Reflections #25, 26 - Release

ON: <<Starbase Brig>>

Ryylar sat in the brig by himself after Hannah left, waiting for someone else to come for him.

Sulan entered the brig, admiring how much larger it was that the one the Pegasus possessed. The area was well lit, and incredibly secure. She stopped ion from of Ryylar's cell. "Greetings, Mr Ryylar. I trust you are well?"

"Sssssaysssss the woman who orrrrrrrderrrrred me shot." Ryylar quipped as he stood and crossed his arms over his chest.

"I have come to inform you, that I have decided to free you." She said as she lowered the force field. "You are free to go."

"About time." Ryylar frowned and stepped out of the cell.

Sulan noded. Looking at the ranks of security guards moving about their duties. Looking back to Ryylar she tried to make small talk. "Did you hear the rumors of the Pegasus' impending distruction?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, but then again I HAVE been out of the loop." Ryylar said, giving the Vulcan a distrusting and sarcastic look.

"Indeed." She says with a slight bow of the head.

"What do you plant to do, now that we are banned from returning to the Pegasus?" She asked, walking with him.

"I ssssssupposssssse that'sssss up to Ssssstarrrrrrrfleet now isssssn't it?" He said.

"Perhaps. but I had thought you would wish to stay on here. It would be most unfortunate to loose you."

"I guessssss that thought didn't crrrrrrosssssss yourrrrrr mind much when you orrrrrrderrrrred yourrrrr men to firrrre on me." Ryylar said dryly

"It had, but I was faced with little choice. You would not follow my orders, nor, listen to reason. I tried to speak to you on the matter before resorting to force, if you remember."

"You trrrrrried to orrrrrderrrrr me away frrrrrrrom my posssssst and leave it undefended. Had you killed Hannah orrrrrr hurrrrrrt herrrrrrr then I would have been rrrrresssssssponssssssible." Ryylar said.

"Correct. You were removed form you post, and Hannah remianed unharmed. Thus, such measures, served little pourpose." She looked at the massive throng of people going about thieir bisiness on the main deck of the station. "This installation will be very difficult to defend." She waves a hand. "Any one of these, could be a potentia; spy, or saboteur. Most disconcerting."

"I guessssss you'll jussssst have to shoot them all until you'rrrrre ssssssatisssssfied that therrrrre arrrrrren't any." Ryylar remarked.

"Are you quite finished with the sarcasm, Mr. Ryylar? You should no it is waste upon me."

"Oh don't worrrrrrrry I've been ssssso out of prrrrracticcccce ssssssinccccce the lounge wassssss desssstrrrrrroyed that I need the prrrrracticcccce." He said.

"Understood." Sulan said not getting the joke. "Your position and weapons will be returned to you as soon as you report to the armory. Unless there is something wlse you wish to discuss, I must attend to my duties."

"No, therrrrre'sssss nothing elsssssse I have to ssssssay to you." Ryylar said.

"Very well then." She said, as she walked away and disapeared into the throng of people.

Ryylar moved off to the armory to get squared away.


Lieutenant Telek Sulan Chief Security Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus