Renegade Deception #76 to 79 - "Renegade Deception"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, USS Pegasus, Time to Intercept 30 minutes]

The entire senior crew had arrived in reaction to the Yellow alert. Matsu Takashi behind the tactical console, T'Rell and Evans in the front, Helm and Operations respectively. To his right Caelen found his trusty, although a bit unorthodox, XO, on his left a weathered and confident Andorian Second Officer. His wife was there to complete the crew compliment on the bridge. "Ensign T'Rell, time to intercept?"

"30 minutes, 23 seconds, sir, at current speed," T'Rell said while turning around looking at his captain. T'Rell looked back at his screen to see that the vessel has slightly changed course. "Sir, they have slightly changed course, should we adjust our heading, and maybe move to maximum warp?" T'Rell looked once more at his captain.

Caelen simply nodded and then looked at Kristiana looking for some confirmation, before facing forward again "adjust heading..." he then said " maximum warp" he took the advice of his Helm Officer, they could probably hold out long enough to get to the unknown vessel "Lieutenant" he then said looking back to his XO "inform Engineering, we need all the power we can get in those engines"

"Yes Sir." Kristiana replied. Tapping her comm badge. =/\= Bridge to engineering. We're gonna need some extra juice to the engines. See what you can do. Petrova out. =/\= .. Not two seconds later the reply would come =/\= Yes Ma'am. Lieutenant Black out. =/\=

[Guest Quarters, deck 8, USS Pegasus]

The six aliens were accommodated in two quarters, three aliens a room. Byranitz was with his best mate Anlori and another of his 'crew' Hira, "Kennock the Diplomat has told us that we were headed towards the Huddren ship, we need to make sure they don't put us back in their hands" Byranitz sounded fiery, angry, determined.

"But we have no reason to believe they will, allies of the Huddren would've never cought us alive" Hira was not sure if the plan proposed by their self proclaimed leader would be the best solution.

Anlori hit Hira with the back of his hand "shut up..." he simply said, it was clear that Hira had all the confidence in Byranitz a leader would want in his right hand man.

"Now that's settled let's make sure we win this battle" Byranitz said not looking at Hira once, Hira was young, he didn't know what it really meant to be one of them, he still saw good in humanoids. Byranitz walked out to the door and opened it by pressing the button, this was done so that the Security officers stationed outside would get a warning signal before the doors opened.

The two security officers outside the quarters immediately turned around. "Hello gentlemen" Byranitz said, not sounding at all like he did just mere seconds ago. Then Anlori joined his side and they both opened their mouth, not to talk this time. A green substance flew across the air and hit the two Security officers straight in the face. It burned like acid would on a skin but it also paralyzed not only the skin it landed on but the entire body in mere seconds. Hira and Anlorn grabbed the phaser rifles from the Security officers, they had some trouble wielding it the first several seconds but finally found away to carry it even with four fingers. The three, now rogues, walked to the quarters next to them, which held the other three reptillian/humanoid crossbreed.

"Time to finish what we started boys" Byranitz shouted into the room motioning Hira to give his rifle to another member of the 'rebellion'

"Where do we go now?" Hira asked in an ignorant bliss, looking at the other questioningly.

Byranitz looked at Hira and grinned "Where do you think? sickbay off course! unless YOU know where the main control station is on this vessel" he spat as he spoke. He would extract the location of the Bridge from the good old doc.

[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

"Ah, one more scan?" Alexandra asked Russell while she was sitting on a biobed. For some strange reason she still liked being in Sickbay with all the medical equipment after her tough treatment.

"I have no more scans I can think of..." Russell replied with a tired look on his face. Now he knew for sure it had been a good decision not to become a teacher like his sister Angela was. One little rascal was tiresome enough, imagine a whole classroom of those... Russell smiled at the thought. "Maybe we..."

He didn't have time to finish his sentence, because the sickbay doors opened. Russell turned around and saw Byranitz and the other aliens rushing in. To Russell's astonishment armed with rifles.

"Wha..What's the emergency?" Russell asked with a slight tremble in his voice.

"I am sorry doctor that I have to force you into this" Byranitz said aiming with his rifle towards the older man "I have no idea how this works, but I heard there are three modes on this thing... and I have not a clue to which one it is set" it was probably not lethal at this moment.

At this point B'Inca walked back into the main room of Sickbay being startled by the situation. Anlori dashed towards the woman and grabbed her putting one of his sharp teeth almost in her neck. "ohw and Doc... we remembered something... those poison containers we talked about earlier... we actually still know how to use them..." Byranitz stepped closer to the doctor and grabbed the phaser from his belt before taking Alexandra by the arm and looking at Russell again "I hope we have your co-operation..."

"I have no idea." Russell said trying to stall and thinking about a way of alerting the bridge about this situation. "I've only been here and in my quarters. Too busy to take a look around." he said "I've got work to do, you know?"

Byranitz took a step forward and looked at Russell with fire in his eyes "You're An Officer On This Vessel!" Byranitz shouted before slapping the doctor in his face using the back of his hand and brute force. "Now Where the HELL is the Control center!" he shouted again

A sharp pain rushed through Russell's head. He rubbed his face with his hand and looked back at Byranitz with an even angrier look on his face. "Okay, because you're asking me in a friendly way." he said on his most cynical tone. "I'll tell you where the control room is... It's located on deck 12, in the centre of the ship. So it is protected against attacks." he lied to Byranitz, hoping he would buy it.

"You better be right in this..." Byranitz said walking back to his crew and grabbing Alexandra again, who was now crying, she was scared and confused. "Cause otherwise I would be forced to see if there is a vaporize option on this phaser..." he pushed the phaser against Alexandra's chin "...on this lovely girl" again an evil grin before he motioned his people to start walking again. Pulling Alexandra by her arm and having a phaser aimed at B'Inca to ensure her co-operation. Two hostages would get them a long way on this vessel he figured.

"WAIT!!" Russell yelled after Byranitz. "You can't take girls with you as hostages, you wouldn't stand a chance." he said laughing, hoping to convince him to let B'Inca and Alexandra behind. "The orders are to shoot to kill in that case. If you want to bargain, you should take me as a hostage instead. I can take you there personally." hoping Byranitz would take the bait.

Anlori narrowed reptilian eyes slightly, then turned on a terrified nurse in sickbay, placed his rifle aside, and spat out "We've tried asking nicely. We've tried threatening. Now, we kill." With a powerful leap and a swift jab his clawed hand shattered the poor nurse's windpipe … The young cadet - three weeks from her wedding - grasped for her throat, trying to gasp for air, then slumped, slowly suffocating in her own blood. Anlori turned to glare at Russell again, once more reaching a bloodied hand for the rifle. "Last chance, Hoo-man"

Shocked by the sudden turn of events Russell said "Alright! Your choice. You want the bridge, get to deck one." He wanted to get a medical kit to see if there was anything he could do for the poor nurse. But he was sure that if he moved as much as a muscle, it could cost another life.

"We can't leave him here." Anlori would say. "Byranitz, the moment we leave this sickbay, he's going to warn his hoo-man friends."

"We only need him for one more thing..." Byranitz said stepping closer to Russell " the bridge and tell them to send their guards to deck eight" he placed his clawed hand on Russell's neck "and you better not tell them anything, if I as much smell a guard on the bridge I will make the little girl the most horrible death you've ever imagined..." he grinned "...Off course it wouldn't be long before you yourself would experience it as well... as I will take my revenge" his grasp tightened a bit before pushing Russell back a bit.

With the tight grip on his throat, Russell reached for his combadge. After it chirping he said =/\= Floyd to the bridge, I would like to report a security breach on deck 8. You'd better send guards. please acknowledge. =/\= hoping it would sound unusual enough to spark a suspicion on the bridge.

[Main Bridge, USS Pegasus]

Caelen looked at his Executive Officer with a questioning look, "Sickbay is not on deck eight..." he said before tapping his combadge to respond =/\= Acknowledged Doctor, security on their way, LaBrie out =/\= he looked back at Kristiana.

".. No it's not. Something's very wrong here. Takashi, you're with me." As she rose from her seat, checking her phaser pistol, sheeted on her belt. She headed for the turbolift, followed by Lieutenant Junior Grade Matsu Takashi. "We'll get to the bottom of this, Sir." A nod, as the turbolift doors closed behind her. "Deck 8." she'd tell the computer.

Caelen watched the two officers leave, something didn't feel right. He just hoped that nothing serious was going on, it was only his first mission and if everything went awry he could forget that promotion to Commander and a permanent job on the Pegasus.

[Corridors, Deck 6]

Byranitz and his men were waiting in front of the turbo lift, Hira had placed his ear against the door awaiting a sound that would acknowledge that a lift went down to Deck eight, it didn't take long for the lift to pass to Deck eight. After which Hira pressed the button to call the lift back to deck six, it was a good thing they had been given a rather complete tour of the vessel and some explanation as to how everything worked. The doors opened after the empty lift got back to Deck six and all the reptilian renegades stepped into the left, still dragging along the two female hostages.

"Deck One" Byranitz snarled at the computer in the bridge, which chirped in acknowledgement before closing its doors and heading towards deck one.

[Main Bridge, USS Pegasus]

No that long after Lieutenant Petrova and Takashi had left he bridge and took the lift down the doors opened again. There was either nothing wrong at all or something very wrong. Unfortunately for the bridge crew it was the latter, six reptilians holding two hostages and several phasers. Caelen and Jennifer simultaneously leaped from their chairs wanting to sprint for Alexandra.

"I was hoping this would get your attention" Byranitz said still grinning wickedly "you will listen to what I say... and don't try anything stupid... I don't want to kill anyone else" he grabbed Alexandra by the throat.

Caelen immediately motioned the remaining security officers on the bridge to quickly lower their weapons, he was always told you had to co-operate in this kind of situation, and he wasn't going to let Alex die again.

T'Rell had heard his XO and the tactical officer leave using the turbolift, but when the doors re-opened this quickly after they left, even somehow surprised T'Rell. He saw B'Inca and the captain's daughter in the claws of the reptilians, T'Rell had obviously heard of the 'guests' aboard the ship, but he hadn't really seen them. <I thought they weren't hostile> was one of the many things that shot across T'Rell's mind. T'Rell's reaction was the same as Caelen and Jennifer, for a reason. For the first time of his life… He was afraid...


Renegade Deception by:

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer

Lt. Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control


Ensign Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer

Also Starring: Byranitz the Terrorist (NPC) (played by Lt. Cmdr. LaBrie)


Anlori the Accomplice (NPC) (played by Lt. Petrova)