A Mirror Shattered #287 - 288 "Endgame"

OOC: was not sure what to do here, given that the ship is getting home and the fighter pilots are deployed. Think I have something, but not really sure if this works (it might be I have to delete and resubmit, if it doesn't) (assuming that is if my character can continue in this game)

: "spoken" , =/\=via Comm=/\=,

-=/On\=- <aboard fighters out on battle field>

G'ulf-fey had just called to the surviving fighters to form up into a single unit and intended to take the fight directly to the enemy. Perhaps to die as Stockwell has, in a fireball against a ship, or perhaps to die with his bloody fangs at the enemy's throat. He didn't know and couldn't worry about it now. His tactical computer sounded a chime as an other ship came into the area. The odd thing was this was also the Pegasus, but the one that had been built here, and it was leading a new set of enemies.

"Mainge" he swore "just vat ve didn't need" =/\= `One to Stygian flight, we just got buzier'=/\=

=/\=Boss =/\= it was Kip Strange, =/\=the ship, her shields are failing, we better get back, she might need us back over there. =/\=

"received" G'ulf-fey replied but wondered what they might be able to do , given any hits she might take would be from range. Still maybe they could act as spot defense should a killing shot come in. Not that it would be good for them, but as the Vulcans say, the needs of the many and all that.

He led the ships around and headed to the area where Home was when something else happened. Well two things in quick succession. The first was the most evil site a pilot can see , his carrier taking a bad hit, the other something he had never seen or heard of the like before. Some kind of transmission or weapon was fired and a large space-eddy / funnel cloud was formed near her. A moment later his comm read a transmission from them

=/\= Petrova to away teams, beam aboard immediately ! =/\= followed by the transporters activating beaming over a fighting party form one of the enemy ships.

G'ulf-fey, heard this and wondered about it but knew something was going to happen and knew his place was to die with his ship =/\= G'ulf-fey to all fighterrs, get as nearr to de ship as you can, land if you need but don't take unneeded rrisks. Vhat everr happens vill be quick, be rready. =/\=

He got a flash transmission from Sha-dar, indicating she needed to land as her weapons were burnt out and she was damaged, and form Strange taking station on him. Then the ship began to move toward the effect almost as if it were some kind of haven form the danger she was in. For G'ulf-fey it was one of the moments that are a fighter pilots life. Did he follow perhaps to death or remain here and perhaps save others and lose his ship perhaps. In the end it was a forgone conclusion, Strange was on his wing and if the ship were gone that hu-man would lose his only link to home.

=/\= Ve go =/\= he sent and fell into formation with the ship, and hoped what ever this was would be survivable.

As they entered the effect he noted a enemy warship blow and added them to Stockwell's honor guard then felt his ship twist and spin as the currents took it and flung it around like a man in a stormy sea. He glanced at his tactical display briefly but other than seeing that Strange was still there he couldn't tell much , mostly as he was too busy not colliding with The Pegasus herself. He suspected the ride would be much smoother in the larger ship, and wished there might have been time for them all to land , then the turbulence cleared suddenly and he found the stars visible again, but no sign of any enemy.

Checking his tactical display he found that Strange still flew but his ship was not in great shape. =/\= Strrange, land on, I will rremain as cover, incase anything followed us thru =/\= then he changed to the general frequency and called the ship herself =/\= G'ulf-fey to Pegasus, Vhat vas dat? My systems say we didn't go farr, but enemy iz no vherre in sight" =/\=



Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus