Trojan Horse #69, 70 & 71 - "The MESShall"


[USS Pegasus, corridors leading to the lounge]

Evans was in uniform-ish... There were wrinkles all over, and according to his hairdo, he was in need of a strong coffee... Left there, right there... Straight ahead... "Access denied, corridor off-limits" a happy computervoice suddenly added.

"Whaddya mean, access denied?" Evans asked iritably, just before another synapse fired in his brain. "Oh yeah, the corridor conduit... Damn..."

This little setback meant he had to take a detour almost 100 meters long... Finally, he made it to the doors of the lounge, and he noticed that the lights were on, through the little portholes.

<Now who could be up this early?> he thought, as he stepped inside.

"Why the engineerrrrrssssss had to rrrrrruin my lounge isssss beyond me." Ryylar growled as he tried to rearrange tables and chairs, moving furniture around.

"I ssssswearrrrrr the next time I ssssssee a yellow uniforrrrrrrm I'm giving them theirrrrrr drrrrrrrinks with a ssssssupposssssitorrrrrrry." He snarled.

Evans looked at Ryylar moving furnature about, trying to tidy up the mess that the engineers left, a mess that engineers could live with, to be honest... He pondered the words that reached his ears from the cat-like creature, looked down to his uniform, and gulped audibly... "Eh... Please be careful with that, that's sensitive equipment... " He peeped out

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" He growled, turning and frowning as he saw Evans.

"Sssssorrrrry sssssirrrrr." He said, deferrring to rank, though the 'sir' sounded VERY forced.

a "NJG!" could be heard, as Evans instictively jumped into a defensive posture, hands across his head at that first outburst, but relaxed, as Ryylar used rank again. "Eh, as you were, I guess... I just came down for a cup of coffee, and a chocolate coffee to go, actually... Why are you putting those tables back? We might need the space again..."

He frowned.

"I wassssss putting the tablesssss back afterrrrrr cleaning up behind the engineerrrrrrssss. I may not know much about Ssssstarrrrrsssssshipssss, but I KNOW THERRRRREE ARRRRREN'T ANY ACCCCESSSSS PANELSSS IN THE LOUNGE!!!" Ryylar yelled, turning to storm behind the bar and get them their coffees to go.

"Thisssss issss the LOUNGE, NOT the Engineerrrrrring Labssssss. Thisssss isssssn't a prrrrrrrivate play arrrrrrea forrrrrrr everrrrryone to trrrrrasssssh asssss they pleassssse." Ryylar grumbled, fixing the coffee for Evans first.

"...Well... Actually..." Evans started, "This was the only place with a working console, and the only replicators that weren't completely shot... I guess we got a little carried away..." He looked at the mess, the tools, the parts and wires and modules all over the place. "A little bit much..."

"A little? A LITTLE? A LITTLE bit carrrrrrried away would have been moving ssssssome tablesssss arrrrrround. I don't think when I walked in herrrrre that therrrrrre wasssss a sssssssingle table left sssssstanding prrrrrroperrrrrly! I guessssss it'sssss trrrrrue what they ssssssay... when the cat'ssssss away the mice will play." Said Ryylar, giving Evans a predatory look as he handed him his coffee and set about making the chocolate coffee for Kitty.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry! Geeze! It was an emergency, alright?" Evans tried to defend the actions of the crew under his and Kitty's lead. "You should see what engineering looks like at this moment. That is, if you can find a flashlight... Everything's shot!"

"I'm not ssssssaying you sssssshouldn't do yourrrrrr job, but come on... how am I ssssssupposssssed to do mine if you can't even marrrrrrginally pick up afterrrrrr yourrrrssssselvesssss?" Ryylar frowned, making the chocolate coffee.

Evans looked around again, at the mayhem that was already partially cleaned up in the lounge. "Ok, you're right... This place looks like either a battlefield or a playpen... Depending on your perspective... Well, at least we managed to reach our objective. Partial weapons and shields. Listen, I'll do you a favor, I'll take this coffee to Kitty, contact Letek, and anyone who's worked here, and assign them some cleaning-up duty to help you get this place up in no-time... little time... A couple of hours..." Evans kept adjusting his estimate as he realised what a mess it really was...

"Don't worrrrrrrrry. I'll take carrrrrre of it mysssssself. Yourrrrrr people have biggerrrrrr thingsssss to do. Jusssst. Jussst tell them that frrrrrom now on they should act like adultsssss and clean up afterrrrrr themssssselvesss." Ryylar frowned as he handed the chocolate coffee over to go.

"You sure?" Evans asked. He was truely sorry, for the inconsiderate handling of the lounge. "However, we still might need that space... " He added, trying to save Ryylar some work.

"I'll clearrrrrrr the tablessss frrrrrrom that arrrrrea." He said with a nod.

"Okay... Thanks..." Evans said, as he picked up his coffees and got up to go back to his quarters again. "Oh, d'oh! The doctor... I need another coffee for Russell..."

Kitty chose this moment to wander into the lounge, yawning slightly. She hadn't expected it to be restored to any form of functionality.. the last time she was there, it was a workshop for replicators and batteries. So she was wearing the tank top and shorts borrowed from Hannah, looking half-drowned in Evans' bathrobe draped loosely around her shoulders, and barefoot - Evans' shoes and slippers were so much huger than her dainty feet that she took an old sea tradition and simply went without.

Evans looked at the floating bathrobe, and it took a while for him to notice that there was someone in them... "Oh, g'morning... I thought you were going to stay in bed for a moment, while I got our drinks..."

Ryylar looked over at Kitty and turned away to hop over the bar and begin cleaning again.

Kitty smiled as she saw her boyfriend and her friend, and quickened her steps towards the bar. "I thought you might have gotten lost. Hi Ryylar."

"Here's your chocolate coffee..." Evans said, giving the cup to his girlfriend. "I did bump into a closed off coridor on the way... Had to walk the whole way around it..."

"Hi Kitty..." He grumbled as he leaned over and picked up two chairs, one with each arm.

Kitty blinked and snickered slightly at the 'muscleman act'. "It looks like they were right to let you out of Sickbay," she told Ryylar, sitting down near Evans at the bar. "Ohh, chocolate coffee... Well, hon, you more than most know why it's so important to stay out of the closed-off corridors." She chuckled quietly, but cheerfully, then yawned again. Her hair was partly sticking out.

"Yeah, I know... Don't mind Ryylar, though, he's a bit grumpy... Next time we commendeer the lounge, we should really be more considerate of how we leave the place behind... He almost strung me up when I got in..."

"I would have too if you werrrrren't Kitty'ssssss boyfrrrrriend." Ryylar grumbled, moving to stack a few chairs to make room at the indicated work area.

Evans' composture tensed again at that, as a slight 'eep' escaped his throat. He wasn't weak, but he was no match for the warior behind him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Ryylar! I wasn't thinking!" Kitty frowned. "And my grandparents raised me better than to leave my work area such a mess. I suppose everything was just.. such a work-in-progress... and then I was sent off to bed... I'm sorry. I can have some engineers up here to clean it up in minutes. I'll help," she offered contritely.

"Really, it's no problem..." Evans tried again, trying to get on the Cait's good side again.

"It isssssn't you, and don't worrrrrrry Kitty. I'll take carrrrre of it." Ryylar sighed. He couldn't stay mad at Kitty. He frowned and stacked the chairs against the wall, moving over to pick a table up and move it off to the side.

"That's very sweet of you," Kitty said, smiling. She picked up her coffee and took a sip, smiling and savouring the flavor. Then she blinked as she saw Ryylar working on cleaning up. "Wait, don't pick that conduit up by the end, hold it in the middle, in the middle, or you'll get a bit of a shock..."

He blinked, and looked at the conduit as if it was a snake.

"Maybe I'll leave that forrrrrrrr the engineerrrrrsssss to clean up." Ryylar frowned.

Evans took his chance. "Oh, I'll get it... Where do you want it?" he said, jumping of his seat, glad to be able to finally help out.

"Anywherrrrrre wherrrre it'ssssss not in the way." Ryylar said with a nod.

"Oh, it doesn't matter," Kitty said, embarrassed. "I just remembered that one's burnt out. It doesn't matter how you hold it. But that one over there, that's a live one... just... put them in a corner, and I'll have someone come pick them up and cart them off."

Evans walked up to the conduit, entirely trusting his girlfriend. Not only that, the conduit looked and smelled burned too. The lesson he had learned so many times just didn't stick... 'treat every weapon as if it's loaded.' That was why he was hopping around the lounge moments later, shouting thins like "Ouch! Owie! Hotdamn! That one was live!"

Ryylar suppressed a giggle and snorted a bit at Evans' mistake.

Kitty watched and gave a response that would, among most sociologists, betray her home region at the least... a highly trained sociologist could pinpoint her town. "Ayup. That's the quickest way to tell."

"Oh, verry funny, you two!" Evans yelled. He had some serious tingling going on in his handpalm. It was wearing off already, and shaking it helped getting the blood flowing again. He picked up the conduit again, this time the right way, and put it to the side.

"Herrrrre." Ryylar said, handing Evans some industrial gloves that the engineers had left behind.

Kitty's mouth twitched. "I'm sorry, Ronald... Come on back and drink your coffee. You've been working as hard as any of us."

"We've all been worrrrrrking harrrrrrrd." Ryylar commented with a nod, agreeing with Kitty.

"Thanks..." he said to both of them. For the gloves, and the reminder that his coffee was getting cold. "Why don't you join us, Ryylar? I'll help you with that heavy stuff after I've downed this..."

"Thankssss." Ryylar said, nodding and accepting the invitation.


Starting off of the wrong foot, and ending like best friends:

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus

Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus "When will I ever learn?..."

Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus