That's my Q # 128 - "Beldar Chronicles - Ion Storms?"


[Delta One - Near Pluto - Holding Area]

Commander Strumtar stomped into the holding area. "Beldar! My fleet, ten of the finest Remulak vessels is obliterated! How can these blunt skulls weld such power?" He fumbled with a remote control and a screen switched on. "What are these flying things?"

Beldar looked at the screen. An image focused on a Remulak vessel over a wide expanse of blue ocean. A small slender craft with wings flew up from low altitude and smashed into the vessel with a brilliant flash. Beldar started laughing.

Strumtar tilted his head at him. He ordered, "Tell me what they are!"

"Given the time period and the flash, I think they are nuclear tipped cruise missiles. Ah, unmanned drones with a very powerful warhead. I think the blunt skulls are over compensating but the result is satisfactory," Beldar said.

"I've lost over half my fleet. What will my Emperor do? I wanted to take your head as a prize for the Emperor but."

"Your head will come off. Yes, the Emperor is impulsive. I am your prisoner. I have nothing to add."

"Beldar, you have lived with the blunt skulls. Tell me how to defeat them," Strumtar said rubbing his conehead.

"Defeat them? Not likely. Earth has hundreds of nuclear warheads, usually pointed at each other. You have seen how easily your fleet fell. Do you want to go back to Remulak and lose your cone?"

"I have no other choice," Strumtar replied.

Beldar grinned. "There are always choices. Recall your fleet before you lose them all. Tell the Emperor that a terrible storm, an ion storm, yeah, forced you to lose some ships. Your original mission? Say the blunt skulls are still beyond hope."

"Ion storm? You're joking. What's an ion storm?"

"Hey, it's just a long shot. An ion storm is a storm that can force you to lose ships. If you could explain it, then you would have been lost with them. Get it?"

Strumtar tapped his communicator. "Recall the fleet and group on the edge of the system. Warm up the long-range communicator, I want to share some sad news with the Emperor." He turned to Beldar. "If he isn't swayed, I can still offer your head to him."


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