Trojan Horse #76, 77 - We All Fall Down


[USS Pegasus, Lounge, just before the Lantree's attack]

Ryylar and Ronald made quick work of the heavier parts of the lounge's furniture, and as such, they were done in no time. Ryylar went off to bring his loved one some tender care on the bridge, and left the other two lovebirds alone, just after warning them just one time. "Rrrrrememberrrrr, clean up, orrrr elssssse!"

Evans had observed Ryylar making the coffee from two cannisters under the bar, instead of directly from the replicator, and sneakily made some extra coffee for both Kitty and him. "We'll take just an extra coffee, and then go to work, ok?" he asked rhetorically, after filling 'em up for a second cup...

"If ever a day called for it, I'd say it was today," Kitty said, smiling and taking her cup. "Oh, it's wonderful stuff at times like this. You know, I wonder if there's anything operational in Engineering yet." She reached out for his hand when he'd finished filling coffee.

It sure is... Evans said, as he caressed her hand lightly, looking into her eyes. He then moved around the bar, to stand next to her and enjoy both her and his coffee. He was halfway, when he noticed a glitter in the corner of his eye. He thought nothing of it... That was, until just moments later a huge crash was heard, and the ship shook violently. Both Kitty and Evans lost their balance and fell to the floor.

"What the hell was that?!" Evans yelled.

Kitty squeaked as she suddenly felt the chair lurch out from under her, landing on the floor, temporarily disoriented. "Ronald.. are you ok?" She looked around wildly. "Something hit us.. explosive..."

"I'm okay, I'm okay..." Ronald stammered, as he climbed to his feet. He wanted to ask the same to Kitty, but an eerie creaking interrupted his train of thought... <Oh, this is NOT good...> he thought as he looked around, trying to locate the source of the noise.

"What's that?" Kitty asked, her voice trembling, her eyes widened as she slowly rose to her feet. She spun slowly until she paused, staring at the far wall... her sensitive hearing pinpointed the source of the creaking just that much sooner. She heard the loud creak again... saw a crack begin to appear... and became very still. Barely even breathing, she whispered a single word.. "Grandpa..." and then her wide, dark eyes went blank as the fears in her nightmares became a waking dream.

"Oh shit... OH SHIT! HULLBREACH!!" Evans yelled, as he jumped toward his frozen girlfriend, tackled her hard, crashed them both on the floor, next to the fixed barcrutches, and used his limbs to lock him, and Kitty underneath him to the ship. He was barely in time, as the bulkhead panel gave way, and with a loud pop exploded from the outer wall of the lounge. Air rushed passed the braced couple, as loose objects got caught in the suction and crashed out of the ship into hard vacuum...

Kitty didn't respond at first, even when she was tackled roughly to the floor. Once the panel gave way, though, she reacted to the loud pop, startling. Then she began to cry. Her nerves giving way to her terror, she started sobbing heavily as Evans was holding her down, trying to keep them both from sudden and painful death.

The fraction of a second that it took for the emergency forcefield to come up, felt like an eternity, and the pressure had dropped significantly by the time it did. Enough to cause a bad pain in the inner ear. After the forcefield came up, the pressure was restored almost as quickly as it failed, causing the same pain to be caused again... Mighty uncomfortable, but a lot better than being conserved for eternity by the freezing vacuum of the void...

When the rushing of the air stopped, Evans swallowed hard to get rid of the pain in his ears. He dared to look with one eye... "Thank Deity..." he whispered, as he saw that he was still in the lounge. <Holy shh....> he thought, as he looked at the gaping hole, where once was a wall...

Kitty hadn't seemed to realize, despite the pain, that the danger was over. She curled slightly, as much as she could while Evans was still holding her down, and continued sobbing heavily, almost disturbingly rhythmically, with barely enough pause to breathe in.

Evans looked at his girlfriend, still forcing herself into a ball. <Not good at all...> he thought, as he recognized that next to the unplanned redecoration of the lounge, something else was wrong. "Kitty? Kitty... We're alright... Kitty?!" he said, while trying to shake her gently.

"The dark water is pouring in..." Kitty whimpered, looking up at him with that odd blank look in her eyes, as if she didn't see him at all. At least his actions and words penetrated enough to get a reaction from her.

Evans resorted to a bit more drastic measures now, grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her fiercely... "Kitty! Snap out of it! You're at the Pegasus!... Oh, forget it... Different route... Smart! High speed twists and turns! Fastest little car in the world! Vrooooom, vroooom!"

It sounded absolutely ridiculous, but Evans was dead serious. However, he had no idea if it had any effect at all..

"Vroooooom...... eeeeerrrr......." Kitty answered back, then blinked and shook her head, trying to clear it. "...Ronald? Is... it safe?"

Evans looked around again, just making sure..."Yes, I think so... You lost it for a while there..." he said with a lot of worry in his voice. He got up carefully, still looking around, assessing the situation. He saw the stars twist and turn, shimmering through the emergency bulkhead shield and the combat shield, as the ship went evasive, trying to dodge the fire from the Lantree.

"We gotta get out of here." he said, as he reached out a hand to help Kitty up. Suddenly the ship shook again, as another torpedo hit the ship again, in a different spot. However, it was just enough to loosen a ceiling tile, right above Evans and Kitty...

Kitty let her boyfriend help her up. "Thanks... it was like being there again, like being caught in the nightmare." She struggled to keep her footing as the ship began to lurch again. "I need.. to get to Engineering..." She didn't notice the ceiling, still disoriented.

One moment, Evans was helping his girlfriend up, the next a sharp pain shot through his head, as his vision went black, and he literally could see stars. He slumped to the ground, not entirely unconscious... He collapsed to the floor with a grunt, on top of Kitty again, a heavy ceiling panel on top of them both.

"Oof!" Kitty was knocked to the floor again, this time under dead weight instead of a calculated tackle. For a moment she couldn't speak, the breath driven out of her body. Then she gasped a couple of times and tried to speak. She succeeded on the second try. "...Ronald, are you okay?" She shifted, trying to turn so that she could see his face.

Not much came out of Evans' mouth, except for a whisper. "Ow ow ow... hurt... bloody hell... Yeah, I think I'm fine..." he responded, "Just a headache... Ow..." But when he tried to move, another shot of pain shot through his body... "YEAAARGH!"

"Oh no.... oh no..." Kitty tried to keep her panic under control. "Don't try that again, ok? Just stay still.. and... uh..." At this point she was at a loss. She started shifting again, trying to wiggle out from under him.

Evans felt shots of pain in the middle of his back. He tried to keep himself tough, but the pain was just too much, and he shouted out... "Aaaaah! Pain!! Stop!" Kitty stopped moving instantly. "Owowowow..." Evans whimpered. "Ow, can you... Owie... Reach comm... Call help... AAAHG!"

Kitty frowned. "Mine's in my pocket, I can't reach it... where.. does it hurt?" She forced down the returning feeling of panic. This was bad, but at least it wasn't.. the creaking.. and breaking.. She also shifted as carefully as she could, trying to reach the one Evans had pinned on himself.

"Owowow... Right the middle of my back... I could swear I heard it snap." he whimpered.

As if an angel heard their thoughts for help, the doors suddenly wooshed open, and Letek barged in. "Anybody in here?!" he asked, uncharacteristicly efficiently.

"Oh no..." whispered Kitty, suddenly beginning to realize what was wrong with her boyfriend. She felt an icy dread fill her stomach. She was trapped, he was hurt... and then she heard the call. "Over here! Please! We need help!"

"Gotcha!" Letek answered. =/\=Medical and DC to the lounge, now!=/\= he shouted into his combadge, as he was looking for the voice. Finally he saw that it came from under a ceiling panel, of all things. "Under here?" he asked, just to verify.

"Yes, yes, under here... Please be careful, I think I broke a vertebra..." Evans almost whispered.

"I'm stuck underneath... be very very careful..." Kitty whimpered, recognizing Letek by voice now. "I don't think I'm hurt."

Letek's Romulan physiology allowed him to carefully pick up the ceiling without help. Even though, the weight lifted off their bodies, meant that there was this ever so slight shift, enough to let Evans scream out in pain again... "AAAIGH! Careful, you dolt! AAAH!"

Of course, finally followed by a huge relief of pain, as the ceilingpanel cleared Evans. Letek threw it to the side, and quickly inspected the situation. "Oh, darn... This is not looking good, Sir... I hope they got transporters up again..." =/\=This is Letek requesting emergency medical transport to sickbay of Lt. Evans... Possible paraplegia... Better beam two at the same time, to not cause a further shift...=/\=

=/\=Medical transport, two to beam down... Got it!=/\= Palmer's voice was heard from the other side. =/\=You're lucky the Lantrees got that one online before they decided to cap us a few...=/\= he added iritably...

A blue tingling light engulfed Kitty and Evans, as the world faded around them, and they materialised on the floor of the sickbay. A hypospray was pushed into Evans' neck immediately after the light had faded, and the pain, the time, the world, and all other stuff disappeared into a dreamless sleep.

Kitty scrambled up as soon as the medics managed to lift Evans safely onto a biobed. She stayed by his side for just an instant, stroking his hair, worried... then she frowned as she felt a slight sway as the ship evaded again. "I have to go..." she said softly, not knowing if he could even hear. "Or we could ALL end up dead. I have to make the ship safe for you... I love you..." A tear dropped from her face onto his cheek, just one tear, before she turned away regretfully and started for Main Engineering.


We asked permission before trashing the lounge!

Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operation Officer USS Pegasus "Carrying the weight of the lounge ceiling on my shoulders"

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus "That was a really mean Lemmings level..."