"Renegade Deception" #107 - 109 "No glory for Bokma !"


<Engineering, Deck 8>

Phaser fire and disruptor fire crossed paths on deck eight, near main engineering. Beams of Green and Orange pierced the corridors, some stray shots slamming into walls in main engineering, leaving scorchmarks - a console hit, exploding in a brilliant fireball as the Starfleet crew, under Petrova's direct command, fought valiantly against the Romulan boarders.

A scream then a thud as one of Petrova's officers was hit in the chest and fell over, dead - she cursed aloud, trying to return fire, but she didn't have enough men - not enough to repel the nearly a dozen romulan troops under the command of Bokma.

"Lieutenant Black, I need some Help here ! We're being pushed ba - AAAAAUGH !" as she collapsed onto the floor with a thud, clutching her now thoroughly destroyed shoulder after taking a glancing disruptor hit.

Kitty Black thought this must be her worst nightmare. Help? Her!? She wasn't a fighter! She'd managed to pass combat training, but no better than that. Still, she had to do Something... The sight of the wounded, the devastation turned her stomach. She felt as if all of her courage and strength was draining away... leaving nothing but.. her core.

"You heard her!" Kitty pulled out the phaser she'd kept by her side since they'd first been told to arm themselves and peeked around the Main Engineering doors. She extended her arm, concentrated, and fired. She had no real concept of 'staying under cover', and only the vaguest ability to keep track of everything that was going on, but she did have one benefit.. she could aim. She was a very good shot. Thing is, she was generally a good shot in the target room, with nothing shooting back at her.

Her other engineers joined her around the doorway, two braver and better-trained fellows edging out into the hallway.

Kris lay writhing on the ground, in pain, in shock. She heard Kathleen's strong words - sounding more certain of herself than Kristiana had ever expected of her timid chief engineer .. Which gave her some strength. Slowly she sat up, gritting her teeth, leaning against a wall, under cover - she couldn't fight anymore, but she could still co-ordinate.

"Remain .. under cover .. " she growled out through her pain. "There's .. too many .. of them." Closing her eyes for a moment, cursing under her breath. And indeed, Kathleen would find that the few men and women she has, to defend Engineering with, would be unable to stop the romulan onslaught.

Kitty blinked at Petrova's bit of good advice.. to get under cover. She drew back just in time, as a bolt hit the edge of the door, right near where she had been. By the time she'd shaken her head and blinked the light of it out of her eyes, the Romulan enemy were walking Into Engineering. There were enough of them pointing disrupters at her own crew that none of her crew were attempting to return fire anymore.

Kathleen Black, though, suddenly saw nothing but intruders in her Engine room... she saw it nearly through a red haze. She jumped up from her hiding place and ran a couple of steps forward, placing herself Right in front of Bokma, leveling her phaser at his chest, not seeming to notice the number of disrupters suddenly pointing at her. "Stay away from MY engines!" she screamed. Her eyes were narrowed, but her arms (and the phaser) were trembling slightly... in fear or in rage? A mixture of both, truthfully. The tone in her scream was more fury than fear.

Bokma glared at the impudent hoo-man and raised his disruptor rifle to shoot Kitty square between the eyes - just as Sock's order came in. =/\= Major Bokma, put down your weapons and surrender to the Federation troops =/\= .. Bokma BLINKED and heavily thumped his commbadge =/\= WHAT ?! Confirm order ! Confirm order, damnit ! =/\=

Sock's voice again =/\= You heard me, Bokma. Surrender to the feddies. Order confirmed. =/\= Bokma cursed in romulan, then glared at Kitty and threw down his disruptor rifle. "You heard the colonel ! Surrender your weapons." to his astonished troops .. Who one by one obeyed the Major, and tossed their weapons to the ground as well.

Caelen was now sitting behind his desk in the ready room and looked at Sock as he repeated his order, he then hit his own Combadge =/\= LaBrie to Lieutenant Petrova, escort the Romulan troops to the transporter room and be ready to beam them back to their own vessel =/\=

=/\= Yes .. Sir .. Will do. =/\= Petrova replied, sounding like she was in severe pain. She slowly managed to pull herself up with her good arm, and approached Bokma, glaring. "Lieutenant Black .. Drop us - " wincing " - out of warp, please." Then to Bokma. "This .. way .. " and muttering under her breath something that sounded decidedly like 'bastard'.

"Yessir.... ma'am." Lt. Black's voice sounded choked now, and she was still trembling. She turned away from the others, looking at the console, and tapped in a few commands. "You'd better brace yourselves." She made it as gentle as she could, Warp 4..3..2..1.. and cutting in full thrusters as the bubble collapsed, but really, she couldn't make the transition as easy as she could have with impulse engines active. She braced herself at her station and then remained turned away from the others, looking down at the console.

Kristiana stumbled as the ship dropped out of warp, and Bokma caught her to keep her from falling over. She sneered at him though and yanked free, wincing, then simple stalked out of engineering, with a limp .. Bokma heaved a sigh and walked after Kris "This way .. Back to the T'Met." he told his troops, who fell in behind him.

[meanwhile in the ready room]

"So are you going to tell me why those Hudorians were in control of your vessel or not?" Sock sounded a bit aggrevated, Caelen probably had withheld some information from him and Romulans never liked it when somebody did that.

"It's a rather long and dull story Colonel, I am sure you would want to return to your vessel and resume your duties" Caelen said trying to avoid having to explain the entire thing.

"These are my duties Commander, so please explain..." Sock leaned back in his chair but Caelen didn't start explaining yet "I'm waiting..."


Pile-Pain-on-Petrova day, by:

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer


Lt JG Kathleen Black Chief Engineer

USS Pegasus

& our dynamic duo

Sock and Bokma Command-team IRW T'Met NPC's played by Caelen and Kristiana