Trojan Horse #62 - 63 "The Thick Plottens"

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Corridors outside of Kristiana Petrova's Quarters>>

Ryylar stepped through the corridors. He had tried to catch her on the bridge, but Kristiana had left her shift over, and he missed her. He found his way to her quarters and smiled, tapping the chime outside the door to announce that he was here.

Silence for a few moments, before Kristiana's agitated and tired voice sounded. ".. Who's there ?! If it isn't lifethreatening or an emergency of any kind, go away !"

"Do you rrrrrrrreally want me to go away?" Ryylar asked, half smiling as he was certain she'd make an exception for him.

"Yeah, damnit !" Petrova replied. "I don't want you standing outside my door." She added. A moment later the door slid open, revealing a sleepy looking Kristiana wearing a nightgown, clasping it shut with one hand. Her hair a mess. Looks like she'd just went to bed. "I want you in my quarters, with me .. " she smiled softly, but tiredly. "What are you doing up .. Did Floyd clear you already ?

He smiled and slippsed an arm around her waist, moving into the quarters.

"Yeah, jusssst a little while ago." He said with a smile, kissing her lips gently.

"Good, I won't have to - hmph ! Mmmmmm ..." She almost melted like butter, in his arms, wrapping her arms around him as well and answering the kiss with tired and lazy affection. "I .. was just getting to bed .. Join me ?" She asked, quietly.

"Ssssssoundsssss like heaven." He said with a broad grin, holding her close.

"Grab a quick shower, first, please ?" She nuzzled him softly. "You smell of sickbay .."

He sniffed once, twice.

"Hmmmm I guessss I do." He chuckled and then patted her rear end gently before heading off into the sonic shower.

"Great .. I'll be waiting, in bed." She brushed his tail with her hand as he left. "I love you, Ryylar." With a soft smile, before heading back to her sleeping quarters.

He turned as she said that and he smiled.

"I love you too Krrrrrrissssstiana Petrrrrrova." He said, stepping into the shower, turning the shower on to wash away the nasty sickbay smell.

Once at her bed, she stripped off her nightgown, just letting it fall to the floor, and collapsed onto the bed, with an oomph and a yawn, stretching her curvacious, lingery-clad body a bit, before curling up and awaiting Ryylar's return.

Ryylar stepped out of the shower, drying off as best he could as he moved towards the bed, smiling as he slipped quietly under the sheets, putting his arms around Kris as he cuddled up behind her.

"Mmmm .. There's my little purrr-y teddybear .." She mused, smiling, as she curled up close to him, nuzzling him, kissing him - giving him all the attention and affection he deserved, according to her. "I'm glad you're back out of sickbay, hon .. And very happy that your arm is alright."

"That makesssss two of usssss my beautiful Ssssssiberrrrrrrian prrrrrrinccccccesssssss." Ryylar said, pressing a kiss to her neck as he smiled and snuggled her.

"How wassssss yourrrrrr day?" He asked her.

"Uneventful, for the most part. Then everything seemed to happen. The Lantree arrived, I got word that we'd have atleast partial weapons again, soon, and all that while being .. Well, distracted." Kristiana added, meaning that whole incident with Hannah.

He nodded.

"Hannah mentioned you sssssaid herrrrrr drrrrrresss wasssss..." Ryylar said and realized just WHY it was distracting.

"Yes." Kristiana replied, with a sigh, shifting a bit against Ryylar. "It was. Very distracting." She added quietly.

His arm went limp around her.

"You uh... neverrrrrr told me you felt like that." Ryylar said quietly.

"Yes I did, silly kitty." Kristiana replied, immediately. "When we were all under the influence of that .. that virus that made us speak our thoughts. I'd mentioned that I like girls, too, so don't act like you never knew .."

He blinked and tried to remember, then shook his head. It seemed so long ago. He supposed it was true, she had told him.

"Do you.. uh... want herrrrr?" He asked her, sort of nervous.

"I'd be interested in her if I didn't already have someone, hon .. And if she didn't already have someone either." Kristiana replied, tiredly, already bored of this whole conversation. "You always claim that you trust me, Ryylar. Well, then .. Trust me."

"I do, I jusssst got worrrrrried I guesssss." Ryylar said, squeezing her close once more and holding her in his healed arm.

She nodded a bit, much of the mood gone, now. "Well, I'm not gonna leave you for her or anything, hon. I like men more than women, anyways. And I love you." As she half curled up, a bit annoyed.

"And I love you." Ryylar said, gently kissing her cheek, cuddling her, feeling bad that he had had that little touch of doubt.

"I know, hon .." She sighed softly, opening her eyes again to look at him. ".. Make me feel loved, hon .. Please." She asked him, almost pleadingly. "Remind me why I'm never gonna run off on you."

Ryylar smiled and gently slid his fingers over her cheek, moving over to look into her eyes.

"I love you Krrrrrrissssstiana Petrrrrrrova..." He said with a nod, staring into her eyes.

"You arrrrre the mossssst wonderrrrrrful thing in my life, and I love you." Ryylar said quietly.

"Mmm .." She smiled softly, tiredly, shifting a bit closer again. "That's a good start .. Make love to me, hon .." She smiled, before kissing him warmly.

Ryylar made love to her and held her close throughout the evening. The two lovers melted almost into one in the crucible of passion that was Kristiana's bed. Two loves. Made into one. As if it was ordained in the stars themselves.

<Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Lantree>

".. Sir, incoming transmission, from the Pegasus. Looks like they're wanting to send us a file, Sir." O'Malley, the Conn officer on duty, told his CO, Captain Snorak, of the Miranda Class, USS Lantree.

Snorak yawned boredly.

"So begin the transfer mister O'Malley." Snorak said, yawning a bit.

"Yes, Si - Oh .. N-nevermind, Sir. They cut the transfer off already before it could begin." O'Malley spoke, frowning.

"That's odd." Said Snorak, standing and stretching a bit.

"What file was it?" He asked.

"According to the logs it was called 'repair report #2' but it never actually got sent." O'Malley responded.

"Open a channel to the Pegasus." Said Snorak, shaking his head a bit tiredly. The Vulcan tried to relax. He was rather tired.

"Yes Sir." O'Malley replied, his hands working over the console. A few moments later the face of O'Hennehy, conn officer on duty on the Pegasus, came onto the viewscreen. "What can I do for you, Captain ?" the latter spoke, with a friendly smile.

"What was that file you were trying to send us, and why did you stop transmission?" Asked Snorak.

O'Hennehy blinked a bit, and frowned, checking his console. ".. When was that, Sir ? .. Logs show we haven't sent anything for the last five hours, and I sure didn't try to send you anything .."

"Our logs are indicating you did. A file called repair report #2 in fact." Said Snorak.

"Well, uhm .. We've been having a few .. incidents with our computer, since coming back to our own universe. I suggest you run a diagnostic on yours, Sir, and make sure your firewalls and other securities are functional." O'Hennehy replied.

"I would suggest you check your own computer for that file." He said with a nod.

"I have, Sir. No such file, here." O'Hennehy shrugged a bit.

"Mister O'Malley. Begin a full diagnostic of the ship's computer." Snorak said, nodding to the viewscreen.

"We'll be in contact Pegasus. Lantree out." Said the Vulcan.

"Yes, Sir." O'Malley responded, starting the diagnostic, as the viewscreen went back to Starfield.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Morale Officer Ryylar Acting Security Officer Morale Officer USS Pegasus


O'Malley and O'Hennehy Conn O'fficers O'n the O'ships (NPC'd by O'Petrova)


Captain Snorak Lantree CO (NPC'd logically by Ryylar)