Reflections #5-8 - "Ritual Part 2"


"Well, if you don't mind..." Russell said, grabbing the bottle. There still was enough in the bottle to fill a few glasses. "Who's up for round three?" he asked looking around the table.

Kitty closed her eyes, still leaning against the back of her seat, and shifted to rest her head on her boyfriend's handy shoulder.

Jennifer smiled evilly and pushed her glass forward, not saying anything just eyeing the Vodka in her glass.

"Just one, no more..." Evans said. His CO actually stopping drinking made him think for a bit. If Caelen didn't have anything to prove, Evans didn't either...

A sigh from Caelen, if all his Chiefs were drinking "Ok ok... I give in... pour me another one as well then"

"You sure you don't want something else?" Evans asked Kitty, snuggling up to her a bit and putting an arm around her.

"Ok, there may be just enough for the four of us." Russell said, dividing the clear liquid over the glasses.

Kitty shook her head carefully and rested it back on Evans' shoulder, letting her eyes close again.

Caelen and Jennifer picked up their glasses and waited for someone else to make a toast now.

<Oh, she's so sweet, how did I ever deserve her?> Evans thought, the slightest hint of a tear forming in his eye...

Russell seized the opportunity. "To the next mission and that everyone may stay as healthy as they are now." He said raising his glass. "All be it just to reduce my workload." he smirked.

"Why thank you for wishing me a chronic backache... Just kidding!" Evans said to that, also raising his glass.

Caelen looked at Jennifer and smiled before saying "hear hear" and pouring the Vodka down the hatch, one more burning feeling down his throat, one more twitch, one more slam on the table, and he had enough for tonight.

Evans followed El Capitan's example again, abusing his throat for the third time too... He noticed the drinks shooting up to his brain, and thought it prudent to perhaps call it a night too...

Jennifer looked Russell deeply in his eyes before clearing her glass in one swig and putting it down on the table, not twitching or showing any trouble with it, she then winked at the Doctor.

Kitty's mouth opened just slightly, her eyes still closed.. her head shifted a little as Evans shifted to drink his final shot, then she re-settled with a slight, soft sigh.

Russell slammed back his final drink as well. "Aahhh, what a way to end a mission." Russell said.

"Are you ready for that next bottle yet?" the Tellarite asked.

Jennifer got up from her chair and walked to the barkeep "I'll be taking that with me..." she said, "...put the first one on my tap as well" she added before grabbing the bottle from the Tellarite and walking back to the table and motioning Caelen to come with.

"Well that's my Cue..." Caelen reacted before standing up and losely saluting his crew "...have a great night" <I know I will> he added in thought walking up to his wife and putting his arm around her and walking out of the bar with her.

"Ugh... Thatz some strong stuff... I think I'm gonna call it a night, and go find out what my quarters look like... You coming, sweet?" he asked Kitty, as he tried to get up.

"Mmm?" Kitty didn't shift her weight from his shoulder for a moment, then she sat up slowly, blinking and squinting slightly in the dim light of the bar. "What's going on?" she asked, glancing around in mild confusion.

"Well, if we're all leaving I'll be going too." Russell said while he stood up. "Check out my new room aboard the starbase. Finally some break from snoring Evans." Russell smirked.

"Hey! I don't snore!" Evans reacted to that. Of course, he just didn't know better. "Yeah you do," Kitty said sleepily, stretching her arms slightly. "No, I don't..." Evans said, still in denial. "... I do?..."

"You did in the cargobay," she told him, yawning slightly. "I thought you were going to bring the ceiling down." She smiled at her boyfriend affectionately. "You looked cute."

"What? Everyone's leaving?" the Tellarite muttered. "Why? You're not drunk already, are you? Then what's the point in leaving?" the barkeep said.

"...I never knew..." Evans mused. "Yup, for this time we're packing up. We had a little time to get over our traumatic experiences, so no need to get completely wasted..." Evans answered the Telarite. "It's been fun insulting you..." he added, with a smile.

"Oh, nobody would've actually really gotten Wasted, right?" Kitty asked naively, standing up and unkinking her back with a series of small cracks.

"I don't know... I don't remember last time..." Evans sighed

"Not me." Russell said. "But I can feel I had something to drink." he said referring to the slight lightheaded feeling. "See you around, barkeep. Hope you last longer in this bar than the other one." Russell smirked, attempting a final friendly insult.

"Oh am I tired..." Kitty said quietly. She sat back down at the table and let her head droop onto her arms.

"If you cheapskates would buy some more liquor, I just might." the Tellarite answered. "How am I supposed to run a place if customers only order one drink."

"Two bottles is quite more than just a drink, in my book..." Evans answered. Then he turned to Kitty. "Hey, are you alright? We gotta go, wake up, sweet..."

"Mm!" There was belligerence in that sound as Kitty blinked and raised her head again, then she made a face and pulled herself to her feet again. "Ok ok I'm up I'm up..." she murmured. "Ok..." Then she smiled. "Ok, I'm ready if we go now. Want me to walk you to your quarters, hon?"

Evans smiled again, as his girlfriend got up again. "Sure... I need a designated driver to steer this thing..." he said jokingly, pointing to the walker. "I'm no longer allowed to drive it... "

Kitty chuckled tiredly and went to his side. "I'm not sure I qualify either... but we'll get you safely back."

"Now all we have to do is find out where we're staying. Man, this base is huuuge!" Russell said, slightly intoxicated.

"If you get lost, you can just go bunk in Evans' room, I'm sure he won't mind," Kitty said casually.

"Oh, don't be such a sissy... Try walking the circumference of the base, looking for a bar, and then you can talk..." Evans said jokingly, referring to his first barsearch

"What do you mean?" Russell joked. "Last time the bar was just around the corner. Your navigational skills let you down that time, didn't they?" he said smiling.

"Hey..." Kitty said. "If you two want to keep on for a while, let me know, I'll sit down and go back to sleep, ok?"

"Oooh yeah... As did my long term memory... Luckily, we won't have any problems with that, this time..."Evans mused. "You're right, Kitty... Shall we go, then?"

"Yeah, get out of here. You're taking up space and not ordering anything. I should charge for that." the Tellarite muttered. He had a great time again. Customers that knew how to make conversation and they provided him with a great turnover for an average weekday.

"Heh, we should get payed for staying here any longer... Have you ever HEARD of Ikea?" Evans responded.

"Put it on the Captain's tab," Kitty muttered in a flash of spirited sleepiness, as she led her boyfriend out.


Lt. (jg) Russell D. Floyd M.D. Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus

Lt. (jg) Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus "Heh, walking out under my own power..."

Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command."


Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (Acting) Chief of Communications USS Pegasus "I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up." (NPC played by Caelen LaBrie)

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus I still have no idea what we just did, really...