Trojan Horse #12-13 - "Hearts and brains"


[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Business as usual in sickbay. Every single biobed occupied. From all over the ship reports came in about men wounded. Russell had sent all available staff out to help where help was needed. Sickbay was manned by B'Inca and himself, with the assistance of the EMH. All biobeds were occupied by the most severely injured. Among them was Ryylar. Russell had stabilized Ryylar's vital signs for now, but his recovery was still uncertain. The big cat had been hit in the back by a Jem'Hadar weapon and had lost a lot of blood. Russell turned around and headed for his office to check on the latest reports when another crewmember stumbled in. "B'Inca, could you take care of him?" he asked pointing at the poor crewmember near the door.

"Yes sir" B'Inca responded with Vulcan efficiency "I know it is not the best time to voice my concerns, sir, but I am afraid we are understaffed" she stated when walking away from a patient she just stabilized to the crewmember that just stumbled in.

"Your concern is noted and I couldn't agree more." Russell replied. "But we have to deal with it. I'll notify the other teams to head back here asap, if possible."

"Understood sir" B'Inca stated, helping the crewmember up on his feet and leading him to a seat, not a bed, he didn't need a bed. "Dermal Regenerator and Dermaline gel please" she stated holding out a hand to the EMH, he was in between to patients, so to speak, he could spare a second to hand her the equipment.

The EMH nodded. "Coming right up." he said, walking towards a cabinet. He grabbed the regenerator, the gel and some other hypos he needed. He swiftly headed over to B'Inca and handed over the equipment. "There you go." he said on his most friendly speech subroutine. If you didn't know better you'd say the EMH was having a good time...

B'Inca didn't respond to the program, as it was just that, subroutines, lights and force fields. She applied the Dermaline gel first before using the Dermal regenerator to fix the cuts and bruises the crewmember had "Might I enquire to number of casualties we've had so far, sir?" she then asked, granted it wasn't great bedside manner but she was Vulcan after all.

Russell looked a bit sad and sighed. "According to the latest reports we lost about fourteen crewmembers. And there are still a few 'on the edge' so to speak." he said, making a gesture to the obvious cases on the biobeds. "And wounded all over the place." he added.

B'Inca didn't turn around but just nodded, putting the regenerator back on the tray "You will be fine, Chief" she stated to the man in front of her "come back tomorrow for a follow up procedure" she stated getting the man out of the sickbay as quickly as possible as it was already way to crowded for her taste. "So now we wait" she stated calmly walking up to the Doctor.

"Indeed. We can't do much more at the moment than hope they all react well to their treatments." Russell said. "Keep an eye on everyone. I'll be in my office checking the latest reports." He then walked into his office and sat down behind his desk. He accessed the terminal for any messages.

In the stream of messages he had gotten from Starfleet Medical and other important people there was a message from an old friend, or a new friend rather. The subject was: 'If you return' from one Lieutenant (jg) Nealas Galin Yvex.

That message title caught his eye because that was just what they did earlier, return to "normal" space. Russell accessed the message to see what 'Spots' had to say.

"Heya Civvie, I heard about your ship... and I just hope you'll get to read this soon... Man, just back in space and already gone missing. You know what your problem is Russ, you can't just settle down and be happy with what you have... always the adventure... always the long for space. You want to get yourself killed? Dying while in duty of Starfleet, it's no fun, trust me I've been there... I've done that. Anyway, I'm worried about you mate, just... drop me a message or contact me or something when you get back. Spots"

The word of their miraculous return had reached Starfleet already so he decided to contact her. <Time for a consult with a fellow physician> he thought to himself opting for the "call me now!" option on the terminal.

Nealas was breaking her head over these readings, something was wrong but neither she nor her Assistant could think of anything. Then he console lit up like a Christmas tree. She almost jumped from her seat, not knowing what happened hoping she didn't do anything wrong. She then calmed down, seeing it was just and incoming message. She opened the channel "Lieutenant Yvex, how may I help you" she stated, eyed red shut of having not enough sleep or too much raktajino, probably both...

"Hi Spots, just checking to how you were doing." Russell answered, trying to look and sound cheerful. Under the circumstances he had no reason to be cheerful, but he didn't want her to know that. At least not right away.

Nealas her tired eyes opened widely now "Russ! You're ok!" she shouted in joy, before looking around making sure nobody saw her do that "where have you been, I've been worried about you" she then said getting a bit closer to the screen "I need your help" she added in a whisper.

"We were in an alternate universe of some sort. Similar to ours but a different history. Very different." Russell said making a long story short, very short... "What is it you need my help with?" he asked.

"I've diagnosed a patient with Polycythemia..." Nealas shook her head a bit before raising her mug "...been keeping me up all night... I can't for the life of me and the Yvex Symbiont... figure out why" she put her mug down and sighed "Me and Greg have been at it all day... no luck" she sighed a bit leaning back in her chair "and that's not all I need your advice on" she added "but this is more important right now"

"Polycythemia, that has to with an abnormal amount of red blood cells, right?" Russell replied. He asked it as an rhetorical question, he remembered the facts about the disease. "You know which type of polycythemia?" he asked.

Nealas shook her head "If I knew that then I would've been closer to curing it..." she sighed " I'll send you everything we've got, perhaps we missed something..." she stated hitting the button transferring all the data on the boy within milliseconds "...don't lose any sleep over it though... in time I'll figure it out myself... just if you have some time... you know... lend an old friend a hand..." Nealas looked away from the screen, looking at her Assistant Chief " for the other thing..." she started hesitantly.

"If I can get any sleep." Russell mumbled. "Maybe something to get my mind of things." As he watched the information come in on his terminal. He looked back at the message screen and asked "Now what was the other thing you wanted to talk about?"

"Did you ever fall in love with somebody in your department?" Nealas asked looking back at the screen, hoping he wouldn't laugh at her or tell her she was in violation of every rule there was on this kind of thing.

"As a matter of fact I did." Russell answered. "I married her." he smiled. "I thought you'd remember. You're having the same... problem?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"That doesn't count... I mean... you were both Civilians right?" Nealas was now getting a bit confused "were you her immediate superior... as in you're the Chief she's the Assistant?"

"No, not exactly. We were both working for Starfleet Medical when we met. So we were in the same department, but on different teams." Russell said refreshing her memory. "I guess your situation is different? As in, more difficult in relation with Starfleet regulations?" he asked.

Nealas nodded a bit looking down "My brains tell me I shouldn't... both my brains..." she made a joke about the symbiont "...but both my hearts tell me I should go for it with everything I've got" she shook her head "I just don't know Russ... I feel like giving in to my brains"

"You shouldn't underestimate what your heart tells you. Or your hearts for that matter. Don't make any hasty decisions you may regret." Russell said.

Nealas sighed a bit "That's not making it any easier Russ..." she looked away a bit again "...all I can think of is how big a mistake He's making" she smiled, knowing that the Yvex symbiont wasn't know for their loving and caring attitude. "Anyway, I'm keeping you off your work, we'll talk again soon... ohw and next time you feel like stranding in a Mirror Universe..." she looked him in the eyes "...Don't..." she kissed her hand and blew it his way "...Good night Civvie"

"Good night, Spots." Russell answered. "I'll stay clear of any mirror universe I may encounter. If possible..." he smiled. "Make sure You make the right decision." he winked and closed the channel. He decided to check up on his patients. There was still a lot of work to be done before he could call it a night…


Lt. (jg) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief medical officer USS Pegasus


Ensign B'Inca Nurse USS Pegasus (played by Caelen LaBrie)

Special guest star:

Lt (jg) Nealas Galin Yvex Chief Medical Officer USS Soval "The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want" (played by Caelen LaBrie)