Trojan Horse #74 - 75 "Wakey wakey ! Rise and shine, everyone !"


<Bridge, USS Pegasus>

Repairs had been going remarkably well, with the help from engineering teams from the Miranda class Lantree, with her andorian captain Snorak. Even though reports of malfunctions in the Lantree's own computer caused some gossip among the crew of the Pegasus, not much was made of it either way. Kristiana wandered onto the bridge, releaving Caelen, as she started her dutyshift, beginning with looking over the reports from the departments.

Ryylar had finished cleaning up the lounge for now and carried a cup of coffee in each hand to see Kristiana on the bridge. He stepped out of the turbolift onto the bridge and smiled as he saw the beautiful woman sitting in the center chair.

"Hello therrrrrrre." He said with a smile as he moved over to her and offered her the cup of hot coffee.

She smiled back, yawning and stretching a bit. "Hey hon." With a wink, as she reached over for the cup of coffee. "Yum. Black Gold." as she took a sip, then winced. "HOT black gold."

"Well you didn't want it cold did you?" He asked her with a slight smile, sipping his own coffee.

"Well, ofcourse not." She replied, turning her attention to the viewscreen again. The Miranda class USS Lantree loomed in the top right corner, the rest of the view was starfield.

He smiled and nodded, glad that he had gotten the order correct.

"Sssssso that'sssss the Lantrrrrrree." He said, gesturing to the viewer.

"Yep." Kristiana replied. "As old as the Pegasus." She mused, quietly, taking another sip of her - slightly cooler now - coffee. "Much more Miranda's ever made than Centaur's, though."

"Well the Mirrrrranda and Ccccentuarrrrrr arrrrrre two differrrrrent typesssss of crrrrrruissssserrrrrrssss arrrrrren't they?" Ryyar asked, referring to their Starfleet designations.

"Yep, but that's the wrong type designation." Kristiana replied, glancing at Ryylar. "In pure warship terms, from large to small, you have your carriers, battleships, your cruisers, frigates and finally destroyers. The Centaur is called a Destroyer and Miranda a Light Cruiser, even though the Miranda is smaller. The Miranda actually is a Destroyer, and the Centaur is actually a Frigate. Someone back then was either drunk or asleep when they classed these ships."

"Ah." Ryylar said and nodded.

"Sssssso a Defiant classssss isssss rrrrrreally a desssstrrrrroyerrrrrr." He said, making the connection.

"Yep. Well .. Pregnant shuttlecraft." Kristiana quipped. "Though with more firepower than a Miranda and a Centaur combined. Faster and more manouverable, too. The Defiant is just so much - " newer, Kristiana wanted to say, when two orbs of bright light emitted from the Lantree, screaming through space, shredding part of the Pegasus' saucer in a massive explosion that rocked the ship. "RED ALERT !" Kristiana yelled as she jumped up from her chair. "Raise shields ! Evasive manouvers ! Hail the Lantree, find out what the bloody FUCK is going on !"

Ryylar fell to the side with an "OOF!" as he fell back away unconscious.


Actions: CHAOS ! PANIC ! MAYHEM ! DISORDER ! The Pegasus is under attack by the Lantree ! Have your characters act appropriately. Get to posting, people ! There's PLENTY to do !

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale officer Acting Security officer USS Pegasus