Renegade Deception #80 - 81 "It goes SPLAT when it hits the fan."


<Deck 8, USS Pegasus>

The turbolift doors would hiss open, revealing Kristiana Petrova, weapon drawn and set to medium stun. She would edge out of the lift and motion for Takashi. "This is the deck, but everything looks peaceful enough .. " she would speak, eyes slightly narrowed, muscles tensed.

Takashi kept his mouth shut, his stance and frame of mind immediately in combat mode. He motioned the XO to keep her mouth shut and walked a few steps onto the deck with his phaser drawn. After a few moments he checked the corridor's blindspots and soon found nothing. He knelt down on his knee and tapped his head signaling for the XO to 'Come to me'.

A nod from Kristiana as she silently made her way to the other wall of the corridor and stepped forward, flanking the passageway with Takashi. She would show her past experience as security officer, right then and there.

With the corridor appearently clear of any immediate threat he broke noise discipline and said..."Clear..". Although he was a little perplexed with his being sent down here he said no more as he rose to his feet. "Orders ma'am?" he said awaiting instructions from his direct superior.

A frown as her mind raced. Yes, what WERE they doing down here. She opened her mouth to say something when her commbadge blirped. =/\= Floyd to Petrova, please respond. =/\=

She tapped her commbadge .. =/\= Petrova here, what's up doc ? =/\=

Russell's voice would sound .. =/\= The aliens have attacked sickbay, taken B'inca and Alexandra hostage, killed one of my nurses. They're armed and on their way to the bridge. I tried warning Commander LaBrie but he's not responding. =/\=

Kristiana gave a loud curse. =/\= Understood, doctor. =/\=

=/\= One more thing, Ma'am. =/\= Russell would add. =/\= The aliens seem to be able to shoot some sort of venom. I haven't seen it in action but they boasted about it. Please take caution. Floyd out. =/\=

Kristiana turned to Takashi, with a look of anger and dread in her eyes. Anger at herself, for letting things come this far.

~Shit~ was the only thought running through his mind. In his eyes they had been caught with their pants down, and so easily too. He wished that he himself would have at least done something more and perhaps deploy more security officers onto the bridge. Espically in the context of a hostage situation. "Ma' looks like we've been had...I can immediately mobilize a division (platoon) of security personnel on your word...we need to regain back bridge control or a dead nurse will be the least of his problems" he said although he wasn't insensitive but he understood the importance or tuning out such tragedy and focusing on what's in front of one individual.

Petrova would nod. "Get your men ready. Prepare to take the bridge back, but don't move until I give the word. Contact the MCO as well, let him know what's up - you might need the help of the marines on this one. I don't need to tell you how important it is that no more blood is spilled. Atleast, not on our side. I'll go and see what I can do with engineering to try and shut down all bridge control and reroute it to engineering. They can't be allowed access to our weapons and engines. Report to me when you've got your squad ready."

A nod from the XO. "Very well, make it so. I'm counting on you, Takashi. I'll wait for your word." At which she would rise and step back into the turbolift to head straight to engineering.

Takashi nodded back and immediately tapped his commbadge. "Security, Takashi. We've got a hostage situation on the bridge. I want to mobilize NO. 1 Division and have them gear up with gas masks and personal BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform). Have them meet me on Deck Two. Also run by a call to the Marine Detachment, have them be aware of the situation and request a close quarters section meet me at Deck Two."


Actions: Chief Engineer Black, be ready for Petrova's arrival. MCO O'Bria, do a JP with Takashi, getting the sec / marine squad ready to take back the bridge. Everyone else, general quarters is sounding and the ship is taken taken over by hostile forces, bridge crew taken hostage.

JP goodness by

Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova XO, USS Pegasus


Lieutenant (JG) Matsu Takashi Tac/Sec chief, US Pegasus