That's my Q #142, 143 - Wherefore art us?

ON: [Amalia, Italy]

Hannah stood in the room the church had provided for her to change in, tugging nervously at the dress borrowed from the priest's neice. Thank goodness she was a similar size - it simply wouldn't do to look bad at one's wedding...even if it wasn't really yours. She fiddled with her hair again. It was ridiculous how nervous she was about this - it wasn't as if it meant anything...did it? She wondered if...nay, she hoped that Jesse, in an identical room on the other side of the church, was as nervous as she was.

Jesse looked at the priest and the chapel. He couldn't believe he was there. It was all almost too eal. He sighed a little bit and waited for Hannah to join him.

Hannah stepped out of the sideroom, looking radiant in what had proved to be a very nice dress. Of course Hannah had altered it, just a little bit - the dress was now rather lower in the front than it had been, and it seemed to be slightly more form-fitting than before. Hannah smiled at Jesse, and made a small 'like what you see?' kind of gesture.

Jesse smiled in awe as he looked at her. The modest dark colored robes had been given to him by one of the priests as a clean set of clothes since he had been covered in hay from the sleep in the barn. It was plain and dark, but it brought out his eyes.

Hannah smiled. Jesse looked fabulous. Bereft of someone to give her away, she walked alone to the altar, and stood beside her boyfriend, soon, in this world at least, to be her husband.

The priest spoke in Latin and began the wedding ceremony, looking to both as he went through the initial benediction.

Hannah, who had no idea what he was saying, just waited for appropriate pauses, every so often sneaking sly looks at Jesse.

Jesse gave a weak and slightly nervous smile back at her and stood there at the altar with her and the priest asked a few questions and looked at Jesse.

"Si..." He said witha nod.

Hannah followed suit when the questions were adressed to her...she just hoped she wasn't signing up for a lifetime of chastity, or service to the church or something.

The priest smiled and spread his arms to indicate that the ceremony was over and Jesse smiled and leaned close to Hannah, kissing her lips deeply as her husband.

Hannah felt his lips touch hers, and lost herself in him, their closeness bringing them to a state of almost one-ness. Finally, she opened her eyes to see...nothing. Nothing but whiteness. "Where the Hell are we?" She asked out loud.

Jesse looked around and blinked.

"I wish I knew..." He said softly.


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase 47


Commander Jesse Walker Executive Officer SB 47