Trojan Horse - #145 &146 - "Camping Out"


Melina had been working on a new test on the desk in her quaters, she gave up not long afterwards. The device was not what she would have wanted after all. She stood up and padded into the bedroom and from the small inbuuild wardrobe she brought out a violinc ase. She returned to the main room and slipped it onto the sofa nearby and opened it, she removed the violin and bow from the case and turned around. She looked out at the stars and started to play, at first she just played whatever she felt like. She then broke into the music of the spheres.

Something wasn't quite right, she sighed and chose another peice of music from Earth she knew well, she gently played Toccata in Dminor. She let the music flow around her and sighed as she let herself fall into it. Stopping a moment she opened her eyes, and liked her lips.

"Computer give me a channel intra-ship and keep it open unless someone complains" Melina said softly.

"Channel open" replied the computer

Melina restarted the peice with some luck she hoped it might bring peace to the crew of the Pegasus. It wasn't like that they didn't need it. Finishing the peice she started onto Moring by Grieg and completed her music with O Fortuna by Orff.

She tapped her combadge

=^=Melina to Rylar, I hope your still not avoiding me=^=


Rylar Anyone