Trojan Horse #64,65 - Let's just get some sleep


The Lantree crew had arrived. Kitty had gone down to Engineering to give out orders, and soon enough extra engineers were transporting over spare parts and starting work. She gave a list of corridors to avoid, as these corridors were temporary power conduits.

When she was finished, she retreated back to the lounge with a module to repair. She was sitting quietly in the corner now, bent slightly over the module, having not picked up a tool in over five minutes. Her eyes were closed.

Evans had finally managed to loose Letek, ordering him to get a good night's sleep. Against all odds, Letek actually agreed, and left without much more than a "Sure! We've done quite a lot the last days... However, call me if you need me. I know we make quite a team. Working with Engineering's also a dream over here. Very competent people... The stories I could tell... But alas, that's for another time, right? Good night!"

Evans wandered into the lounge to see if he could find something to drink before retiring too. He was worn out, because of the last days. As he walked in, he saw Kitty bent over the module, and sent her a "Hi, sweety..." before B-lining it for the replicator, and ordering himself a coffe... "No, wait... A.."

But the replicator was already brewing his beverage. One, no, two mugs of warm milk and honey...

"Computer, please don't freak me out like that..." he said, as he got the two mugs of excactly what he wanted...

He walked over to Kitty, and saw her asleep. "Hey, snoozy... Wake up, time to go to sleep..."

"!" Kitty blinked, startling awake, eyes widened, and started breathing faster. She glanced up and around, slowly recognizing the lounge, and then smiled at Evans. "Oh.. I didn't mean to.. I was just... the module..."

"Hey, easy... That module can wait. This, however, is best drunk warm..." he said, putting the mugs on the table, leaning in to give her a peck on the forehead. "The Lantree is here, and an army of engineers has invaded the wreck we appreciate so much as being our home, trying to fix her up. It's time to relax."

Kitty blinked again, then smiled at the tiny kiss. She laid the module aside, hoisting herself up, and found a seat at the table. "I gave them their orders.. the engineers. But I just wanted to do a little more before I stopped... After all, I don't have a bed, anyways." She blinked again, sleepily, looking at the mugs. "Is one of those mine?" she asked.

"I guess so... I think the computer would have just given me a bigger mug, if it was only for me..." Evans reasoned. "And even if it wasn't, it's mine to give away, right? And as for a bed, you could... ehm... share my... eh... Just sleeping..." Evans was still figuring out how he got himself into that situation...

Kitty looked up and blushed a little, a pretty pink color, as she took one of the mugs. "I'd like-.. I mean... that would.. you know.. that would be alright. I don't have nightclothes per say, but I could always just change back into that tank top and shorts.. that'd be ok, right?" She took a sip of the mug and then leaned back, eyes closed for a moment. "Wow. I needed that."

Evans took a big gulp of his milk. "Mmmm, perfect... Needed that too..." Then his eyes grew big again: "Eh... You do?! Eh, I mean, sure... I'd be happy to share my bunk with you. And the pyjamas are no problem..."

"Thanks, Ronald." Kitty smiled. "For the bed, and for waking me up out of my nightmare."

Evans' eyes grew again as he looked up. "Nightmare?! You looked peacefully enough, sitting in that chair, bent over that module... Cute, even... Nightmare? Really?"

"Uh, yeah." Kitty glanced down, feeling a little shy all of a sudden. "But it's ok, it's an old one, I'm used to it by now, I have it all the time. Well, not All the time. But... yeah, I've seen it often enough in recent months."

Ronald stood up and kneeled next to her, putting an arm around her shoulder, his face an expression of light worry. "Wanna talk about it? Anything I can do?"

"I don't know what you can do," Kitty said, shifting to look into his eyes, leaning a little against his arm. "But I'll tell you about it. It always starts in Engineering, and everything's fine. Then the ship starts to creak.. you know, that awful sound when the integrity is damaged for a moment... I've heard it in reality a few times in the last couple missions. And then the lights go out, it's completely black, but somehow I can still see. Then the wall bends.. and cracks.. and.. dark water starts pouring through..." Her voice rose slightly as she told him the nightmare, and faltered at the end, as she dropped her gaze.

Evans gulped a bit, as he imagined what Kitty was talking about, slightly tightening his hug. "I can imagine that being a tad scary..." he understated. "Does it continue?"

"Sometimes it does," Kitty whispered. "Until the room is filled all the way up and I can't breathe. But usually I wake up just after the water starts pouring through."

"Heh.." Evans suddenly laughed. "I had a nightmare too, recently..." Evans said. "A really silly one to boot..." he added, shaking his head a bit.

Kitty blinked and looked back up at Evans, smiling just a little.. just seeing him laugh made her smile a little, even with the memory of the nightmare fresh in her mind. "What happened?" she asked curiously.

Evans blushed a bit, but he realised there was no way out... "Well, imagine me driving in my Smart with a 30 tonne tanker behind it, trying to get molten lava across a mountain pass, with a cloaked klingon Hummer on my tail driven by Commander Petrova?" he summarised.

Kitty's eyes widened slightly as she listened.. she looked into his eyes as if expecting to see that he was joking.. and then she just burst out laughing. A good, hearty laughter, the kind that makes the stomach sore. She even thumped her fist on the table a couple of times, tears in her eyes.

"Oh, you think it's funny, do you?!" Evans said in mock indignation. "Well, let me tell you, it was pretty scary at the time..."

"Oh, I'm sorry..." Kitty gasped, sounding contrite, then composed herself for a moment before going off into another gale of laughter. "Oh.. oh my..." She started quieting down. "I'm sorry, but that... I needed that. I really, really needed that." She already seemed more calm and cheerful.

"That's alright, dear..." Evans said, while hugging her close. "C'mon, finish your milk, so we can go to bed..." He released his hug, and got his mug, drinking the last of it, in a few decent sized swallows. "Ah, that hit the spot..."

Kitty took her mug and drained it in one loooong sip that might make Evans wonder when she was coming up for air. Then she set it down, smiling, taking a deep breath. "Ahhh.... good for the soul. Ok.. I'm ready to go back to sleep now."

"Let's go then..." Evans said, offering an arm to her. "I could really use a good night's sleep..."

Kitty let her boyfriend help her up and along to bed.


Going to bed now:

Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus "A green hummer with red headlights and a cloaking device..."

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus