Reflections #16 & #17 "Respect is another word for fear."

ON: Hannah stormed into the Security Office. "Sulan!" She yelled, furiously.

Sulan sat casually reading an encrypted data pad at her desk. "Greetings, O'Driscoll." She said, not bothering to look up. "Is there something you require?" she asked, as she sipped her Vulcan tea.

Hannah strode over to her, and shoved the chair backwards into the wall. "What the Hell do you think you were doing?" Sulan brushed the tea from the front of her uniform, and stood, kicking the chair behind her out of the way, should she need the space for combat. "Do not think that our past relationship gives you leave to treat me in such a manner. Assault me again, and I WILL retaliate, O'Driscoll." She tossed the padd away and it clattered to the floor.

"What, you'll call in six officers with phaser rifles?" Hannah said, sarcastically.

"A security team." Sulan said as she righted her chair and resumed sitting at her desk. "Now, if you require nothing further, I have reports to write." She opened a drawer and removed an empty padd and began writing with her stylus.

"Oh no, we're not nearly done yet, Sulan." Hannah said. "I've had just about enough of you."

"Oh?" Sulan said, looking up. "And what, pray tell, am I to infer from that statement? Why if I didn't know you better, I would think you were making a threat." Sulan tapped her chin with her scarred hand, thinking. "Oh... You are angry because I waylaid your future pet? Please, I beg forgiveness." She bows her head mockingly.

Hannah slapped her around the face. "Bitch!" She hissed.

Sulan caught her hand before it could leave her face, and twisted O'Driscoll's wrist violently, satisfied at the wet snapping sound. "Stop. Your no match for me, human." She said darkly. "Do you want your walking carpet to have someone to return to?"

Hannah fell to the ground, grasping her wrist. "Screw you." She spat. Sulan tilted her head looking at the prone O'Driscoll. "I could have you brought up on charges for this incident. But knowing your human flaw for over emotion, I will forgive you." She resumed writing her reports. "I will submit an incident report to LaBrie though. Else, who would believe you were foolish enough to attack me? To think, you are the Chief tactical officer. I am forced to wonder if the tactical position is held by an emotional child." She got out of her chair and stood over her. "Rise, and leave this place. Run, as I know you want to. I am your better. Accept it." Hannah stood, slowly, cradling her arm. "You just broke my wrist, Sulan, and you're going to report me to LaBrie?" She stared her former lover in the eyes. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Correct. I broke your wrist, and showed restraint in doing so. Do you hate me for it? I wish you to. I wish that you use to make yourself grow stronger." Sulan continued to stare at her watching her go pale from the shock of the trauma.

"Sulan, I don't care enough about you to hate you." Hannah growled. "I am totally indifferent to you."

"As your violence toward me has shown." She said sarcastically.

"Oh, shut up, Sulan." Hannah said. "I'm tired of you, and I'm tired of your issues."

"Issues? My bones are intact, dear Hannah. You seem to be the one having the issues. Now, are you done?"

"No." Hannah said, succinctly. "You will stay away from me. You will stay away from Rylaar, and you will report to the counselor for sessions starting tomorrow."

"I think not. As a person who just struck me, you are hardly in a position to give such an order. Get out, before I have you arrested. My patience grows thin."

"Go ahead and arrest me, Sulan - see if I care." Hannah said. "Sooner or later, you'll figure out that you can't just arrest everyone who shows you the truth you want to ignore."

"And what truth would that be, little human?"

"Sometimes, you make mistakes; sometimes, other people know better that you; sometimes you're just plain wrong. Pick one."

"Never has such a thing been the case, and never shall it be." She waived over a security guard. "Remover her from this office, and escort her to sick bay should she be weak enough to desire it."

"Stand down." Hannah said, to the Security Guard, without even looking at him,

"You all witnessed what transpired. Remove her, or I shall have to arrest her. I do not wish to stain her record. She already has traitor blood running through her veins. I do not wish to add to that burden." Sulan said. Miller put his hand on O'Driscoll's shoulder. "Please Ma'am, none of us here want to make an issue out of this. Your too angry right now... Wouldn't it be better if you cooled down a bit?"

"Back off, Miller." Hannah said, calmly. "Your 'boss' over there just broke my wrist. This week she's been making you shoot friends and family members, she calls you maggots. Do you honestly still respect her?"

"Ma'am..." Miller said, looking at his boots. "You came here in and hit her. Knowing her... knowing her like we do, ma'am... she held back. Please, ma'am..." He looked at her, almost begging. "Just... cool off for a bit... that's all we want."

"Knowing her?" Hannah said, sarcastically. "You mean fearing her?" Miler remained silent, not looking at her.

"What are you going to do, Miller?" Hannah asked, calmly and quietly.

Miller slowly drew his phaser from it's holster, but kept it lowered. "Ma'am... It's really not asking all that much... I'll even go with you if you want..." He had a fearful look in his eyes.

"Miller, now is your chance to make a stand."

"Ma'am... No matter what you do to us... It's nothing compared to what she's capable of... She's.. she's told us things, see... Things that..." He blinks, realizing he nearly said too much. "I got my reasons, Ma'am..." He raises the phaser. "Now,please leave, Ma'am..." He said with more force, driven by fear.

Hannah nodded. "Good job, Sulan. You've terrified people into obeying you. I'm sure you're very proud." She turned. "Goodbye." Sulan simply smiled slightly as Hannah retreated, then, went back to her reports as if nothing had happened.


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Telek Sulan Chief of Security USS Pegasus "There is no different between respect and fear."


Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus "And to think I once cared what you thought."