That's my Q # 128 - "Beldar Chronicles - Ion Storms?"

On: Mutant Register Builddings, Western Untied States 02:00 Hours

It seemed strang to Strorm or was it Melina, the days before had blurred into a line unbroken by anything really. Xavier had been pleased thast Storm had returned. Melina however was still herself even if she put a false image upto the world. That image wasn't on the best of grounds she knew but right now she needed ..or had to do her part. Inside the builing Cyclops, Beast, Morph, Gambit and Wolverine looking for the mainframe computer. The Mutant Registration Program had turned out to be a sham, they where going to eliminate them.

Melina wondered what the lessson was, she wasn' to sure. Perhaps it would reveal it's self given time. Melina watched as a few explosions tore through the building nearby a flash of red light smashed it's way through. As the group of X-Men started to form up out of the hole a large shadow crept aloong the ground.

"Watch out Setinels!" called out Gabit as he thew one of his cards into the chest of the nearest.

Melina screamed inwardly, then all hell broke lose above the clouds gathered as lighting forked and thunder rooled. Fashes of the lightling started hitting sentinels and blasting a few into peices, more of the titan like robots appered and one targeted Wolverine at point blank range, the robot's weapon fired and suddenly Morph pushed him out of the way. The young man was light up in a scarlet light and flell to the floor. Melina screamed with furry and unleased evrything she had tearing the robot limb from limb. Melina knew he was dead he had to be suddenly Clyclops was shouting for everyone to retreat. Rouge seemed to be with a younger woman, Melina couldn't say who it was, perhaps it was the girl they had meet at the mall the other day. It was then the X-Men had learned of the Sentinels, Gyrich and Trask. The two men where behind it all it seemed lead by the US Govenment it also seemed.

As soon as the group had returned to the Blackbird Melina sat down, she felt tired and upset, Beast was gone it seemed he had taken a large electrical shock from the fence outside the large compound, she was sure he wasn't dead though. She thought a little, Morph over the few days she'd gotten to know him seemed a jovial person always ready to help someone. It seemed rather unfiar he was dead, perhaps that was the lesson she though, loss goddess there had been enough of that in her life, that or perhaps being able to release the anger she sometimes felt but could not release because of where she was. To many would get hurt if she did on the starbase, with that she just allowed herself to fall into what seemed to be nothingness while the Blackbird took the X-Men back to Xavier's mansion.


"Storm" Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47