Reflections #19 - "Somebody's Gotta Do It..."

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> -=/On\=-
> G'ulf-fey sat and stared at the stars, he could just see the battered
> hull of the ship he called home. And if the rumors were true he would
> not call it home for very much longer, assuming he even remained with
> this part of the Great Star Pack (Star Fleet). As bad as the tales he
> had learned of the girl he had tried to help were the present rumors
> were so much worse, and while he enjoyed a fight as much as the next,
> the things he was hearing were such he wondered if he would be better
> to stand away form it all and find an other ship and Capt. to serve.
> It had not been very bad the first night on base. That evening he had
> joined several others in the crew as they traveled off ship to
> various liberty bars and such. But then his ears began to hear things
> and the things he heard were far from good. Some of it was
> engineering types talking about the trouble it would be to get parts
> for the age of ship the Pegasus was. Other talked of how it would be
> far easier to simply change the transponder to an other museum ship
> rather than repair the thing. Still others wondered if she was safe
> to have in dock given the conditions it was in.
> Far worse than all that was what he heard about the fate of the crew.
> It seemed that tales of how they acted and how they were had been
> spread by someone. The words he heard were more troubling than a ship
> of gray skins. Things like the Capt. might be facing charges due to
> the destruction of the other ship. Things like the Security Chief
> being a places there as a test of the crew, to see how long they
> survived. Things like the possibility of the entire crew being split
> up due to what really went on in the mirror universe.
> More troubling was thou when they went back to the ship to grab the
> last of their gear and were met by a flock of security types who told
> them that access to the ship was not allowed. Something about some
> admiral putting the hull off limits for further notice. Sha-dar was
> about to start a bar fight without a bar but Kip stopped her with a
> chuckle. He simply pointed out to her that given the condition of the
> ship they could just step outside to the fighters and coast over and
> not bother these nice men.
> G'ulf-fey shook his head at the Hu-mons as they looked at this with
> shock. Then he stepped up to the leader of the bunch and got his
> attention.
> "Ex-Cuzz, but peRR-happz I did not under-stand" he said bearing his
> teeth "You arre Zaying that you few, barely double our numbers, would
> stop us from gaining the things we carried thru the battles. We who
> flew but three fighters against a force of enemy cruisers. You think
> you few would stop us. I think it would be far better for you to
> escort us and then see we got on an off safe and speedily. Would it
> not?"
> it had taken a few minutes and a bit of discussion and they were, in
> vacuum suits allowed on and off. G'ulf-fey now had the few worldly
> possession he had brought to the Pegasus as did the others. Fighter
> pilots as a rule traveled light. Sha-dar now had the batleth she had
> got a s birthday gift some years back and Kip had his collection of
> books on optical disks. Now they were placed in a set of temp
> quarters while their fates as a fighter wing was decided.
> -=/Off\=-
> Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey
> Marine Fighter Leader
> USS Pegasus
> OCC: sorry for the OCC, but the posts featureing Sulan, have (lately)
> have been fairly unbelivable and rather annoying. That the security
> cheif is basically a criminal and able to opperate as he choses makes
> me wonder about remianing in this Sim.
> I wrote this as I did incase I need to move G'ulf-fey to an other
> ship within the fleet. I know soem of the posts worked in the mirror
> univers but here they do not or maybe it is just me.
> ? comments?
> CH
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