tilted her head and lowered the supression field after turning of the high-frequency sound. "I am quite impressed. But, I am more impressed with this starbase's brig facilities. Did you know we can cater to all manner of life forms? For example, beings that require hight temperatures?" She rapidly enters commands into the console, and the surfaces inside the cell begin to rise. "Burn, Romulan trash."

"And I thought you vulcans were brave enough to face your .. opponents .. instead of cowering behind a forcefield." Bokma replied, remaining calm. It was getting hot in there - definately above comfortable temperature. "How I was mistaken."

"Are you trying to provoke me, trash? I am quite certain that you are somewhat less than comfortable..." She rubs her scarred cheek. "Belive me when I say that I can understand your pain. Talk, or burn. This can stop anytime you wish it to. Simply tell us what we need to know..." She paces infront of the cell, watching him closely.

"If this is the extent of your .. petty threats, then I'm not at all impressed, Sulan." Bokma replied, shifting a bit. "I thought you were tough. But you're nothing but a slave, aren't you. A slave first to you little mistress, what's-her-face, Angelo or something ?" He sighed, then shook his head some, a bit of sweat forming on his brow from the heat. "But, have it your way. I'll speak .." "First, you need a pound of ground meat, a few lagagna leaves, some spices ... "

"Very well..." Sulan said, retuning the cell setting to normal and introducing a mild sedative into the cell's air. "You have beaten me... I admit defeat." She waits for the sedative to take effect.

"Oh .. I'm sorry .." Bokma frowned. "I really do apologise .. I wasn't even aware that we'd begun." and he yawned again, rolling his shoulders some. "See ? Now you got me all sleepy .."

"Do not worry... I shall not be bored for much longer..." She grabs a set of stun shackles from the equpment stand lowers the forcefiels and shackles his arms and feet.

"Do not worry... you shall not be bored for much longer..." She grabs a set of stun shackles from the equpment stand lowers the forcefield to shackle his arms and feet." Guard me, Mr. Ryylar Ryylar nodded and stepped forward, drawing his phaser from his belt as he leveled it straight at Bokma.

Bokma jumped to his feet, wanting to take this opportunity - as he was trained to - but the sedative had it's effect. He staggered a bit, shaking his head some, then narrowed his eyes at Sulan, before glancing at Ryylar. His knowing smile returned after another moment's patience, and he simply folded his arms over eachother, standing straight. "Come now .. Restraints ? Weapons ? It's already two against one .. A woman and a kittycat against little old me .."

"Oh ssssssscrrrrrrew thissssss." Growled Ryylar, stepping forward as he kept his phaser leveled at Bokma. He holstered the weapon and lashed out with a backhand to wipe the superior smirk right off of Bokma's face.

Bokma winced and reeled, spitting some green blood from the hit, as he struggled for a moment, in his slightly dazed state, to remain standing. Focusing on Ryylar now, he brought aforementioned superior smirk back, and spoke. "Not bad .. But you need to work on your technique a bit - use your entire torso, not just your shoulder and arm."

She carefully puts the restraints on him, then, pushes him onto the sleeping cot."Stop, Mr Ryylar!" she said quickly, lest the caitian fly into a rage "Did you know that in Twentieth century Germany, they made lamp shades out of their captured prisoner's flesh and- Well, why not just show you?" She draws her combat knife.

Bokma was restrained, not much able to fight back. Shoved onto the sleeping cot, he hit his head on the wall, with a slight crack sound, and he blinked a bit, dazed. Almost falling over, but with a bit of will sitting up straight again. He saw Sulan wielding the knife, and knew he wasn't strong enough to stop her, even if he hadn't been restrained. But he also knew that no matter what this crazed vulcan did, he wouldn't speak - too much depended on it. "That's a nice knife .." he slurred, spitting out some more blood. "Not federation standard, is it ?"

"Correct. You certainly have a good eye for weaponry. Hold him, Mr. Ryylar."

"You will do no such thing..." Caelen spoke with a demanding, heavy voice. He was holding a Phaser rifle aimed at two of his officers in the cell "...what is the meaning of this?"

Ryylar turned and looked at Caelan.

"You wanted them interrrrrrrogated ssssssirrrrrrr." Ryylar said.

"Fearrrrrr... deprrrrrrivation.... dissssscomforrrrrrrt... all lead to anssssswerrrrrrrsssss." Ryylar explained.

"Are you Mad!" Caelen shouted walking closer, spotting the knife in Sulan's hand "You would Gut them for answers? They are Tal'Shiar Agents! They do this as Morning excersize!" he pointed the phaser specifically at Sulan "Drop the knife"

Sulan looks at the Romulan, her face twisted into a silent snarl. She had been so close... How she missed the look of terror and pain on- she slinced the thought, and put her knife away, turning around her face was blank once again. "Sir." She said as she saluted.

"And I ssssssuppossssssse sssssaying 'pleassssse' will get usssss anssssswerrrrrsssss." Ryylar said with a sigh, knowing that now they would never get anything from Bokma or Sock. They had an ally. Captain LaBrie would protect them from Ryylar and Sulan.

"I said Drop it Lieutenant, not put it away" Caelen emphasised his previous command. "What you were doing would not have gotten you answers, Warrant, it would have gotten you courtmartialled... and fired from starfleet" He looked at Sulan again, still waiting for her to put the knife on the ground.

"Then don't assssssk forrrrr anssssswerrrrrsssss if you'rrrrre not willing to let usssss get them." Ryylar frowned.

Sulan was surprised at the Caitian's words, and the emotion behind them, yet remained silent. "Aye sir." She said to Labrie, and drew her knife once agian tossed it to the deck with a quick flick of the wrist. It embedded in the deck plating with a thunk.

Bokma simply tilted his head a bit, and smiled softly. "Ah, Captain .." Spitting out a bit of blood again, along with a tooth. "Glad you could join us. Did you bring a deck of cards ?"

"I thought you were above this Ryylar..." Caelen lowered his weapon somewhat but did not let down his guard. "How touching Captain..." Sock had walked up to the forcefield once Caelen had walked in "...I assume you come with good news?" Caelen looked at the Colonel "That depends on who's side you're on..." he looked back at Ryylar and Sulan "...they are free to go... it appears that they arrived on a transport... it appears that we had a flaw in our administration"

"Free to go?" Sulan said in disbelief. "Illogical. They have information that we must-"

"Hmmmmm well sssssirrrrr, you'll of courrrrrssssse excussssse me forrrrr asssssking to sssssssee and verrrrrrify the orrrrrrderrrrrsssss mysssssself." Ryylar said, not moving at all to free either of the Romulans.

"I must agree with MR. Ryylar, sir." Sulan said, moving to at rest attention.

Caelen threw the PADD at Ryylar with the information "Last time I checked I'm still wearing a Starfleet Uniform and Captain Rank pips..." he slightly hightened his aim again "...and Romulans have not worked together with Changelings... not even the Tal'Shiar. Sock paced back a forth a bit in his cell "Well what's taking you?" he asked "a very close friend of mine is in Sickbay... I want to see how he's doing"

Bokma rose to his feet again, a bit shakily, and simply held his shackled hands out to Sulan. ".. The key, if you please, miss Vulcan."

Sulan watched the exchange silently, fighting the urge to pace.

Ryylar looked very slowly over the information and then handed it back to Caelan, turning to drop the forcefield and then unbind Bokma.

"You'rrrrre frrrrrrree to go." Ryylar said with a shrug.

"You will have to wait, Trash. I am a militarty officer. My Ryylar is in charge of security. You shall have to beg him for you freedom."

Sock stepped forward "I beg to no one Vulcan outcast" he had a venom in his voice, walking closer to Bokma, it was appearant he would need his help to get anywhere. It was a good thing that they were headed to Sickbay anyway. "Next time you want to be persuasive..." Caelen looked at both his officers "...you better pray that there is a crisis on our hands because I swear I will shove you both out of an airlock personally" he motioned them with his rifle to start walking towards the exit. He pulled the knife from the ground and followed the two officers.

"Understood." Sulan said coldly, hating him with all of her suppresed dark emotions.

Ryylar merely snorted. He was given a job and attempted to do it in the best way he knew how and Captain LaBrie's evolved sense of dignity and his lily-white attitude had ruined any chance at all that they would find out what the Tal Shiar was up to.

Bokma nodded to Sock, remaining silent. He stepped forward, a bit uncertain, but managing on his own. Not giving Sulan nor Ryylar another glance, he headed out, with his ranking officer.

"Unless there is anything further, sirs, I must return to my other duties." She said, not wanting to be around the stink of Romulan, nor human sweat any longer.

Once they stepped outside the brig, into the Security Office, Caelen stopped "Lieutenant Sulan and Warrant Ryylar" he also halted his two officers, letting Bokma and Sock leave for sickbay. "We have a situation on our hands..." he looked at them both to make sure they were paying attention.

"Sir?" Sulan said, watching him closely.

"I believe we do... we now have two Tal Shiarrrrr agentssss loossssse on a Federrrrration Ssssstarrrrrbasssse in the middle of Romulan Terrrrrrritorrrrry." Ryylar said dryly.

"News about our stowaway Reman has reached the surface and sparked a Social uproar in the Federation camp..." Caelen put the rifle on the desk and pressed a few buttons on the console to make images appear on the screen behind him "...They assume that the Reman is from a secret base located on Lethe IV..." the screen displayed images of protests by Federation people on Lethe IV "...so far the protests have been peacefull but the security force on the planet is insufficient to hold back a protest this big if the shit will start hitting the fan"

He turned to Ryylar "I will not tolerate such insubordinate behaviour Warrant, next time I catch you speaking to me like that I will have you suspended from duty for a week" before continueing

"As you might have noticed... or would have noticed if you were actually doing your job Mister Ryylar... the populace on the Starbase have started to behave more edgy as well... plans are in the making for a protest onboard of this station..."

Sulan noded. "If the base is secret, then the Romulan government can say nothing if that base were... destroyed accidently. You cannot claim a base lost that does ot exist."

She said, trying to difuse the sudden tension.

"Sssssirrrrr. With all due rrrrrressssspect, I have been TRRRRRRYING to do my job, and LASSSSST I checked, I wasssss the Chief of Ssssssecurrrrrrity, NOT the Morrrrrale Officcccerrrrrr." Ryylar said with a sharp nod.

Sulan raised an eyebrow, surprised that he would speak in such a manner to an officer.

"I am not sending down the Marine Compliment as a strike force Lieutenant..." Caelen corrected Sulan's intentions "...your men and women will be send down as a peacekeeping force... making sure no federation citizen will be harmed..." he then turned back to Ryylar "...your job is to make sure this Base is safe... that includes seeing threats and acting on them rather then solving it after things have already exploded..." he corrected Ryylar now "...I want the Colonel and Major on constant survaillance... I don't want them picking their nose without me Knowing it" he looked at both the officers if they both understood.

"Aye sir. I shall assemble a riot contol force, and secure the city immediately.

"If you wanted them underrrrr consssstant sssssurrrrrveillancccce Captain... then with all due rrrrrressspect you shouldn't have let them go." Ryylar said.

Caelen looked viciously at Ryylar "I was not kidding about the suspention Ryylar..." he warned him one final time "...You are Dismissed"

Ryylar frowned and shook his head, walking back out into his office. He was beginning to question Caelan's ability to command. He'd be conversing with Kristiana about this later.


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Also starring: Colonel Sock (NPC) Tal'Shiar Agent Assignment Unknown (as played by Caelen LaBrie)


Major Bokma Tal'Shiar Agent Assignment Unknown (As played by Kristiana Petrova)


1st Lieutenant Telek Sulan Marine Commanding Officer SB 47


Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer SB 47