River of Forgetfulness # 3 - Return from the Q


[Starbase Ronin - Recreation Deck - Bar and site of Costume Party]

In a flash, Zorach, dressed as Beldar of Remulak, appeared near one edge of the bar. His mind caught up with the chain of events. The mass quantities that he had consumed as Beldar flashed through his mind and he wanted to puke. He felt his under his robes and found his combadge among other natural things. Zorach tapped the combadge. "Zorach to Stoller. Jackie, meet me at airlock 58 in five minutes and bring me a robe," he said.

"Aye, sir," came back a familiar female voice. Zorach walked out of the bar navigating around some other stunned or recovering senior officers.

In five minutes, he stood next to airlock 58 in his underwear holding his combadge. He piled the complete Beldar costume including sensor rings in a bundle on the deck within the airlock. He tapped the airlock controls, overrode the decompression sequence, and watched as the outer hatch opened. The entire bundle shot into the vacuum of space.

"Charlie, are you okay?" Ensign Jackie Stoller asked. Zorach rubbed his baldhead and smiled.

"Just putting out some trash. Two days away from home."

"I was looking for you, Charlie. I missed you," Jackie said and handed him the terry cloth robe.

Zorach put the robe on and tied a loose knot in the front. He stepped close to her and gave her a warm hug. "Humm. I missed you, too. Coming off shift?"

"I have a few hours more. Communication traffic is high with two vessels docked. Then there's some strange local traffic. I wish I had a padd with all the crew roaming around the ship or ships. Just to keep them straight. Can I stop by later?"

"Sure, I'll probably just be finishing from a long sonic shower. You'll never guess what Q did to me. Anyway, see you later." He kissed her on the lips for several heartbeats. He savored her fruity lip-gloss as if it was the first time he ever kissed a woman. Zorach finally let her go.

"You're in some mood. See ya, Charlie," Jackie said with a smile. She walked down the corridor and turned once to see that Zorach was watching her.


Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47)