That's my Q #119, 120 - The Death of Evil?

ON: <<Carpathian Mountains, Castle Dracula>>

Ryylar dragged along the path, cow in tow as he headed back to the castle. He couldn't bring himself to steal a child. No matter how hard the voices in his mind hammered on his willpower. He just couldn't do it. He resisted the savage brutal impulses and denied the hunger in him.

Meanwhile in the main bedchamber, Doctor Van Helsing finished with his rituals, giving the corpses and bones of children and other assorted victims of the now dusted fanged furies their rightful passage into the afterlife - a free ticket into Heaven, even without knowing what their lives were like. Such was frowned upon monsters like vampires that their victims are automatically cleared of sin and admitted into heaven. With a sigh and a hevay heart, he closed his pocketbible and put it back into his pocket. He unbuttoned his longcoat and removed his top hat, now sitting down on the edge of the main bed, pulling forth a cloth, and setting about cleaning his weapons.

The cow let out a loud lowing sound and Ryylar struggled with the stubborn and very frightened beast to drag it into the courtyard while it dug its hooves into the ground, trying to keep Ryylar from making any progress.

"Damnit you stupid cow... GET IN HERE!" He growled at the animal and pulled harder. He only hoped he could satisfy the hunger of the female vampires with this.

His eyes narrowed as he heard the voice. A soft sigh escaped him, and he closed his eyes for a moment, muttering a quiet prayer, before rising to his feet, a determined expression on his face again. Putting his weapons down on the bed for a moment, to button his coat up again and put his top hat back on - when you fight hellspawn, you have to do so in style - plus, he was a representative of God, and looking bad would make God look bad.

Ryylar as the count of blood, the terror of the night, dragged the defenseless cow into the courtyard where he tied the beast up to a post near the dilapadated stables.

"Finally!" He cried and wiped his brow, turning to walk into his castle.

As Van Helsing stalked out of the master bedroom, towards the stairs. Standing atop them with his cloak billowing, as a flash of lightning and a loud crack of thunder outside announced the arrival of a storm - the flash starkly illuminating his fierce silhouette, as he bellowed, his voice ringing out. "Count Vladislav Draculea ! I have come for you !"

"Huh!? Who?" Said Ryylar, blinking in curiosity and astonishment at the man who was now standing dramatically before him.

"I, am Doctor Abraham Van Helsing. Vampirehunter. Slayer of demonspawn and hellbrood." He introduced himself as he stalked down the stairs, towards the abomination that stood before him. "I have dealt with your brides - may they find a semblance of peace in death that they did not know in undeath. And now, I will deal with you."

"Uh.... and how do you propose to do that?" Ryylar asked, not liking at all where this conversation was going.

"You have long overstayed your welcome on this God's Green Earth, Count Draculea." van Helsing spoke as he stopped, a good dozen feet in front of the Blood Count. "Your time to die has passed, many moons before today. I am here to bring you the death you have hidden from, all this time. So that the people of Transylvania can sleep in peace again."

"Uh there's been some misunderstanding you see... I'm not dracula... My name is Ryylar." He said, his eyes widening in fear.

Abraham shook his head a bit. "Tell me not your lies, Count Draculea. I know who you are. And I have introduced myself, explained who I was, explained the reason for my presence. So now, there is only one thing left to do. Let us get it over with, once and for all." He spoke as he half turned, casting off his cloak, drawing two wooden stakes and watching the creature before him intently.

"No no! You don't understand! I'm not a vampire or anything! This is all just a costume!" Ryylar said out of desperation, holding up his hands.

".. I had expected a man of your reputation to be .. less of a coward, Count." The vampirehunter spoke grimly. "Defend yourself !" As he suddenly charged forward, aiming a viscious stab at Ryylar's general chest area, with a sharpened wooden stake.

"I'm not a coward! GAH!" Ryylar screeched and dodged to the side as Van Helsing lunged at him, his cat like reflexes barely saving him.

The man remained silent, except for little grunts of exertion - he knew that vampires had supernatural reflexes, and the way the Count just dodged his attack, proved what he knew. That this creature was an abomination, to be destroyed. He slowly edged back, regarding the other one with a studied and practised gaze.

"Look... I'll say it again... I'm NOT Dracula! I'm not even human! I'm a Caitian!" Ryylar cried in frustration.

"I know you're not human." Van Helsing spoke, regarding the other .. being. He then with a flick of a wrist flung a sharpened wooden stake at Ryylar, following it up by a forward lunge, hoping to catch the creature off-guard.

"GAH!" Ryylar tried to dodge the flung wooden stake only to accidentally step into Van Helsing's lunge as the stake drove into Ryylar's chest and the world faded to white.

Abraham stood, eyes closed, a trembling arm held out, with the one stake that had conquered his quarry. He heard the tell-tale sound of the Vampire turning to dust, and he felt all resistance around the stake fading, disappearing. He knew his work was done. ".. Requiescat in pace." He spoke, darkly.


Doctor Abraham Van Helsing (NPC'd by Lert)


Warrant Officer Ryylar/Vladislav Draculea CSTO/R.I.P. SB 47