OOC Message - Oppertunities

When I first read of the starbase opportunity, my immediate thought was no! I like the ship! But then I had to really think about what would and would not change. We'd still be together, still solving problems in all our unique ways. I had to ask myself if Kathleen Black would really be distorted out of character in taking care of a starbase Engineering section, and I realized that no, she was capable of it.

I do have one suggestion, though. DS9 and Babylon 5, both full of fascinating adventures, had something about their placement and composition to spark all of those unusual stories. Babylon 5 was placed at a veritable crossroads of trade routes and pathways, a neutral territory to accommodate diplomatic negotiations. DS9 was placed right next to a wormhole, in orbit around a troubled planet. I'd like us to have some kind of quirk about our station, something to make it more troublesome than the average starbase. I'm sure there will be! Our intrepid captain hasn't led us wrong yet!

So my response, in short, is that I'm sticking around. Whether it be more adventures on the USS Pegasus or a move to a starbase, whatever fascinating and bizarre problems are going to surface, the Chief Engineer will be on the job.

And I do think a starbase could be really fun... but there will be no hard feelings on this side for whichever way it goes!


John Conahan wrote: > > The Opportunity has arose for me to switch the Pegasus into a > Starbase sim, while some of you know me well enough I will clarify > why I even concider this option. I think DS9 was the best Star Trek > series made and also I think that a Space Station would allow for > far more in depth Char Development. > > Now I would understand that some of you might think "No Way man this > sucks!" then please tell me so, because I don't want to do this if > it means losing a crewmember (not even one). > > Generally converting to a Starbase sim would mean that all of you > got a bigger staff to work with, bigger living quarters (No More > Bunkmates *looks at Evans and Floyd*) and more toys to play with > (*looks at G'ulf Fey*). > > This opportunity arose when the CO of the TF Starbase resigned, I > immediately responded to the call for a new, experienced, CO. But I > also stated what I said before, my crew is more important to me then > my fetish for Starbases and I will not switch if any of you doesn't > want to. > > Consequently you now have Veto Rights, think about it before making > a decision, this opportunity will be unlikely to arise again any > time soon if the position is filled by another CO. > > I will put up a poll shortly after posting this, so you can give > your opinion without having to post something substantial like me :D > > Hope to Hear from you All, > Captain Caelen LaBrie > Commanding Officer > USS Pegasus > >