"Mount Up" V : Uncharted territory

ON :

[Tarsonisus Prime] Starfleet Envoy Kennock's suite

The suite was decorated in the purest Romulan style, a bright mix of minimalist elegance and roman grandeur. The rooms were large, lightly but beautifully furnished. In the salon, two people, an Andorian man, Lieutenant Kennock and a Romulan female, Colonel Lyak were sitting on leather sofas. Or rather on one leather sofa. The same leather sofa. They each had a glass in hand. Long flute-like glasses. Inside the glasses was a liquid. It was blue. Not exactly the same as the man's skin, but a close run.

Obviously, the pair were having Romulan ale after successful negociations. If the first few meetings between the two diplomats had been tougher calls, they seem a lot more comfortable now. The fact that they were no longer on opposing sides of a table probably helped. They enjoyed the competitive stance they held during the talks. They both relished in the battles of wits. Of course the competitive edge is now dulled a bit bit the drinks they shared, as can attest the few bottles on the nearby table. Apparently, Kennock held the drink pretty well for someone who isn't used to it.

She was wearing the Tal'Shiar Colonel's uniform. Kennock had on the dress diplomatic uniform, with the usual purple collar. "If all Federation officials were like you lieutenant" she said, "our peoples could have accomplished so much more. There is so much we could `share' and so much to... `discover'."

She looked straight in Kennock's eyes. Maintaining the eyelock, he passed the glass to his left hand. He extended his right arm to pass it around the centurion's waist. She admired his audacity and nerve. "If all members of the Tal'Shiar were as charming as yourself," he replied, "I'm sure would have indeed gone further. The Federation never shuns an opportunity to `further relationships' and to go into `uncharted territory'."

The two were much closer now. Much too close.

[0900 hours]

Kennock was awakened by the computer. "You have an incoming communication."

Kennock sprung to his feet as fast as he could, waking Lyak in the process. She grabbed the sheets to keep warm. Kennock raced for a bathrobe. The one he found was a grey one, with a green motif. Typical Romulan design.

He finally made his way to his suite's small office and took place in his chair. "From the USS Pegasus? It must be Commander LaBrie" he thought. He pressed the button to open the channel. "Good evening Lt." the happy face of Caelen said to the Andorian wrapped in a bathrobe, it was to be his new Chief Diplomatic Officer and from what he read it was a very capable one as well.

"Good evening sir."

As he greeted the man in the red collar, another figure made it's way behind Kennock. It was wearing the same kind of bathrobe. The figure put it's hands on his shoulders. A romulan female's face appeared for a fraction of a secon as she kissed Kennock in the neck before leaving the visibility field. "Anything I can do for you sir?" he said, smiling.

"I was just contacting you to make sure you were aware of the situation in relation to the Pegasus" Caelen stated in a professional and official tone. "We'll be picking you up from your current residence after we are cleared for launch" he added just to make sure Kennock was informed.

Trying to regain some composure, Kennock spoke. "I have kept up to date with the schedule of the Pegasus, Sir. I will be ready when the ship arrives" he said. "When is she due to fly?"

"Hopefully in a day or two" Caelen responded "I just want to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be and get clearence from Starfleet Command" he added making clearer why he didn't know an exact time yet.

"Very well sir. I have but a few 'affairs' left to settle, other than that, I travel light and am ready for transfer. I only await the word" said the andorian, having regained his serious.

"Roger that Lieutenant" Caelen said in possitive response to the Andorian Diplomat "Looking forward to meeting and working with you on the Pegasus" he added before he closed the channel with "LaBrie out".

The logo vanished from the screen, and Kennock got back to his feet. He was left with a good impression of the commander. The man seemed very proffessional. Almost imperturbable. Any other commander would probably have commented on his... rather less than conventionnal methods.

There was another big day ahead of him. It was the final round of the discussions, and the topic was an officer exchange between the Star Empire and Starfleet. He made his way to the shower. He would need that.


Lieutenant Kennock Diplomatic Officer

with the amicable participation of: Commander Labrie