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The Bar

The bright light that filled Melina's vision started to slowly fade away, it revealed she was back in the bar on the Starbase, she fought to remain standing, she chewed her lower lip and looked around. All the others had returned some worse for their encounters. Looking to the chronometer on the rear wall she blinked, padding fowards she passed Ryylar and Kris, she didn't want to say anything what ever had happed to the two had shaken them. Heading for her quaters she found she was shaking, with what she was unsure. The things that had happened she couldn't really tell anyone, Cait was know for it savanna and it's polpulation good fighters that were frightened of nothing.

Melina entered her quaters a little while later. She padded to the replicator and tapped in a code.

"Computer whiskey with ice double. Music from Earth selection six"

She watched as the drink appeared in the bay of the replicator and picked it up, she went to sip it and put the glass down. Walking into her bedroom she opened a locked trunk at the end of the bed and opened the lid. Inside where a few personal items she took out a bottle of blue liquid. She was saving the Romulan Ale for the Festival of the Great Hunt. She broke the seal and took it with her as she re-entered the main room. Taking the glass of whiskey she poured it into the sink of the bathroom and filled the glass with Romulan Ale.

"Sythehol is just not going to cut it I think" she commented.

The computer selected a peice of music and from the speakers in the room came the tones of a peice from the 20th century. The song was called 'Do you want to be a hero?'

Melina blinked back tears and coughed.

"Mute audio" she annouced quickly.

Padding to the window she sipped the cold ale and looked out on to the stars, she isghed and rubbed her face gently, it was good to have her real form back. She missed the fur alot, she was always just a little bit cold.

"And all I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by" she said softly to herself.

Melina sat on the ledge and looked out to the stars as she sipped at her drink. She closed her eyes and sighed softly, she did wonder what happened to the others. But there where still issues she had to resolve. Perhaps a talk with the councilor would be best...if he wasn't to busy. She opened her eyes and as she did so one of the stars in her field of vision twinkled softly. She raised an eyebrow as she knew stars only twinkled because of the atmosphere of a planet.

"Hmmm home is where the heart it, but the stars are made of latinum"

"What does not kill us makes us stronger" Ens. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47