That's My Q #144 - "The Return"

-={On}=- [The Bar, back at the costumed party]

Caelen blinked rapidly a few times, hoping the bright white light would go away, and it did. When it did he found himself back on his new home, he didn't know how long he had been gone but from the looks of it not a year. All the others were there as well, some more shocked then others but all dazed and confused about their returns.

Walking up to the centre, which was slightly higher then the rest of the bar, Caelen started to speak to the crew, his crew. "Ladies and Gentlemen…" his voice was eerily calm "…I won't pretend I know what you've all been through…" he looked around a bit "…those who need some free time off their duties can file a request with me the others are relieved off duty until their shift starts tomorrow morning" he gave a simple nod as he walked off the `podium'.

He greeted a few people as he walked out of the bar, he had more confidence in his stride somehow, he knew he was the boss and it felt good. He didn't notice anything else that happened in the bar however, his mind was still fogged. He walked out of the bar and straight to a turbo lift.

"Main Ops" he leaned on the back of the lift and waited for the lift to arrive where he wanted to be. He still wore the mask on his head, after one year he barely noticed it. The lift stopped and he stepped out, still in a confident stride "Report!" he ordered.

Naru rushed towards him "Captain! Thank God it's you!" she almost shouted out of happiness. "In the almost two days of your absence we have managed, sir"

"Two days huh… felt like a year" Caelen smirked before taking off his mask and looking at the young bajoran Lieutenant (junior grade) "send all the reports for the last two days to my room, I'll go over them there…" he turned around again to the turbolift "…I hope you can manage until alpha shift Lieutenant Mayik" he asked looking slightly over his shoulder.

"Yes sir, certainly sir" Naru sounded a lot more confident than she really was, one more night and she could get some genuine rest herself.

Caelen stepped back in the turbolift and ordered it to the right habitat deck. He stood next to an officer clad in teal, to whom he nodded politely in greeting.

"It's good to have you back Captain" the officer remarked before the lift stopped on Caelen's deck.

Caelen nodded a bit "It's good to be back, Ensign" for the life of him he couldn't think of the man his name, but that didn't matter now. He walked to the first room on his left and got inside.

"Home sweet home…" he walked to his console and saw that Lieutenant Mayik had already send everything down "…efficient little worker she is" he whispered to himself before walking towards the replicator "…Caffeine based energy drink" he stated, taking it out before heading back to the chair behind his desk, hanging the cloak and daggers somewhere on a chair. He sat down and stared at the screen "…this is going to be a long night" he shook his head to rid himself of some sleep before taking a sip of his energy drink and started reading… one report at the time


(OOC: we're all back now, everybody back to your rooms! You might not physically tired since all "issues" that might have arisen in the stories have been cleansed, explains Caelen not being dead and all. But you are mentally exhausted…)

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Home is where the heart is…"

Also starring: Lieutenant (jg) Mayik Naru (NPC) Acting CO for one more night Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Those who defy sleep!" (As played by Caelen LaBrie)