OOC Message - Oppertunities

an interesting idea, but one with a few problems.

fiurst I shoudl point out that I missed most of DS9 (due to work shift) and thsoe I saw seemed a bit 'gritty' for my taste (the feduration was always about the best in people not the slime of the secret police to me).

However your points are valid, some story lines coudl be explored there easyer than in a ship. Some not so easally (as the station doesnt respond to things away form it, rather sends messages about such to apatrol craft),

up till now my lack of JPs has been about me being unavalible for chat based things, and that may continue for the near furture (again due to work, being out of the house for 14 hours a day)

stil, I woudl not veto this, I woudl look to the players more active than me to lead the way.

Chris / G'ulf-fey

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