That's My Q #117-118 "The Man Himself"


[Verona, Italy}

Hannah yawned. She was real tired, and could do with some sleep. Jesse was scouting outside. Since she had escaped from the mansion, she was something of a danger to be seen outside.

Right now, they had no real plan, but their knowledge of Shakespeare meant they definitely had a advantage over the competition.

As soft as the wind and unseen to anyone until he choose to be, Q appeared rather close to Hannah, clad in Shakespearean clothing "Where did your little Romeo run off to?" he asked.

Hannah turned around. "Woah! Where did you come from?"

Q simply shrugged "Thou art evading the question, dear Juliet"

"Who says that I must answer it?" Hannah said, enigmatically.

"Ah very true young lady" Q lay down on the couch opposite from her. "Art thou enjoying thyself so far?" he asked, seemingly getting enormous amusement from the use of the Shakespearean language.

"To what dost thou refer, kind Sir?" Hannah said, unsure of who this man was, and how he had found her in this small house they had thought abandoned.

"Oh come on, don't play dumb with me, Lieutenant" Q reacted, suddenly sitting up and dressed in a Starfleet Captain's uniform again "you're cheating"

"You would be Q, then?" Hannah said.

Q's eyes widened a bit "Surely you must have heard of me..." he said a bit indignant "...don't they give courses on how to handle me when I come round? Tell you to do whatever I want and hope it blows over?" he asked, still speaking as if he was appauled by the idea that she didn't know him.

Hannah shrugged. "They may have mentioned it at some point - think I skipped that lecture."

A bit ticked off Q rose quickly from his seat and repeated himself "At any rate, you cheated..." he folded his arms and looked Hannah intently in her eyes "...well what have you got to say for yourself?"

"There are rules to this kind of thing?" Hannah said, cocking an eyebrow.

"AH!" Q threw he arms wide and looked at the sky in surprise "Are there rules she asks!" he sighed "Of course there are rules, wouldn't be much of a game now would it?!" he asked shaking his head.

"And who decides upon these rules?" Hannah said, as if there was any need to ask.

Q put a hand in front of his eyes and shook his head "And you're the Strategic Operations officer for that Floating piece of scrap metal... LaBrie must have been really desperate to get his ranks filled" he responded "You can't just Barge in here and change the entire story!" he then reacted, almost shouting with a grotesque physical display "You were Romeo and Juliet, you were star crossed lovers... Romeo would leave Verona... you would fake your death, he would poison himself because of it and you would stab yourself through the chest..."

"Where's the fun in that?" Hannah asked. "If you wanted us to just follow the stories, and change nothing, what was the point in sending us here?"

"The point was you learned something about your characters... I don't know... pick up some wise life lessons along the way..." Q shrugged and sat down again "...I don't know, the lot of you dying would have been nice"

"But then how would we have applied the life lessons?" Hannah asked logically.

shook his head "I wouldn't let you die obviously..." he shook his head a bit more fiercely "...I'm not barbaric" he added to that. He heard footsteps walking up the garden path. He quickly stood up and looked outside "Anyway... Ta ta" he smiled as he clicked his fingers and vanished in a rather bright white light.

"Huh." Hannah said, as the, for want of a better word, man disappeared. She looked up as Jesse entered."Hello love." She smiled. "You just missed a most intriguing visitor."


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase Ronin

Q (PNPC) Über Being Q-Continuum (As played by Captain Caelen LaBrie)