Trojan Horse #95&96 - "Freed at Last"

-={ON}=- [Blocked Corridor, USS Pegasus]

The initial panic had passed, and she was no longer a crying wreck. Instead, she was a nervous wreck. Shivering, curled up, terrified. ".. How much longer .." She intoned, like so many times before. Crewman Loreena Vandam looked a mess, her uniform torn and stained, one sleeve cut off and used for a bandage, on her arm.

"They will come when they find out we've been trapped... knowing I'm the Commander of this vessel..." Caelen listened around a bit "...soon" he then stated, not hearing any movement around them. Then again he didn't know how much of the Corridor collapsed and with his combadge wrecked there was nothing he could do but wait. "Tell me, Crewman, what did you do before joining the Pegasus?"

"Uhm .. M-my family are Famers, Sir .." Loreena replied, glancing at Caelen. "On Cetra IV. That's where I grew up, helping on the farm .. But I wanted to see more of the universe. That's why I joined Starfleet. I didn't manage to get into the academy, though."

Caelen smiled a bit "And when you finally do get on a starship the first mission you go on is supposed to be a standard patrol and ends up in a mirror universe..." he shook his head slightly, some people were going to come from this really scarred "...then when we finally get back we are attacked by God knows what or who and you get trapped with a 20th century Rock artist that claims to be your Commanding Officer" he slowly sat down on the ground beside her "you might not believe me when I say this but, I know how you feel"

Loreena giggled a bit at that comment about the rock artist, and nodded, shifting a bit closer. "I do believe you, Sir. You were young once as well. Uhm .. I mean, when you were younger .. Uhm .. Is .. Hoo boy." As she blushed a bit at the comments she gave without thinking.

Caelen nodded slightly "yeah I'm an old fart now..." he then looked at Loreena "...have you made any friends in the past few weeks?"

She nodded a bit. "Yeah, the doctor is really nice as are some of the nurses, but the Lieutenant Commander, she scares the hell out of me .." Loreena frowned.

"She has that effect on people" Caelen responded to that in all honesty "so you're in Medical I presume..." he stated the obvious "'s your bedside manner?" just keep her talking would effectively take her attention away from the being trapped part.

"Yes I am, Sir." She nodded. "Well, I've always thought that was my strongest side, Sir. I love to make conversation and try to take their mind off of why they're there .. much .. like .. you are doing now, Sir." she blushed softly.

"Please... I have a name..." Caelen said, being trapped with someone would allow for some informality "...please call me Caelen or LaBrie..." he said softly patting her on the shoulder " you think Medical is your real calling?"

She nodded a bit. "I think so, Sir." completely forgetting what he'd told her just a second earlier - to call him Caelen. "I enjoy helping people."

"So tell me Loreena, are you seeing someone?" Caelen asked, really not that interested but just to keep her talking, this always seemed like a good topic to put up when you wanted to do that because it usually led to either past loves or the 'one and only someone' they were now involved with.

Loreena blinked and blinked again, looking straight at Caelen. "But sir, you're married !" She quipped, giggling then sighing softly. "No .. I'm not seeing anyone right now. Who'd want me, anyways ? I'm not pretty, I'm not very smart, I'm fat .." Spoke the slightly chubby - 'well-rounded' and freckled redhead.

Caelen raised his eyebrows at her first interpretation of his question before shrugging a bit "You're in the Federation... there are entire species who look worse then you... I can name a few if that would make you more comfortable" he smiled a bit "It's not about your looks anyway, a real person would go for your humour, intelligence and all that sort of stuff"

She nodded a bit. "Well, that's just it .. I'm not that very smart, Sir. That's why I couldn't even get into the academy. But .. I'm young. I'll find someone, some time."

"Somewhere..." Caelen added, he leaned back on the wall and sighed "...intelligence doesn't come from academy or studies..." he then continued looking forward a bit "...street intelligence is so much more valuable then the academic one" he then heard a sound to his right, they were making their way towards them.

She glanced towards the right as well, and nodded a bit. "Yeah .. " she replied, just humoring him, now - she had a very different opinion ofcourse - but she kept it to herself.

"Aren't you glad..." Caelen turned to face Loreena now "...only a few more minutes and you'll be rid of me..." he smiled a bit turning his head forward again " you play any instruments?"

"You're not That annoying, Sir .." she replied, blushing softly. "I mean, if not for you I'd be .. well, a crying wreck right now, I think." She shrugged a bit. "No instruments, Sir, but I sing."

Caelen nodded slowly "what kind of music do you like?" he asked, not turning away from that spot on the wall.

"We'll be right there Commander!" they both heard some crewman shout through the rubble "just trying to get these bulkheads out of the way"

Caelen sighed a bit "We'll be sure to stay put for now... but hurry up, if you take to long You can find me in the Lounge" he reacted quite sarcastically.

"We're over here ! Right - uhm .." she realised that they already knew they were there and already on their way. "Uhm .. I .. like many kinds of music, Sir. Country .. Soft rock .. Even some dance music."

<Ok, she'll have to find another band> Caelen thought to himself "That's nice" he said with a smile, not really meaning it "I'm more of the Progressive Rock myself..." he then shrugged a bit "...or Metal"

She shrugged a bit and nodded. "Well, I don't know any of that .. So I wouldn't know if I liked it or not. What's it like ?"

"Like how real music should be made... a band... emotion... strong guitars..." Caelen sighed a bit "...I don't know how to describe it... sometimes it's so much more then music... sometimes it's just that" he then shrugged and turned his head to the rubble on his right, seeing a hand reach through the pile "Yep, you found us" as a reaction the hand quickly pulled back and continued taking away debris.

"Well, I'd be happy to give it a listen some time, Sir. And maybe I can sing it, too - won't know until I've tried." She smiled a bit, then smiled brighter as she saw the hand.

Caelen slowly rose again from his position on the ground "Sure..." he said with a bright smile, putting out a hand helping the crewman up as well "...come by my ready room next time we have a little spare time" he kept smiling at her but in his head he was somehow glad he could get back to the bridge, or more importantly away from this girl and he hated himself for thinking like that.

"Thank you, Sir." she smiled, accepting his hand up. "I'll see you when we've got some spare time." She nodded.

Caelen gave a polite nod before turning around to the gap in the debris "report to sickbay and have that wound looked at, Crewman" he said before crawling through the hole they had created for them. When he got out he just kept walking, towards the turbolift, away from that place. Somehow he couldn't shake the feeling of happiness being rid of that crewman.

-={Off}=- A JP by:

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Crewman Loreena McBobbet Rescued, atlast ! (NPC'd by Kristiana)