Reflections #68, 69 - Better than Moping


Kitty took some time after the halted breakfast to sit at the terminal in her own bedroom. She'd cried a little, but being in her own room felt good and she'd stopped soon enough. Now it was time to try to salvage the day... and she wanted to talk to her friend. So she put through a long-range communication to Hannah, hoping she hadn't miscalculated the time difference between the two!

There was a short delay, and then <Audio Only> appeared on the screen. "Kitty?" Hannah's voice, sounding a little tired, came over the comm.

"Oh I'm sorry..." Kitty's voice was slightly strange from crying a little earlier, but besides that she sounded cheerful. "I didn't wake you up, did I?"

"Yeah, kinda." Hannah said. "Gimme a sec." There was background noise, and after a little while, the screen came on. Hannah was sitting curled up in an easy chair, wearing what looked like a man's dress shirt, which was far too big for her. "Hey Kit." She smiled.

Kitty blinked and snickered a little. She couldn't help it. She was wearing a t-shirt, dressed for daytime, and the sun was shining through her bedroom window, lighting up her background. "New fashion statement?" she teased. "You're a few sizes off, I think."

Hannah blushed. "It was on the floor." She giggled. "Besides, it smells nice. She snuggled into it, the only thing she was wearing.

"I'd ask how you're doing, but that sounds like an answer," Kitty said in amusement. "What have you been up to, Hannah?"

"Well...I met someone." Hannah blushed a little. "Or re-met him, I guess."

"Re-met?" Kitty tilted her head a little. "Are you in love with him?"

"Oh Kitty, I don't know." Hannah giggled. "I like him...a lot." "And he likes me." She paused. "And he's really cute. Isn't that enough to be going on with?"

"Uh..." Kitty blinked, then shrugged. "If you say so." She smiled. "Things are going well here, I think. My grandparents like Evans and he seems to like it here. We're going to go out sailing probably today."

"Cool!" Hannah grinned. "How's Ev enjoying himself?"

"He eats waffles like they're going out of style," Kitty said with a chuckle. "Almost as enthusiastically as my grandfather." Then she frowned, remembering how that breakfast had ended. "Well... not everything is perfect. But we're having a good time."

"What's up?" Hannah said, concerned.

"I haven't really gotten over the Lantree.. or the alternate universe.. as much as I thought I had, and I think it's still bothering him, too. But we're still early on in the vacation. I hope it'll get better."

Hannah nodded. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Yeah," Kitty said. "Be cheerful. That's why I called you." She smiled a bit. "Have you found out where you're being stationed yet?"

"I've gotten a couple of offers." Hannah smiled. "One of them right here on the station."

"Really?" Kitty squeaked. "I got offered Chief Engineer on that station. It's.. a big step."

"Wow, that's awesome, Kit!" Hannah said."Well, that'll definitely have an impact on my decision. " She grinned.

"I didn't even tell you what I chose," Kitty said with a chuckle.

"You're not taking it?" Hannah said, surprised.

"What do you think, you goof?" Kitty said affectionately. "I took it! Jumped at the chance. This is an excellent crew and I hope we all end up sticking together."

Hannah laughed. "Awesome!"

Kitty joined in with the cheery laugh, then sighed a little. "Well, I'm probably keeping you from your rest. Uh... Have you.. well... it's a silly question, really. Did you have any.. nightmares.. about the Lantree or that alternate universe?"

Hannah shook her head. "Not so much. I don't really remember my dreams." She shrugged. "You still having them?"

"Sometimes," Kitty admitted. "Not last night, thankfully. I'll get it figured out."

"I hope so." Hannah grinned as she heard movement in the bedroom. Seemed as though her 'guest' was stirring. "When are you back?"

"Couple weeks, maybe three," Kitty said, brightening a little. "We're taking all of shoreleave on Earth. We're going to visit Evans' family after mine."

"Where're they based?" Hannah asked.

"Guh.. England somewhere," Kitty said, looking a little tired all of a sudden. "I'll send you the info on the nearest terminal when I've got it, in case you want to call me, ok? Are you staying at the station?"

"Well, I didn't have any plans before...although recent events have changed that somewhat." She indicated with her head to the bedroom. "So I don't know."

"I'd better go, I think your.. guest.. is getting up," Kitty said with a smile. "We'll keep in touch, ok?"

Hannah smiled. "Definitely."

"Hey.. catch ya later, ok? And when I get back, we'll be working together again, right?" Kitty looked more cheerful than when she'd begun the conversation.

"Absolutely." Hannah affirmed. "Have fun on the planet."

"Yeah. Uh, Hannah?" Images swirled through her mind for just a moment, the other 'unifinished business'... the records, the assassination orders, and Hannah's face at the end.. the abrupt NO in the middle.. but what of that could be conveyed over a terminal? And what if her friend didn't know? Matters of security... "Uh, I'll catch you back when we're on the starbase, ok? Have fun and.. you know.. be careful."

"You OK, Kit?" Hannah asked, catching the change in tone.

"Yeah. ...No. But it'll keep. Just.. keep your eyes open, right?" Kitty managed to end that with a casual laugh.

"Ok..." Hannah said. "I'll see you when you get back, alright?"

"You betcha." Kitty smiled, and it was truer this time. "You take care. I gotta go." She paused for a moment, looking back at her friend, then closed the channel.


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