[USS Iwo Jima] Docking Procedures - [That's my Q - 111 + 112]

A Post By Lieutenant Galeth & Lieutenant Alisa Robertson Location: Docking Port - SB47 Timeline: Tag:

Alisa was fuming. "Alright you mean to tell me that I cannot go on the base to get my Anti-matter injector for the ship? Because of some damn Q?!?" The guard gulped. "Yes ma'am." She then sighed. "No I am not going to turn back, I am going aboard the base even if I have to knock all of you out to get the new Anti-matter Injector." The guards grew serious. "Ma'am I highly suggest that you turn around and go back to Engineering." Alisa got dissed at him. "And I highly suggest that you start looking for a good freighter to work on because that will be what is left of your career if you do not step aside."

Marshall was on his way back to the ship, stepping through the lock when he head the commotion ahead. He picked up his face, stepping next to the two guards. The guards instantly snap to attention, "What's going on here?" Marshall asks.

"Oh so you must be the genius that confined the Department Heads to the ship. Real smart thinking except for the fact that I need to replace the Iwo Jima's Anti-Matter Injector because of a Relay Malfunction, and this guard here is making that job harder and more difficult than it needs to be." Alisa said while still fuming.

Lee chuckles, "You must be Lt. Robertson, my Chief Engineering Officer, sorry I haven't had the chance to meet you. I'm Lt. Commander Lee, the CO," he said, smirking, "Come, let us go get those Injectors," he continues, motioning the guards aside.

"Thank you, and whats all this about a Q? I have been busy all over the ship and when I get out of the Jefferies Tube I find out the fact that nearly all the Senior Staff is gone and I am one of the few left. And now I have to work around some bozo's in security that thinks a quarantine will stop Q from taking any more people." She proceeded to the Bases Surplus Depot.

"That bozo was me Lieutenant," he said, albiet a bit gruff. He nodded at a passing Junior Officer at they headed deeper into the Starbase.

Sorry about that one, sir. I do not like people getting in the way and wasting my time. Must be another thing Cardassians usually do, not that I know much about them." She then entered the surplus office. "Alright Quartermaster I need one Mark VII Anti-Matter Injector prepared for transport to the Iwo Jima and I will be dropping off a old one that needs to be scrapped." She then presented a PADD with the Serial Number of the Injector and the Core with each component of the Anti-matter Injector itemized in a efficient record without missing a detail. "Very good Lieutenant, and I wish we kept better records like this." Alisa nodded. "Just get the injector ready. I want my ship to be running smoother than the Flagship.

Lee smiled at the young Cardassian, the second of her kind on the Iwo Jima, the XO being Cardassian as well. He waited quietly as she made her request, helping the supply clerk set the items on a hoversled. Unlike a lot of the other CO's, he liked getting his hands dirty, and he pushes the hoversled back into the corridor....

Alisa programed the hoversled and it fell in stride behind her. "Thanks for your help Commander, Now if you will excuse me I have nearly two hours of work to do."

Marshall smiles, typical Chief Engineer he thought, "Very well Lieutenant, but the next time, I wouldn't suggest critizing your Command Officer when he's standing right behind you," he joked, giving her a friendly wink as she disappeared into the Docking Port.