Trojan Horse #94 - "A Psychologist and Poker?"


[Crew Lounge, During time Away tema is on the Lantree]

Andrew looked at his arm. It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. It was still in a sling until it had time to heal, but he had the go-ahead to roam the ship until it could come off. Hurt like hell from time to time, but he knew one could not get everything in life. No pain or a fixed arm afterwards, one or the other.

With his arm fixed, Andrew was now bored. There was no denying that. He considered creating a partial intelligence unit for his chess program, to add an extra challenge. The ability to learn from previous games, implementing them into the tactics of the next, would make for a very challenging, almost human game. But he was at a roadblock for the program, and too lazy to fiddle with various possibilities, he ended up going to the Bellerophon's Den to get a drink to take his mind off the lack of an arm, and to see if anyone worth noticing was present.

"Something strong." Andrew said to the barkeeper. "I don't care what it is, I just want something strong to take my mind off this," he pointed at his arm.

One strong mystery drink taken from behind the counter, dust blown off the label, Andrew wandered to an empty table. But it wasn't empty for long.

"Hey, you. Cripple. Interested in money?" A marine jeered as he sat down opposite Andrew.

<Cripple? Doesn't even know me and he already insults me? I'm gonna have fun with this...> "I dunno, how much you got that you're willing to give me in whatever way we decide to make you lose it?" He replied, wanting to have the thrill of angering someone clearly stronger than him.

Not to his surprise, a couple marine buddies were hovering close by. What surprised him was the response he got., Instead of glaring at him, they all began laughing, and sat adjacent to Andrew. "Poker. And it'll be you who'll be losing your next four paydays." The first marine stated.

"Hey Jenkins, elaborate a little. Maybe the nerd won't know what you're talking about. I mean, this guy's new around here. Haven't seen him before."

"Yeah... I guess so. It'll be Texas Hold'Em. 2 cards to you, blinds, 3 cards known as the community, which we all use. Want me to make it more complex so you can understand?" Jenkins said to Andrew, hoping to get a rise out of him before the game started.

<Man... this guy is way out of his league.> "I dunno, I wouldn't want you to get confused while trying to use multisyllabic words. Now, just deal the damn cards, and state the blinds before I get annoyed."

"Alright. Blinds are 5-10 to begin with, we'll see how long you last. Johnson, deal 'em."

Andrew looked at the two cards he got. Pocket aces. Beautiful. Of course, he knew they were all watching him to see if he told anything through body language. He rolled his eyes, then looked up. They liked what they saw, as they all started playing with their money.

"Alright, I'll start this off. I'll call the blind, then raise another 25. That would be 75, geekboy. Too much yet?" The third unnamed marine began.

"Very well, I'll call it as well." Andrew said, tossing his money in as well. The others called thier respective amounts, and the flop came up. 2-6-J. Nothing useful for him, he still had an overpair. Everyone before him checked. <Intriguing. Perhaps I can bluff them into more money...> "I'll... open with... 50. Go on." They took the bait. All three added their money in.

Turn card. Ace. Andrew was pretty much guaranteed the pot now. He tasted the money already. Tasted better than the sludge he had gotten from the bar. He hadn't given the drink a second thought since the idiots joined the nerd's table. Jenkins started the betting off by going all in for one week of pay. <An obvious bluff. Wants to see if I have the balls to stay in.> The unnamed folded. "I'll call." Andrew declared boldly. He looked around, a crowd had gathered to see what would happen. Johnson folded, leaving him and Jenkins alone in the pot for two weeks worth of pay and then some. They revealed their cards, showing Jenkins had a 3-4 unsuited. Close to a straight, which could still beat his triple aces.

River card... 10. The crowd started laughing at Jenkins, who had gone deep red at being beaten by the rookie nerd. How Andrew sat there, basking in the knowledge he just pissed off a marine with the IQ of about half his. "I want my money now, please. Otherwise I'll have to hunt you down, and I don't think your little buddies here will let you forget this, much less the group of people around us."

Jenkins turned around, looking at the exit. All that money, gone. He couldn't stand it. He balled his fist and turned back. Andrew was already standing, anticipating this from him. He lunged forward screaming profanity at Andrew, but never made it because the other two marines grabbed him.

"Man, watch it! Remember what happened to the other guys? They got in some deep shit. Don't let it happen to you over money. Just pay the geek and lets get the hell out of here." Johnson yelled at him, trying to be overheard through the profanity.

"Whatever. here's the money." He shoved the pot, which had been towards his end of the table, towards Andrew. "If I see you again, I want to take you on in something I can win."

"Then where's the fun!? It's much more enjoyable to watch you boast and then get crushed at the last second." Andrew retorted, grabbing the money. "Oh, and by the way. I'm the Chief Counselor, not some innate medic. Get it right next time. Because you should know the senoir staff occasionally get together to play poker." With a wink, Andrew walked off, in a much better mood, leaving Jenkins fuming and cursing.

-={Off}=- Making money off stupid/innocent marines:

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