Trojan Horse #8 - "Next time I'll do better..."

ON: [USS Lantree]

Dedri was not in the least happy. She had sought a new life within the Maquis, and within two days of retrieving that stupid ship, they had gotten caught. Everybody had blamed Captain Reynolds for not being careful enough. Thus, there was a court martial. Reynolds had been sentenced to life in prison, and while the Orion woman was an accomplice in the theft of Starfleet property, she had gone off lightly. Demotion of two ranks, reducing her to 1st Lieutenant, a five year probation, and a position in Starfleet.

However, despite all this, she was content to be in the Marine Corps again, even though it meant a demotion in rank and position. She had been posted on the USS Lantree as temporary Marine Detachment XO, since the Marine CO needed help and couldn't find anybody suitable in his own detachment to fill that post. After that, she was apparently to be transferred to the newly found USS Pegasus, which had just reappeared after vanishing into thin air, from what she heard, also as Marine XO.

Major Graham had assigned her a special project, and that was to pinpoint any officers who had the potential of succeeding her after she left, report her findings to him, and to train them herself. He had read Dedri's service record, and despite the stains on it, he had a certain respect for her.

She looked up the service records of all 22 officers in the detachment, and only three stood out in her mind. All very capable of leadership, all very disciplined. She had even noticed them during daily inspections, and thus paid more attention to them, making regular inspection reports, training reports, progression reports.

She read all of the four officers' service records, and even with those, although all four were fairly young, they've had stellar careers within the Marine Corps, and they all deserved to be promoted. She transferred all her observations to four separate PADDs, one for each officer, and left her office for Major Graham's.

"Come,"came the immediate response when she rang the chime. Dedri entered the office, and stood at attention three feet away from her superior's desk. "At ease, Lieutenant," he said, and gestured for to take a chair. She sat and carefully placed the PADDs on the desk. "Observation reports, sir," she remarked simply. She wasn't one for words, Graham knew and respected that. Besides, he liked the fact that the Orion woman was straight-forward and straight to the point.

"Good. Four? Impressive, Lieutenant," the older man commented. "I must say, I'm impressed by your observation skills. So, tell me of those four."

Dedri merely nodded. "Lt. Shapiro, from what I gathered, is very organized, and has excellent leadership skills, as you may have noticed from the recent combat simulations. He doesn't give any unnecessary order, and simulations under his command have all been very efficient. He thrives on teamwork. His only…weakness…if you can call it a weakness, is his target accuracy. While his accuracy rate is not the lowest in the detachment, there is always room for improvement," she explained. In her opinion, 2nd Lieutenant Shapiro was one of the most obvious choices.

She moved on to the second potential officer. "2nd Lieutenant Mutsumaki has an advantage, being a fifth generation Marine, as she has already received training before even entering the Corps. Excellent markswoman. She is always in the top three scores in target practice, both with rifles and throwing knives. And although she also gives very efficient orders, her voice isn't loud enough for her to be heard by all, especially if the team spread out.

"As for 2nd Lieutenant Nishren, he has pride, he has ambition. And before serving in Starfleet, he's served in the Andorian guard and has been in command of a detachment himself. Thus, he already has experience in the command department. Although he is the more solitary of the three, I definitely think he is the best choice as your new direct subordinate, sir."

Major Graham pondered for a minute or so. "Excellent. I'll make a note of it, and will return to you when I'm done reading those reports. You're dismissed."

At that, Dedri rose, stood rigidly at attention, saluted and left the office.


1st Lieutenant Dedri Marahil MXO USS Lantree