Reflections 23 & 24 - "Comfort"



Hannah entered the brig, her arm in a sling hastily replicated. She needed to see Rylaar again, to confirm his fears about Sulan. Luckily Sulan hadn't called ahead, and she entered his cell without too much bother.

Ryylar looked up as he heard the forcefield go down. "Hannah! Arrrrrrre you all rrrrrrrright? What happened?" He asked her, noticing her wrist.

"Sulan happened, Rylaar." Hannah said, angrily.

"She did thisssss to you?" He asked, eyes wide as he moved to slip an arm around her waist.

"Yeah." Hannah looked nervously around. "Hold on a sec. Computer, make forcefield opaque, soundproof cell. Authorization O'Driscoll Aplpha Three Niner."

After the computer complied with her requests, she nervously turned to Rylaar, and told him the whole story.

Ryylar listened and shook his head sadly. "How can she keep getting away with thissss? How isssss it that I'm inssssside thissss ccccccell and she can keep abusssssing and attacking crrrrrew and get away with it?" Ryylar asked.

"I don't know, Ry" Hannah said, slumping to the ground, "but she won't this time. This is it for her."

"I hope sssssso." Said Ryylar as he knelt beside her and wrapped his arms gently around her, giving her a supportive hug.

Hannah smiled at his support. "Thanks, big guy." She smiled. "What would I do without you?"

"I don't know... what would you do without me?" He asked with a grin as he comforted his friend.

"I would have got blown up, or posioned, or shot, or something." Hannah shrugged.

"And that would have been a trrrrrrragic wassssste of a wonderrrrrrful perrrrrrrsssssson." Ryylar said with a smile and a nod.

"Flatterer." Hannah grinned.

"No, it issssssn't flatterrrrrry. It'sssss the trrrrrrruth." Ryylar said as he gave her a gentle squeeze and hugged her close.

"You think so?" Hannah asked, fishing for compliments.

"I know sssssso." Ryylar said with a grin, giving her the compliment.

"Thanks, Ry. You're sweet."

"Well I ssssssupposssssse that we should keep a clossssserrrrrr watch on what'sssss going on with Sssssulan then. You think you can talk to Commanderrrrrr LaBrrrrrrrie and get him to let me out of herrrrrre?" Ryylar asked, his tone becoming more concerned.

"Yeah." Hannah said. "Especially now we're here at the Starbase. We'll be kicked off so they can refit. I'm sure I can swing something. LaBrie likes me now, I reckon."

"I hope ssssssso. I rrrrrrreally hope he looksssss passssst the pipssssss. I DID disssssobey a dirrrrrect orrrrrrderrrrr frrrrrom a sssssuperrrrrriorrrrr rrrrranked officccccerrrrrr, but it wasssss only to keep you ssssssafe." Ryylar nodded.

"And thanks for that, by the way." Hannah smiled, snuggling deeper into his arms. "You're a gem."

"Nah I'm a Caitian. But the fact sssstill rrrrrremainsssss that I'm worrrrried he'll jusssssst ssssssee thisssss assss disssssobediencccce and kick me rrrrrrright out of Sssssstarrrrrrfleet." He said.

"I'll make him see sense." Hannah said, firmly. "They won't take you away from me. I won't let them."

"Ohhhhhh ssssssso I'm yourrrrrrsssss to be taken now am I?" Ryylar looked at her with a bit of a critical gaze. He was still in love with and dating Kristiana.

"You know what I meant,'re my best friend. I'd die to keep you."

"And you'rrrrre my closssssesssst frrrrrriend Hannah. And well... sssssufficccce to sssssay I've taken phasssssserrrrrsssss forrrrr you." Ryylar joked.

Hannah giggled. "Now that's a true friend. Someone who'll get shot for you."

"You betterrrrrr get going beforrrrrrrre Sssssulan getsssss herrrrre." Ryylar said.

"You want me to go?" Hannah said, sadly.

"I'd like you to sssssstay. Heck I'd like to go with you. But I don't want Sssssssulan hurrrrrrting you anymorrrrrre." He said.

Ryylar looked into Hannah's eyes and smiled softly. "I don't want you to go but I don't want you getting hurrrrrrrt by sssssstaying herrrrrre." Ryylar said quietly.

"I want to stay, just for a bit." Hannah said. "I just want you to hold me for a while."

"All rrrrrrright Hannah." Ryylar agreed, pulling her close into a gentle hug as he comforted his friend.

"Thank you." Hannah said, snuggling in, surrounding herself in Rylaars comforting scent.

Ryylar sighed softly and held her. She'd been through quite a lot lately and his mind drifted to Kristiana down on the planet surface.


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus

Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus