That's me Q # 147 - "Sarcasm meter, critical"

-={On}=- [The Bar]

Andrew was still gripping the sword Q had thrust at him before vanishing, and his helmet was blocking his view.

<God, I hope I'm back on the Ronin... No more of those battles. Too much bloodshed, by my hand. Holodeck battles are one thing, but slicing through someone... BEHEADING one...> Andrew felt nauseous, and decided to see where he was. He removed the helmet.

The Bar. A lot of dazed people, some talking quietly to others, many talking to themselves, curled up in a ball.

<Hmm, looks like I'm getting a lot of visitors in the future.> Then his memories of what transpired between him and Q came back. <No, I'm going on vacation, then I'm delegating a lot of my work to my other counselors. I need personal time, outside of the office.>

He meandered through the crowd, seeing many leave, acknowledging the presence of those who requested a time to see him for counseling.

<Of course, did I expect any less? I'm the bloody counselor.>

He slowly made his way to the door, evading people as best he could.

[Kennedy's Quarters]

"Right, lets get the hell out of this stuff." He spoke to himself, amost as reassurance he could still be human. Taking off the armour, and carefully placing it on a stand to remember what happened, and his promise to himself, he made his way to the shower.

"So good... Feels much better than running around fields playing 'ancestor is a soldier, now you be him'" Exitting the shower, Andrew slipped into bed, and finally got sleep. He never really had some, the cries of those he killed kept him awake in Q's little game.


A sense of reality:

Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor SB 47