[USS Iwo Jima] Docking Procedures - The Clothes Don't Make the Man

A Post By Lieutenant Commander Marshall Lee & Lieutenant Galeth Location: Bridge - USS Iwo Jima Timeline: Shortly after Senior Staff return to SB47 Tag: Anyone

Marshall stood on the bridge, which bustled with activity now that the ship was nearing her complement of enlisted and junior officers, and worked over final system checks and normal pre-shakedown activities. He looked down at the PADD he held, on it, a list of potiential candidates for the remaining Senior Staff positions yet to be filled.

A young female Ensign stepped forward, handing him a PADD, "What's this Ensign?" he asked, "Starbase 47 Medical is returning our medical staff over assisting the gaps left by the incident with Q," she replies. Lee grunts, "Good, inform Lt. Dalton to get her people squared away, we should recieving departure orders soon," he says, handing her the PADD. She nods and spins on her heels, disappearing into a nearby turbolift.

Lee looks forward to viewscreen, watching a small Workbee pass just off the port bow as it scurried about it's duties. All around him, the Iwo Jima was coming to life. Her shakedown cruise would come soon. As if on que, his Chief Engineer came over his commbadge, =/\=Engineering to Bridge, the new coils are installed and ready to go. =/\= came the soft voice of Lt. Robertson. =/\=Good to hear Engineering, let's get ready to button up and ship out. Bridge out. =/\=

Marsh sighed softly as he settled into HIS command chair. It ached him that he couldn't be everywhere on the ship right now, his engineering backgroud coming to the surface, making him want to inspect everything first hand. But he knew part of being a good Commander was the ability to have faith in his crew, and know without a doubt they would follow his orders and perform miracles, all with a single order from him.

Lee checks the time, it was nearing time for his XO to take over, Lt. Galeth. Even though they had only been aboard for nearly two weeks, Lee had yet to meet the much contested Cardassian Officer. He had read his file carefully, noting his defection early in the Dominion War, his high marks at the Academy, and quick rise through the ranks. He also notices several marks for insubordination, and only his tact for command had kept his career as hot as it was. He had personally chose the former Gul when few others would accept him as a Department Head, much less an Executive Officer. He stood, and turned to the Tactical Officer on duty, "You have the Bridge Lieutenant. When the XO arrives, send him to my ready room." The Lieutenant nodded, and headed down to his new station as Marshall entered his Ready Room.

The tall black-haired Cardassian stepped onto the bridge with clanknig boots and an aura of authority that shone brightly around him. He had taken time to meet much of the crew and he was very satisfied in the condition that the crew was operating in, despite the recent losses from Q. He had learned that these humans were a very resilent race and would not give up as easily as he thought Q hoped for. Galeth surveyed the bridge with hawk-like eyes. It was busier than a bee-hive at dawn.

"Sir, the Skipper is waiting for you in his ready room."

"Thank you Ensign." He nodded with graditude as he walked down to the slightly lower level of the Bridge and slowly made his way to the CO's ready room.

Marshall sat down in leather chair behind his desk. He was about to open his desk computer when Galeth strode into his ready room. He noted he was wearing his Cardassian uniform, and waited for the doors to close behind him before speaking, "Take a seat Lieutenant, we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet," he says, motioning towards a seat, a sour look on his face.

Galeth nodded in thanks as he sat in the chair in front of the Skipper's desk. "It is my honor to meet you Sir. I have awaited meeting with you for a few weeks now." He smiled.

Lee clasps his hand together, placing them on the desk as he leans forward, "As have I Lieutenant. You have quite a record here in Starfleet, and quite, how should I put it, a reputation. Your defection was legendary," he replies, his face still the same and his tone flat, "You know, I specifically requested that you be assigned under my command."

Galeth swallowed in apprehension. "I did not know that Sir. I am honored by your request. I swear to you that you will not rethink your decision."

Lee nods, keeping his eyes fixed on the Cardassian, "As I know you will not Mr. Galeth. I know several other Captains have turned down your requests for an Executive Officer postion given your backgroud, however, I want you to know I harbor no such suspicions or thoughts of any such manner." Lee leans back, "However, that uniform is unacceptable. I must request that you only wear that on your personal time, and wear your Starfleet Uniform while on duty." He awaited his First Officer's response.

"If you wish to have an XO in Sickbay most of the time, I will follow your orders. I have worn the Starfleet Uniform on dozens of ships, and all of them have given me an illness, a rash, or some kind of physical reaction. My medical records can attest to this testimony."

Lee grunts, his response was edgy, "As much noted by your former Commanding Officer, however, I know of an excellent tailor on Starbase 47, and I suggest you check into finding a fabric that fits your needs. Token and medals, small items I can understand Mr. Galeth, I am not insensitive to the customs and traditions of other cultures, and I am highly respectful towards them, however, as a Starfleet Officer, you know that uniform stands for everything we have sworn to uphold, and as Executive Officer, I expect you to set a standard for the rest of the crew."

Galeth nodded with understanding, "Aye, Sir. Thank you for understanding my situation. I hope you understand that the clothes do not make the man, as I have heard your humans say, in this situation at least. First and foremost my loyalty and love is to the Federation and Starfleet. In a large second comes my people, not the Empire, but my people."

Lee smiles, glad the situation had been resolved without bloodshed, so to speak. He smiles, "As I know Mr. Galeth. I requested you because of your skill, and to give you the opportunity to finally show others of your skills and loyalty to the Federation, as it seems hard to do since the War. I hope that your time here helps to further deepen that love for our "people", and I trust you will not dissapoint any of us." Lee stands, offering his hand, "Well, I'll leave you to your shift Lieutenant, we should be recieving orders from TF Command soon, keep me posted."

"Certainly Sir, and thank you for everything so far. I assure you that ss soon as my shift is over I will be combing the Federation database for a reputable tailor nearby, or at least one I can order from. I hope you understand, but even as I am a citizen of the Federation and an Officer of Starfleet, I will never consider myself as one among your human. I pray you understand Sir." He awaited his Captain's answer anxiously. Galeth hoped with all his heart that he understood.

Lee claps his First Officer on the shoulder, "If you tried to be just another face in the crowd Lieutenant, I wouldn't have ya aboard," he replied, smiling, "I heard there is one right here on Starbase 47 that does wonders. I hear he designed uniforms for others with special needs, take your pay early if you need to," he said, the ready room doors swishing open.

"I think I will do that Sir." He replied as he stepped back onto the bridge and took the Command Chair. Lee walks back to his chair, his thoughts on the rediculed first officer. He knew he was talented, and he'd take all the flak in the world to let the young Cardassian prove it...

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