That's My Q #110&111 - "Finding Comfort for the Night"

-={On}=- [The Tellarite Bar, Starbase Ronin]

Commander Galeth sat at the bar drinking his ale quietly as he thought about his new command. It had been quite some time since he had been on the bridge of a ship and he missed it very much. Although he wasn't a Gul of the ship....he was the next best he could acquire at the time....he was the Executive Officer of the USS Iwo Jima. He appeared tall and foreboding even while he sat down at the bar with his onyx black hair slicked back to the maximum. He was dressed in full Cardassian military uniform, he never did grow accustomed to Starfleet Uniforms and always preferred wearing his own regalia than the matter how much he loved them.

Nalash returned from a LONG shift in science, she had spend almost the entire night looking for traces of the lost staff members but came up with nothing. She sighed loudly as she sat down on an empty stool, surprised at first to even find one in quite a busy bar. But when she looked to her left she knew why, next to her was a Cardassian in full military outfit. She greeted him with a nod and "Hi" frankly she didn't care if he was Borg right now, she needed a drink.

Galeth turned to his side to the one who spoke to him and nodded in greeting, "Good day Petty Officer. How are you today?" He sipped his ale again joyfully because he was off duty and could finally take a could break and a drink.

Nalash had ordered a glass of whiskey and took it in one hand before turning to the Cardassian "Well it's a day alright..." she stated, "...not to sure about the Good part though..." she lifted her chin shortly "...what brings you here? I didn't know a Cardassian vessel was docked here" she took a sip of her whiskey and awaited a response.

"There is not a Cardassian vessel within light-years of this Starbase. I am former Gul Galeth, Executive Officer of the USS Iwo Jima." Galeth grunted at the obvious stereotypical assumption. He had sworn to himself he would blend with his crew, become one of them. Nonetheless, he extended his hand as an offering of friendship. "And you would be?" The Commander asked.

"Chief Petty Officer Second Class Nalash..." Nalash shook his hand happily, she wasn't prejudiced, but with the uniform and her not having had the opportunity to look out the window the past twenty- fours hours she just assumed that this had completely gone by her "...Scientist's mate onboard this fine Starbase"

"Tis my honour to meet you as well. Are you enjoying it so far?"

"No I'm not..." Nalash responded honestly before throwing the whiskey down the hatch and twitching a bit feeling it burn through her throat, immediately ordering another one "...but I can't complain really... at least I'm not the one missing"

"I understand completely. Things will be better, eventually. You are a scientist you say?" He asked again to make sure.

Nalash nodded as another glass was set in front of her "Enlisted... we do the real work and the officers take the credit"

"I know how that is ma'am. I was once an enlisted personnel. The days of being a paper pusher, as the humans would say. But I have earned my day to sit on the Bridge, as will you one day."

Nalash shook her head "I don't intend to..." she responded "...I'll just rise through the ranks of the Enlisted until I can't go any further and keep doing things that I'm good at..." she picked up the glass of whiskey "...I'm pretty sure Command is not one of those things"

"The burdens of Command are not for all I have learned in my time. Without you grunt workers, where would we Officers be, eh?" He sipped on his ale and finally finished it off.

Nalash raised her glass "I'll drink to that" she downed her second whiskey and put the glass back on the bar rather loudly "So if you are a Starfleet officer what are you doing in that uniform?"

He turned to her and replied, "I have worn the red of your command uniform....and the yellow of Security.....I soon grew very un fond of your bland and empty uniforms. I have never been able to wear another uniform more fondly than my own. Though I despise my people's involvement in the past war, I am still quite patriotic of the Empire. I swore to myself though that I will never again involve myself in their politics and defected to the Federation. I have grown to love the humans as my own people." He said as he smiled with pride.

"But not our uniforms" Nalash shook her head a bit "I guess we're kind of in the same place..." she then said, perhaps to his surprise "...I never knew my parents, they fled to earth, trying to hide from the Orion Syndicate... if they ever found out who I really was I would probably be killed... or at least kidnapped" she sipped her whiskey and smiled a bit at the Cardassian Commander "it seems highly uncomfortable though" she then stated, gently touching his uniform.

He smiled warmly as she touched the chest of his uniform. "I have loved nothing else. My whole family was murdered by the Obsidian Order when they refused to participate in clandestine operations against our own people. I swore to myself and to my family that I would no longer claim myself a part of the Cardassian Empire. I still call myself a Cardassian is the Empire that I loathe."

"Doesn't the uniform represent just That though?" Nalash wondered pulling back her hand and smiling a bit at him as well "I mean... to be Cardassian you would only need to show your face... but with that uniform on everybody will think you are in league with their military... and thus the Cardassian Empire" she shrugged a bit "That's just how I see it though" she smiled again taking another sip of her drink.

He grinned, "I have learned a saying from the humans during my time with them. 'Never judge a book by its cover.' I have yet to learn its true meaning, but I gather it means something along the lines of don't judge things and people from first impressions. I may be wrong, so don't trust me on this." He smiled playfully.

Nalash shrugged "I don't do that... but then again I'm not really human..." actually she was more human then she was Orion but he didn't need to know that, it put most men off anyway. She finished her second glass and put it back on the bar "So how's your love life?" she suddenly asked, totally changing the topic.

" last mate died during the Resistance on Cardassia........" His face turned solemn and sad as he reminisced the War. He continued, "I was the son of very high ranked Intelligence Officers....she was the daughter of a merchant. Neither of our parents approved, but nonetheless, we fell in love. I joined the Cardassian Military during the war, before the Obsidian Order murdered my family. She joined the Resistance against the Cardassian Empire and the Dominion......our paths went differed and she was eventually killed in an uprising on Cardassia." He ordered a glass of whiskey.

Nalash motioned the bartender to make that two "I'm sorry..." she put a hand on his arm "...I know that doesn't ease the pain one bit but still... I am..." she smiled a bit at him as the bartender poured them another glass. She slowly withdrew her hand and picked up the glass "...To love then... may we see it when it spits us in the face"

Galeth nodded at her toast. "I will raise my glass to that."

Nalash smiled and took a big swig from her drink, twitching a bit again as the alcohol plummeted down to her stomach "You better" she joked a bit "makes me look so alone when I'm toasting to myself"

He grinned playfully at her comment. "I am not the kind of Officer who would not do something himself that he asks his men to do."

"What about his women?" Nalash asked teasingly

"Nor his women." He replied.

Nalash nodded smiling "I'll drink to that" and with that she finished her third drink. Something in the back of her mind told her it was a good thing that she was sitting down. "So have they assigned you a room yet on this Godforsaken piece of metal?" she asked

"I have not. I have yet to meet the Commanding Officer yet....this was my first stop."

Nalash nodded "A very wise decision" she smiled. She leaned forward a bit and put an arm around his neck, pulling him a bit closer "I have a room assigned to me" she whispered in his ear.

He perked his eyebrows up in curiosity. "Is that so Orion?"

Nalash was a bit surprised at his reaction and leaned back, quirking her eyebrows "As the matter of fact it is Cardassian" she responded.

"Are you currently looking for a room mate, as the humans would say?" He smiled.

Nalash smirked "It gets cold in outer space..." she responded looking down a bit, faking sadness "...being alone and all"

"We Cardassians despise the cold with a burning passion." He followed her lead.

"Passion for Orions?" Nalash looked up in his eyes, her own sparkling with joy and hope.

"Perhaps only for the one sitting before me." He put a hand on her leg and looked into her eyes.

Nalash smiled sinisterly and put her glass back on the bar, slowly sliding from her stool onto her feet on the ground. She was a bit unsteady at first but she still managed. She stepped really close to Galeth "Lucky me" she said before kissing him.

"I would believe madam, that I am the lucky one, " he commented as he closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss her.

Nalash looked around a bit, seeing all the odd eyes of the other present people "I think we should continue this conversation in my room..." she whispered at his, smiling, before giving him another quick kiss and stepping back "...put it on my tab..." she said to the barkeep "...that includes his" she pointed at Galeth. She then grabbed his hand and led the way out of the bar into the turbolift, where she wrapped her arms around his neck again.


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Lieutenant Commander Galeth Executive Officer USS Iwo Jima


CPO2 Nalash (NPC) Scientist's Mate Starbase Ronin "The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions." (As played by Captain Caelen LaBrie)