Trojan Horse #67 & 68 "Further Developments"


[Hannah O'Driscoll's Quarters]

Hannah hummed a happy little tune to herself as she busied herself with sorting her clothes. Tnings had got thrown around a fair bit in the firefight that had led to the battering of the Pegasus, and she finally had some time to tidy up.

Kristiana was finally off duty, and made her way through the ship. Pausing when she almost reached her quarters, she remembered something that someone else had told her, earlier .. "You're welcome to use my shower" Hannah had said .. And Kristiana wanted to take her up on that. So with a renewed goal, the russian woman set about wandering the ship again, striding purposefully towards Lieutenant O'Driscoll's quarters, there to ring the doorchime.

Hannah went to the door, brightly, opening it. "Yes?"

Kristiana stepped through the door, passing Hannah, almost nudging the younger redhead aside, as she looked around a bit. "You offered me the use of your shower." The russian spoke, with that slight, sensuous russian touch to her voice. "I'm here to take you up on that offer."

"Oh...uh...right." Hannah said. "Well, it's just in the bathroom through there." She pointed.

A soft smirk from the older woman. "Thanks." as she turned and sauntered towards the bathroom, starting to undo her uniform even as she went, a purposeful, swaying gait in her steps.

Hannah shook her head in confusion as the XO headed towards her bathroom. " you need anything? I notice you don't have a change of clothes for afterwards..."

'If I could borrow some of yours, that would be just great." Kristiana spoke, before entering the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

"Sure." Hannah said. She went to her closet, and picked out something a little more formal than the hot-pants and tanktop she'd been wearing earlier, as she heard the shower start.

Kristiana showered, cleaning herself off, washing away the tiredness, the weariness. After a while she called out, nudging the door open. "Come and help me, Hannah." She spoke, her voice strict.

<Come and help you?> Hannah thought, confused. Her legs were already in motion though, responding to the command in Petrova's voice.

Kristiana held a hand with a washcloth out to Hannah, facing away from the younger woman. "Wash my back." The older redhead spoke, as she stood nude before the younger woman.

"Uh...Commander Petrova..." Hannah said, uncertainly.

Kristiana glanced at Hannah over her shoulder, her expression grim, her eyes showing a complete and total lack of patience in the matter. "I Told you to wash my back, Hannah." She spoke. Her voice was entirely calm, entirely confident, entirely commanding.

"Yes, Ma'am." Hannah said automatically, and began to nervously dab at Petrova's back.

".. WASH my back. Don't Pet it." Kristiana spoke again, looking out ahead of her once more, letting Hannah touch her, wash her.

Hannah complied silently, awed by the women's presence.

"Mmm .. Good." Kristiana spoke, a very faint smile playing on her lips. When her back was thoroughly scrubbed, she turned around to face Hannah. "Now. On your knees and wash my feet, Pet." She spoke, still her voice calm, as she traced fingertips through Hannah's hair.

"Pet?" Hannah said, cautiously, not wanting to anger the woman. "I'm not sure if..."

Kristiana narrowed her eyes, looking at Hannah, as she pulled her hand back, then aimed a swift backhanded slap across Hannah's cheek, even though outwardly she remained entirely calm. "That's your final warning." The older woman spoke. "I gave you a command, Pet."

Hannah whimpered as she recoiled. "Yes Ma'am." She said, as she knelt to comply, cowering.

Kristiana nodded, putting one foot forward for Hannah. "Good girl." She spoke, letting the other redhead wash her feet.

As Hannah washed the woman's foot, she realised that actually she was...could she be enjoying this? She decided to push the envelope a little further. She dropped Petrova's foot to the ground. "Actually Kris, I have some other stuff to do, so..."

Kristiana scowled, reaching down to grab Hannah's hair and pull her up by it, leaning in close, and staring straight into Hannah's eyes with her own - orbs that seemed to pierce the soul, shattering all resistance, as she spoke, her voice quiet and calm, but her words harsh and cold. "Do Not test my patience, Pet. Do as I say, and I will reward you. Anger me and I will punish you."

Hannah's eyes glittered at Petrova's words. This was what she had wanted all along, someone to take of her, someone to control her, someone who would keep her...

=/\= Bridge to O'Driscoll, please respond.=/\=

Hannah started awake at the noise of her commbadge. She sat up from the sofa in her office where she had been napping. Wearily she tapped her badge. "Yes"

=/\=You're needed on the bridge, ma'am.=/\=

"On my way." Hannah said, standing and stretching. Shame - she'd been having a very nice dream...although for the life of her she couldn't remember what it had been about.

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova The Domme of Dreams

Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Lucky She Doesn't Remember Her Dreams