Trojan Horse #5 - "Isn't that worth Dying for?"

(OOC: G'Ulf Fey, your post is acceptable... as was stated in the initial post everybody out there was beamed aboard... but it was completely possible the Fighters weren't... but you're here with us now so we'll haul your fighters in...) (OOC2: As you can see we have a new mission title, Trojan Horse, everybody please title and number their post accordingly)

-={On}=- [Bridge, Deck One, USS Resistance]

Consoles were smoking and the mist took away almost any sight but they were still flying and going strong. The anti air defenses were red hot when they had arrived in Australia, they had dropped their torpedoes and made a run for it. Unfortunately the time it took to cloak and de-cloak gave the AA guns a chance to hit them.

"Hull breaches on decks three and five, I can't get forcefields up on the last" The operations officer shouted, trying to route power to the forcefields on deck five.

"Leave it!" Dave shouted, not wanting to spend power on a deck that already decompressed by now "ETA?" he immediately added.

The Helm officer, nervous as hell, responded "t…two minutes" with a stutter in her voice.

Dave nodded a bit "Everybody to the escape pods!" he then ordered standing up from his seat and walking up to the Helm console. His crew looked at him as a cow would look upon an oncoming train "You heard me! Evacuate!"

"Sir, Auto pilot is down, you will never be able to repair it in time to hit target!" his Helm officer protested, but then it hit her "you're not going to use Auto pilot are you?" she asked almost in a whisper.

A sigh escaped from Dave's mouth "Well What are you waiting for 90 seconds, if you want to life go to the Escape Pods!" almost all the officers got the hint now, safe one. The female helm officer, "Samantha, please…" he pleaded her to leave.

"If you want to make this you'll need your best pilot…" Sam turned around a bit "…and that's me…" she added with determination "…ETA 60 Seconds"

"I was a helm officer before Captain Ramirez died…" Dave stated now grabbing her by the arm and lifting her from the seat "…I know how to fly my own ship…" he looked her straight in her eyes "…Now Go!"

Samantha staggered a step back but didn't run off to the escape pods, "If you put the self destruct on a thirty second delay we can still beam out of here" she stepped closer "you and me on an uninhabited island… like Hawaii or something"

"I go down with the ship, Captain's prerogative, now Go!" Dave didn't look around, although her proposal sounded appealing he had to do this, he had to make sure "ETA 30 seconds"

Samantha walked to the Ops console and locked the transporters on the island known as Hawaii, hoping that it had recovered from the last assault it had ever weathered. "Co-ordinates are set…" she stated, hoping he would still give in and go with her, to Hawaii.

Dave was getting more and more angry "you have Fifteen seconds to explain yourself! If you don't leave now I'll court martial you!"

This pissed Samantha off "Are you Really so blind with hate that you can't see love anymore! I Love you Dave, I love you with every fiber in my body!" she slammed her fist on the console "Dammit at least consider it! After we crashed into that building, we still have ten seconds to beam out!"

"Eight…" Dave was counting down "…Seven…" he didn't want to think about everything Samantha just said "…Six…" she wasn't in love with him, she couldn't be, "…Five…" how could anyone be in love with him? "…Four…" he turned around and looked at her, tears in his eyes "…Three…" he wanted to say something but he didn't know what to say "…Two…" or how to say it "…One"

As if from nowhere a Defiant class shimmered out of cloak and crashed into the mighty headquarters of the Dominion's Earth division. Without the Changeling there and the Ketracel White to keep them under control the Jem'Hadar would go rampant… and kill each other.

Her arm hurt like hell, her leg hurt like hell, on second thought her body hurt like hell… but she was alive… Samantha crawled closer to Dave, with their impending doom broadcasted by the emotionless, and sometimes erratic voice, "Self destruct in ten seconds" she put her, not broken, arm around Dave "Ni*static*onds" "You fool, you didn't think I'd let you die here did you" she said before kissing him... then she rested her head on his chest.

Dave groaned a bit as he felt a warm body covering his, he couldn't open his eyes and was hurting… a lot. "*static*ven Seconds" Dave breathed heavily trying to stay conscious to make sure the vessel exploded in the faces of all those bastard Dominion.

Samantha slowly closed her eyes "Computer, activate program Samantha Alpha" a confirming bleep from the computer. "Routing all emergency power to the transporters" the blue light engulfed the two remaining people on the bridge.

"Why?" Dave asked before dematerializing and re-appearing on a, sunny, beach. The blast, on the other side of the ocean, was heard and felt. The flash brighter then a thousand suns.

"You said that a new Earth was worth fighting for… worth dying for…" Samantha shook her head and kissed him "…I think it's worth living for"


Captain Dave G. Hopegod Commanding Officer USS Resistance


Lieutenant Samantha Cole Helm Officer USS Resistance