Reflections #66&67 - "Gossip and Job Offers"

-={On}=- [Promenade, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen was strolling down the promenade, his promenade. Even though he and his wife were probably just about to split up he felt happy with his Starbase, perhaps he was just denying the problems. He spotted a new bar, opening right across from their Tellarite Barkeep his bar, one could only imagine what he had to say about that but Caelen was a bit curious as to who was opening the other bar and wether it would be any better then the Tellarite his bar.

"Captain LaBrie!" Hannah called from behind him. She walked over to meet him. "How are you doing, Sir?"

"Crap..." Caelen answered truthfully but kept on walking, still confident in himself as ever before " about you Lieutenant?" he asked stepping into the new Bar, looking around at the tables, chairs, stools and the bar itself. Some things were still in plastic from being shipped in.

"I'm fine, Sir." Hannah said, a little surprised by his answer. "What's wrong?"

"Everything is wrong, Lieutenant, everything" not only his family life was about to crumble away from under him his professional life was also on edge with Section 31 around to make sure their little 'vulcan project' didn't leak out into the public "Hello?!" he then called into the bar, trying to figure out wether or not there was somebody here.

" there anything I can do to help?" Hannah asked, concerned for her former commanding officer.

Caelen leaned on the counter and looked at Hannah "No" he said bluntly and almost emotionless "anything I can help you with?" he then asked in return.

"I just...I was just happy to see a friendly face, Sir." Hannah said. "But I don't want to intrude."

Caelen sat down on the stool and motioned Hannah to do the same "You're not Lieutenant..." he said with a small smile " do you like it here?"

"It's interesting, Sir." Hannah shrugged. "There's a lot of different people here." She smiled. "The food's pretty good, too."

"You could get used to this then?" Caelen asked, still quite cryptically.

"I guess." Hannah smiled. "I wouldn't mind serving on a Starbase someday...although I would miss having a ship.

"Well, you'll have to work out for yourself which is more important..." Caelen leaned over the counter to see if there was anything to drink yet, however no luck yet "...I'm offering you the position of Tactical Officer on this Starbase, Lieutenant" he smiled sitting back upright on his stool.

Hannah raised an eyebrow. "Wow. That's an offer. You got the Command, then?"

"Very observant of you" Caelen responded "still waiting for all the right forms and information..." he motioned around the bar "...take this place for example, I wouldn't know for the life of me who is running it"

Hannah laughed. "I imagine there are more important things to know about, Sir."

"Yeah... did you know this base will be in Romulan space one third of the planet's year?" Caelen answered to that, although to her it was Very important to him who the owner of this bar is, especially at this moment in time.

"Yeah, I heard something about that." Hannah said.

"Well at this moment it doesn't seem as important as my first question..." Caelen shrugged a bit, "...I also noticed that gossip makes its way around much faster, something with a Commander of a ship that's docked here..."

Hannah blushed, and looked to the side. "I wouldn't know, Sir..."

"Must be just gossip then" Caelen said with a smirk. The dark man that had entered his office earlier for a good talk walked into the bar, motioning Caelen to come out for another... talk... The captain in his turn motioned him to wait "Anything else I need to know Lieutenant?"

"Not that I know Sir." Hannah said. "I'll let you know about the job offer."

Caelen gave a single nod and walked off, going awfully close to Hannah "Watch your back Hannah, S31 is snooping around" he walked towards the man clad in black and gave a fake smile "What can I help you with now, sir?"


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Tactical Officer Currently Unassigned "How many job offers am I going to get today?"