"Mount Up" #6 - "Good Evening Sunshine"

-={On}=- [Starbase 343, Main Shuttlebay]

Caelen stood leaning against the wall with his daughter in his arms, they were waiting for the new Chief Operations Officer. Caelen had promised his daughter that he would take her for a tour this night and he couldn't hold her off anymore, it would just break his heart.

"Do you know this new officer daddy?" Alexandra asked him looking up.

"No I do not, but I've read his files..." Caelen said in response "...and it promises to be a real beauty" he added in a softer whisper more to himself.

Alex replied with a broad smile "I hope he's nice" she said right before a small shuttlepod started landing in the shuttlebay. Taking a minute or two to finish the landing and open the hatch to let out a man who looked older then his profile had read.

It was only a short trip with the shuttle, but it never fails. Ronald was dozing off like a baby. His cheek rested very uncomfortable on a ledge, when a small bump waked him. <mwa? Oh, yeah. probably landed already> he thought.

He stood up, and grabbed his dufflebag, still waking up. He walked up to the hatch, and waited for it to open.

When he looked toward the wall, he saw two people with beautiful long black hair. "Hello ladies!" he said, when suddenly, his nimble mind registered a mustache and three pips decorating the larger one.

<Oh, no, please don't let me have said that out loud!> he thought, when at the same moment he lost control of his feet from the shock, tripped over the step, launching himself into an unrecoverable one- way trip to the shuttle-bay floor.

"Argh! I can't believe it! Stupid son-of-a!..." He just managed to bite back that curse, being fully awake now, and aware of the captain's little companion.

He got up, straightened his uniform, came to attention and started to apologize: "Sorry sir, I didn't know it was you!"

Caelen did his best to keep in his laughter and placed Alex back on her own feet. He saluted the Ensign that just stumbled out of the shuttlepod. "Good evening sunshine" he reacted lowering his hand again, mostly because he had called him a lady but also because he had read that Ronald would be a 'grumpy old man'.

<Thank Deity> he thought, as he relaxed a bit, and finished his salute. <I just hope no-one else saw this little highlight of my life> He picked up his dufflebag as he fully recomposed himself. "Where to now, sir?" he said, just not completely sure what kind of person he was talking to...

"Next stop, the horse I'd say" Caelen said, so far Ronald didn't seem at all like the profile Caelen had read on him, although the smashing entrance was kind of in line with his personality profile.

Alexandra walked closer to the new Chief Operations Officer and put out her hand to shake his. "I'm Alexandra LaBrie" she said with a proud voice. Alex shared her father's pride of his new post.

Ronald couldn't resist showing a little smile, when he took Alexandra's hand. "Nice to meet you, Alexandra,"

He was quite anxious to see the ship he would be serving on. Of course, he knew it was the Pegasus, a Centaur class, not the youngest of ships. "I just hope it's well maintained. It would make my job so much easier, if the power systems don't blow out every second."

Caelen smiled a bit at both Alex and the remark Ronald made, "wouldn't be much fun if they wouldn't" he said starting to walk towards the airlock which was still locked on to the USS Pegasus. Taking Alexandra by the hand and looking over his shoulder to make sure Ronald would follow him.

<Oh no, did I just insult this guy's ship out loud!?> he thought, and was relieved that this captain was taking it well... He wouldn't have been so lenient, if he were the captain.

"I guess so, sir..." he said in an apologetic tone. <Man, I really need to learn to shut up!>

As they came up to the airlock, Ronald had a good look through the windows that looked out over the Pegasus' berch, and the Pegasus itself. The hull looked in good shape, although several panels were still open, and the electronic flashes of welding and soldering could be seen. Most but not all decks seemed to have the lights on, and that usually meant that those particular decks still were unpowered. Of course, it could just be that the lights were off... Caelen and his daughter arrived at the airlock, and they looked back, only to see Ronald staring out of one of those windows...

Caelen remembered that he stared at it for five minutes straight this afternoon, "are you going to stand there all day?" Caelen asked "or are we actually going to board the ship?" he added remembering what Kristiana said when he took to long looking at the Pegasus.

"Sorry, sir..." Ronald said, as he pried his eyes off the window with a mental crowbar. He took one last peak, and paced to the airlock with a little more speed. Caelen entered the airlock's keycode, and it opened up. The three of them walked through. A door closed behind them, and another one opened in front of them, to reveal the interior of the Pegasus, greeted by a happily flickering tubelight

<Hmmm, looks like there's still some work to be done,> Ronald thought, as he could already imagine the headache one of those could cause. The rest of the corridor was alright, though, except for that malfunctioning computer terminal.

"Will they be repaired before we take off?" Ronald asked.

"The starbase's crew is doing their best to have everything in working order when we are scheduled to leave" Caelen said in a professional manner, "they might leave some screws and bolts for you to tighten though" he added starting to walk towards the turbo lift.

"Well, there goes my luxury cruise..." Ronald mumbled under his breath "Did you say something?" Caelen said "Nothing, sir!" Ronald said quickly

Caelen shook his head, but didn't bother to ask again. He looked at his daughter who seemed to be more impressed then earlier on the starbase. "Deck three" Caelen said when all three of them were in the lift. The lift hummed into action upward, they would throw the duffle bag in Ronald's quarters and then take a look around the ship, more specifically the bridge and Engineering.


Lt. Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Ensign Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer

USS Pegasus