"Renegade Deception" #110 - 111 "Being Morale officer gets you chick


<Starbase lounge>

She sat at a table, in the lounge. A darkness hung over her, accentuated by the dramatic eyeliner, and pale skin. Black hair cascaded forlornly down her shoulders, a black-and-red velvet gown adorned her depressed form. A soft, sigh, shoulders slumping slightly, as she heaved the tall glass of a deep, blood-red drink towards her black lips, taking a sip of the liquid.

Ryylar had volunteered, out of sheer boredom, to take over Morale Officer on the Starbase and was just wiping down the bar. The lounge was mostly empty, just him, the depressed looking female, and a few others sitting at tables talking quietly.

The red liquid slid down her throat, condemned to an eternity in the bowels of this creature, to endure the fiery flames of digestion, as she stared out in front of her, eyes gazing at .. nothing in particular. Another sip taken from her glass, to condemn yet another portion of her juice to the dark fate that awaited it.

He wondered what such a well dressed woman was doing here alone and decided in his infinitely curious nature to approach her, throwing his rag over his back to walk over and act as though he was wiping off her table.

"Sssso what'ssss a lady like you doing alone in herrrre tonight?" He asked her, smiling his Caitian smile as he wiped the table off.

A blink from the woman as she seemed to startle slightly, pulled out of her thoughts. "The sun is black, today. The crows are gathering. " she'd speak in a soft, quiet voice. "Herbie was taken from me, and my heart is a broken stone, inside my chest, weighing me down. I have gazed into the abyss, and have felt it gazing back at me."

"Tellarite poetry... how cheerful." He said with a bit of a smile.

"I bet I could make you smile." He said, hating to see anyone unhappy, but especially moreso if it was a woman.

She'd headtilt a bit, not knowing really what to make of this .. cat .. before her. "Oh spend not time trying to cheer me up, strange being of fur and smile. My heart laments the passing of my beloved pet goldfish Herbie, who now lives in the great fishbowl in the sky .. "

"Uh... this goldfish... uhm it didn't happen to have one blind eye did it?" He asked, suddenly growing quite nervous.

"Oh no, my Herbie was as handsome as any goldfish, unmarred by any disabilities or defects - he was truly .. fishy perfection. I found him floating upside down in his bowl earlier this morning, and came here to drown my sorrow .. " She would reply back at him, turning towards him a bit now, in polite conversation.

"Oh well that'sssss uh," he started, about to say relief, suppressing a burp from the icthyoid snack he had partken of earlier, "cerrrrrtainly deprrresssssing."

"Ssssso what can I do to make you sssssmile? I'm a morrrrrale officccerrrr for a rrrreassson you know." He said to her.

A soft sigh, shoulders slumping a bit again as she took another sip of her drink."Find a way to take away the pain of loss, or atleast make it leass .. Find a way to glue back together the fragments that were my heart, up until this morning .. Perhaps .. then .. I shall smile, once again."

"Hmmm well I think I might have an idea..." He said, purring mischeviously and standing as he offered to take her hand.

A blink from the depressed woman, as she watched him, with a measure of curiosity .. Quickly finishing the rest of her drink, then rising elegantly, and a slender hand with black painted fingernails moving to rest in his furry paw.

He smiled and bowed a bit, tossing his rag onto the bar and leading her out of the lounge and towards the holodeck. Opening the doors, he smiled and and started tapping his access codes (as small as they were) into the computer console to bring up a program. Suddenly the two found themselves drenched in water and surrounded by schools of goldfish, all of them beautiful and shining.

A BLINK and a gasp as she found herself submerged in an endless ocean - arms flailing a bit in initial panic, then calming down as she realised that she was still breathing - despite being submerged. Her gown and her hair now billowing lazily as she slowly moved her arms and legs to maintain her position .. Looking around in wonder.

Her forlorn look of sadness slowly fading, changing into one of amazement and astonishment as she glanced around at the flashes of gold and orange .. Tentatively reaching a hand out to caress the back fin of one of the fish with a slender fingertip, a smile forming on her face.

He grinned triumphantly, glad to have done his job. The fish seemed to flit their fins and move up to her curiously, even him, and he couldn't even resist petting one even though under most circumstances he'd be trying to eat them.

A gleeful laugh from the woman, followed by a giggle as she whirled around, hair and gown billowing in the motion. "Oh wondrous ocean of gold and orange ! How your curiosity and your elegance and your shimmering beauty make my heart soar again ! Oh freedom of the water .. unfettered by any weight or gravity chaining me down .. " She seemed to be having the time of her life here.

He smiled at her.

"I told you I could make you smile." He said with a knowing grin.

"Smile, laugh and giggle, like a giddy schoolgirl who has had her first kiss and who has discovered new meanings and new realisations - oh wonderous being of fur and smile, accept my humble thanks, and allow me to show you my appreciation, with what little gift I can give thee in return !" She would swim towards him, wrapping arms around him to give him a tight hug and a sudden kiss.

To say that Ryylar was surprised by the kiss was an understatement, a very large one, as he froze for a moment before wrapping his arms around her and holding her close, kissing her in return.


Fishy RP by:

Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus "If you're laughing then the worlds laughing with you... unless they're pointing at you when they laugh, then they're laughing AT you."


The Goth Lady Nameless NPC played by Kristiana Petrova "I wish my lawn was Emo so it would cut itself."