"Renegade Deception" # 71, 72 & 73 - "Sleep, who needs it anyway..."


[LaBrie Personal Quarters, USS Pegasus]

Jennifer her eyes widened as the alert status was raised to Yellow again, she knew she was expected to report to the bridge. But what about Alexandra, she couldn't just leave her here, could she? Well she was sleeping... perhaps if she was quiet.

"Mommie, what are all those sounds?" Alexandra was right next to her bed with a somewhat frightened look on her face, although the ship had been in Red Alert before Alex was undergoing serious treatment at the time.

Jennifer placed a hand on her head "It's ok..." she said softly but she wondered what was wrong "...you know it's time for your check up with Dr Floyd"

A small smile appeared on the young face, "but I'm tired mommy" Jennifer stood up from the couch, that's why Caelen hadn't come back yet, it was well past 00.00 hours right now but this new job, going straight into the RNZ on the shakedown, he was nuts. "I know but I assure you, you Have to go to sickbay" all she hoped is that this wouldn't bother Russell, after all the in sickbay was the only place Alex had felt safe so far.

[Deck 7, room 32, Floyd & Evans' quarters]

At the first sound of the yellow alert Russell woke up. He had hardly fallen asleep for that matter. "Ah, man!" he said to himself in a complaining way as he got up from his bed and put on his uniform. He knew he had to report to sickbay asap.

He saw Evans lying in his bed. It appeared as if he hadn't heard the sirens wailing, so Russell decided to wake him. "Evans! Wake up, mate. Duty calls!!" Russell knew he was in for some trouble...

Evans was snoring loudly. He had a slightly milder dream, but still he managed to get stuck in a most peculiar position. He seemed to respond, but a second snore told Russell otherwise...

Russell decided to call in more desperate measures and tapped Evans on his shoulder, making sure not to touch the sore arm. "YO, Evans!" he almost yelled. "Get up! You're needed on the bridge!"

Ronald slowly regained consciousness as Russell was shaking him awake:"Mwa? What's that noise? Is it morning yet?" Then, Ronald realized what the noise actually was, he woke up a bit faster. "Ah man!" he called out, rubbing his face, "Do I ever get to sleep around here?" He hoisted himself out of bed, and grabbed his uniform.

"No sleep today." Russell commented on the rhetorical question from Evans. "I think I'll bring my mattress to sickbay to get a nap over there." he joked. "If you bring yours to the bridge I think people would notice." he said while looking a Evans with a smile on his face. Russell was sure Evans was having a hard time at the moment, but he was feeling quite sleepy himself. He stretched his body and yawned "I'm off to sickbay". Russell walked towards the door. "Coming Evans? So you don't have to wait for the turbolift."

"I ALWAYS have to wait for the turbolift, so hold yer horses..." Ronald said, as he was still struggling with his jacket, following Russell out of their quarters heading for the Bridge.

[Deck 6, Sickbay]

It was merely a minute after Russell had arrived in sickbay when Jennifer walked in with Alexandra. "You're all up early." he said to them in a friendly way.

"I'm sorry to bother you with this, Russell..." Jennifer started hesitantly "...but I don't know what's going on and there is no place for me to leave Alex..." Russell probably knew where this was going. "...and she needs her checkup anyway so I thought..." she looked with her head tilted a bit with big round puppy eyes hoping that Russell would say Yes to her unasked question.

"There goes my chance to take a nap." Russell said jokingly. "No problem at all." He was glad that B'Inca took the liberty of putting the dead alien in the morgue, so Alexandra would not have to see dead people. "Alexandra will be just fine here." he said reassuringly to Jennifer. "Or won't you?" looking at Alexandra.

Alexandra nodded fiercely with a smile on her face, it was late and she would probably fall asleep after an hour or so but that didn't matter. "Thanks" Jennifer said and she let go of Alex her hand and made 180, back to the turbo lift, her CO needed her... Caelen needed her.

[Deck 1, Bridge]

In the meantime, Ronald arrived at the bridge. He quickly reported for duty, all ruffled up, and his uniform wrinkly, straightened up as much as he could in the short time, it took the turbolift to take him to the bridge.

"How nice of you to join us on such short notice, mister Evans..." Caelen said upon the arrival of Ronald on the bridge. He didn't really represent Starfleet the way the Admirals would like to see it but as far as Caelen knew he was a damn fine Ops Officer... and that was good enough for him. "I want efficiency checks Ensign" he ordered to the Ensign in yellow, they didn't know what they were up against "Be ready to jump to red alert and try to give me as much power as you can."

"Yes, sir," Ronald replied, as he hurried to his console. He started his checks, and noticed nothing wrong... yet... He relayed the commands to engineering, shut down power to secondary systems, and prepared to shunt the freed capacity to the station that would need them the most, when the time arrived...

At that very moment Jennifer entered the bridge "Ensign LaBrie reporting for duty, sir" she said officially to Caelen before she relieved the other ensign from the Communications post. She was probably going need to do some on the fly translating as they knew little about the species in the RNZ, not to mention these weird species... ohw she just hoped it wasn't going to be a dialect the computer couldn't figure out.


An alerting post by:

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer

Ensign Ronald Evans Chief Operations

Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (PNPC) (Acting) Chief Communications (played by Caelen LaBrie)

Also starring: Alexandra LaBrie (PNPC) (played by Caelen LaBrie)

USS Pegasus